Safety First: 1967 Chevrolet C-20 Custom Deluxe

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Are you in the market for an almost-perfect, original 1977 Chevrolet C-20 Custom Deluxe Pickup? I thought so; well look no further, here it is. This thing is drop-dead beautiful, and blue, and look at those white rims and those hub caps, and, and, and…  This original truck is located in Vancouver, Washington for the price of taking eighty of your closest friends to a Mariners baseball game.

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The third-generation Chevrolet C/K Series pickup was made from 1973 through 1987 and had a few safety firsts for the full-sized pickup industry. The C/K Series trucks were the first full-sized pickups to have a passenger-side mirror. A couple of other Chevy firsts were an energy-absorbing collapsible steering column and “dual front lap-and-shoulder safety belts with emergency locking retractors for outboard occupants in 1975 for the 1976 model year.” You probably know that the “C” designates a two-wheel-drive pickup and the “K” series pickup is four-wheel-drive. The number designation “20” was for a 3/4 ton, as opposed to a “10” (1/2 ton) or 30 (1 ton).

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Ok, I’m guessing that the rear bumper has been repainted, and a Custom Deluxe should have a white-painted front bumper not a chrome one (although chrome was an option), and stainless steel mirrors instead of white-painted mirrors, so something may be off a bit. But, this is one great looking pickup. This beauty has 133,010 miles on it and it looks like it has 33,010 if even that.

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Even the interior looks almost perfect on this truck. I’m hoping that the seat cover is for comfort in hot weather and not to cover up ripped seats. The seats should match the door panels. The gauges looks like they’re brand new! And, the best part is right here: it’s a manual transmission! Power windows and locks were an option for the first time in 1977 and that would really have been rare to see here. But, power steering and power brakes are on this truck. There are no engine photos but this is a 350 V8 with around 155 hp and 225 ft-lbs of torque.

This blue beauty is found on Craigslist with an asking price of just $4,250! This is a lot of goodness for forty $100 bills (assuming that you’ll talk them down a bit). I think that this is a killer deal for such a nice truck. Are you fan of the third-generation Chevy pickups?

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  1. lnarko

    What’s up with the dash below the steering wheel ?

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    • Waldon Herdman

      I saw that also, what gives?

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    • Keith

      Looks like an amateur re-covering gone wrong.

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  2. Bill

    The drivers side door at the bottom and the sill look like painted over rust. Maybe just the photos, but it’s rare to find one of this generation that isn’t all rusted out along the bottom and cap corners.

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    • grego

      I noticed that too most of the panel’s look like they have been retouched, explains the cheap price also

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  3. angliagt

    It’s a repaint – the letters on the tailgate would be white or black,
    if it were original.

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  4. Steven C

    These aren’t safe at all. These are the ones with the gas tank mounted inbetween the body and frame so if you get t-boned even at low speeds on the gas tank side it’s an instant fireball. These have killed a bunch of people. Makes a Pinto look like asbestos.

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    • Charles

      Only thing worse, is the gas tank in the cab as in previous models!

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    • grant

      Well, no. It isnt an instant fireball. NBC got sued for rigging their truck during testing because it wouldn’t ignite. 300 people or so died in wrecks. Not saying it wasn’t a flaw just not an instant Fireball.

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  5. Gary

    Longbeds aren’t worth what a good shortbed gets. If it were a short box. ..asking would be double. If it was a 67-73 and a short box. 10 times that. As it is I think he’s about a grand high.

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  6. Dave

    I’ve been looking for a ’76 2wd with a straight six and short bed, they just don’t exist. This girl is close enough, but…
    I’ll just keep looking.
    Never knew about the gas tanks, sounds easy enough to move it. Had a ’72 F100 with the tank behind the seat, wasn’t a fan. Of the gas tank placement that is, the truck was awesome.

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  7. Warren

    If it lived its life in the Vancouver/Portland area I bet it is pretty clean… but verify. :)

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  8. Charles H.

    Gary, I think you may have meant to say ’67-’72….instead of ’67-’73….right? Just sayin….

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    • Gary

      Charles H…..yes I did. good lookin out

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