Salvage Title? 1962 Porsche 356 B

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Just to be clear, this car is not the 1962 Porsche 356 that was featured here on BF about two weeks ago – right year and color, but not the same car. This is a truly spectacular example, with documentation, but it has a title issue – more on that to follow. Located in Monterey, California, this 356 B can be found, here on eBay and $65,000 will park it in your garage. There is a make-an-offer option too.

The seller suggests, “This car would make an excellent daily driver. It is by no means a show car but rather something you can enjoy and drive around without too much worry“.  I get it, and like the no-worry aspect of that suggestion, but a daily driver? It seems too nice a car, and all wrong, for that undertaking. The finish is claimed to be the original Champaign Gold and we’re told that there is no evidence of crash damage. The listing claims, “very minimal rust” but there is no photographic evidence. That’s probably worth looking into as definitions of “minimal” can be open to interpretation. This is one of the first 356s that I’ve seen wearing a luggage rack, I don’t know how effective it might be but it really clutters this car’s exterior presence. I would imagine it’s not helpful, when packed, with engine cooling.

Speaking of the engine, “the motor is very healthy, sounds great, and has plenty of power” the listing tells us. It is a 1600 CC, flat four-cylinder engine that is believed to be the original, matching numbers unit. The odometer reads 27K miles but that is not claimed to be the authentic mileage so the engine’s actual experience is unknown. There’s a lot of documentation included and that may serve as a key to understanding servicing and history. The only gearbox available for this car was a four-speed manual transaxle so that’s what’s in place here. Other than suggesting that the rear brake drums should be replaced, it sounds like this Porsche is good to go.

The interior features very nice black, leather-covered seats (they look more like leatherette) and they are in truly fine nick and coordinate well with the floor mat, door cards, and dash pad. The instruments and switchgear are all where they’re supposed to be and the wooden steering wheel is one of the nicest that I have encountered. This is one interior that needs nothing!

Actually, the entire car needs nothing, buy, drive, and enjoy!  Well, actually it might need one thing and that’s a different title. This Porsche was supposedly stolen 45 years ago and that’s the reason, we are told, for the salvage designation. What do you think, will that be a reregistration or insurance problem? And while you’re pondering that thought, check out this video. Final question – priced right or not quite?

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  1. alphasudMember

    As long as this car isn’t rusty 65K seems like a bargain when a roached out 75 911S hammered for 58K. And that car needed an easy 15K worth of work just to bring it to a nice car. Looks like the Porsche bubble is still alive and well. With troubling financial times ahead maybe the Porsche has become a hard asset like gold and silver.

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  2. 370zpp 370zppMember

    Must be parked in a really bad area. The trunk has burglar bars… Wait a minute. What? Oh, sorry.

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  3. Howie987!


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  4. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    I’m not a 356B expert, but after reviewing the detailed photos on the dealer website, I have a few observations:

    1) Not sure the engine is number matching, or period correct.
    2) Couple dozen records/receipts, not sure if they are for maintenance or significant repairs
    3) The right driver side front fender, under the turn indicator, shows evidence of bondo (color and cracking)

    I would use caution with this one, I don’t think a salvage title is the end of the world, nor are the three items above, IMHO.

    View the car and check rust areas with a magnet, for sure….

    It does look very good in the photos, priced very well, as alphasud mentions above….just need some due diligence.


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    • Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

      Correction, left side driver front fender….cheers! 🍺🇬🇧

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  5. Haig L Haleblian

    If it all checks out, it’s a screamin deal

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    • Jack Quantrill

      The early 912’s had painted dashes matching body color like this. It looks good.

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  6. bobhess bobhessMember

    I like it.

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  7. Brett Lundy

    I just dont get it, If I made a listing selling a car and advertised as stock engine makes 40 hp, 4 speed, no AC, no Power anything, vehicle is nearly 70 years old interior is in good shape and is a driver quality exterior with a salvage title and listed it for $65,000 without giving the brand or model and no picture people would blow up the comments with ” this guys smoking rocks, or this guy is insane no one will buy that” but here we are with people losing their minds talking about its possibly a great buy. Its just beyond my grasp why these continue to draw the money they do.

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    • bobhess bobhessMember

      The standard engines put out 78hp.

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      • Brett Lundy

        Actually in 62 the standard 356B made 59 HP . I just dont get the appeal of these unless its purely nostalgic. They were not fast, they were not comfortable to drive, had lousy seats for cornering, they did handle admirably for the time, but there was not a lot that did handle well. I have driven a few, because like others I too was enamored with the looks, and the history. I was truly disappointed in each car and for the asking price could have gotten basically any newer car that out performed it in every category except parked at Cars and Coffee.. The few special versions I understand the desirability of the rarity, but a standard one i just dont. Personal opinion and preference, I am just missing the boat on the attraction to these and the 912’s

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      • Jim ODonnellAuthor

        So is the “60” badge on the engine hatch a reference to the HP rating, as in 60 (it’s close to 59)? I searched for an answer and found everything from soup to nuts.


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  8. Solosolo UK Solosolo UKMember

    Considering that it was last registered in 1962 and is stated that it was stolen 40 years ago, it would seem that it doesn’t restrict the sellers efforts to drive it around for the photo shoot.

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    • Gordo

      It has a 2023 California tag on it which is visible in the video.

      Paint looks a little too good to be original, but $65k still seems reasonable.

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  9. Ron

    Drivers side turn indicator is yellow, passenger side is clear…

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