Saleen Lookalike: 1990 Ford Mustang GT

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

Used car lots are not necessarily the best place to find a new project, but sometimes, they yield intriguing prospects. Take this 1990 Ford Mustang GT: not exactly an uncommon car, but we do like the Saleen-style bodykit and color-matched mesh wheels. Overall presentation is pretty clean, and while the asking price is high, we did see this same car on eBay a short time ago with a low opening bid – is there a deal to be had? Find it here on the dealer’s website and listed for $8,995.¬†

We first spotted this car on eBay with a low opening bid of $500. The car was removed, but it still appears on the dealer’s website. Located in Rahway, New Jersey, the Mustang features its GT-spec front bumper with round foglights but the sides of the air dam and bumpers more closely match what the Saleen-modified cars came with. Same deal for the rear spoiler, side skirts and apron underneath the rear bumper. The mesh wheels are also a Saleen-inspired look, along with the smoked headlights.

Of course, if there was any doubt that this is anything more than a gussied-up GT, the interior tells the tale. The seats are stock GT seats, and the automatic and rental car-spec steering wheel are also dead giveaways. No Recaros, no three-spoke steering wheel, the automatic – these are usually swapped out in Saleen cars. Still, the interior looks decent enough aside from some seam splitting on the seats and saggy map pockets on the door panels, a common Fox body fault.

We could do without the cheesy graphics in the back window and the color-matched strakes across the tail lights are thankfully a vestige of the past. While the words “body kit” normally strike fear into the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere, the Saleen-inspired aero on this Fox body give it an interesting period look that could be the gateway to an affordable Saleen replica with some tweaks under the hood and to the interior. Is this used car lot find worth a gamble?

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  1. F.A.G.

    I didn’t know that the rental versions of the Mustang had a unique steering wheel. That seems odd.

    Lots of white!!

  2. DrinkinGasoline

    Lose the “pig feeding trough” deck spoiler as well as the graphics and you might…might, have a decent looking GT.
    I would ditch the rims…never liked them. I’d rather have a 70’s Cobra II with a juiced up Windsor engine than this one.

    • Rumple4skin

      Wth…thats what makes the car “saleen style”…the saleen spoilers were awesome imo

  3. Dt 1

    Really nice car I truly love Mustangs every year

  4. Reid Hall

    I love the white on black trim ,although I would prefer red,and or camel interior .l am not just a Mustang guy, but l believe my cousin had a triple black edition, stripe delete, factory mag wheels. This was special order, and or dealer install l believe. Mustang people in the know will tell you 89-92 were the desired optioned cars,maybe this is a little rare .10-12k probably a little high maybe 5-10k.

  5. Bill

    The body kit is not Saleen. It’s just what came on every GT made in that year.

    Why you guys keep saying Saleen is beyond me.

  6. Jonnycrash

    I loved these cars when they were important to the Pony car come back but they all scream of teal graphics, neons, Whitesnake and under powered but hopeful V8’s in 2017. No offense to those that love them as I know they have a cult following and make great race cars in many areas but a really clean, 90-110k model can be had for under $5k, all day with a few of the right mods already done and no fugly bodywork to remove. This car dealer clearly has his sights set on Joe Dirt. LOL

  7. Mark-A

    I don’t know why but I’m hearing the “Ice-Ice Baby” bassline when looking at this car! Anyone else feeling the same way?

  8. Rocco Member

    I’m wondering why the drivers side air bag is a different color than the steering wheel??? Has it been deployed, replaced?


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