Same Family Since ’79: 1966 Shelby GT350

1966 Shelby GT350

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This Shelby GT350 is claimed to have been in the same family for 38 years! The current owner inherited the car from their cousin who purchased it in 1979 from Philip Bath’s widow. Philip was apparently a friend of Carroll and he purchased the car after it sat on a dealer lot for a while. I hate to say this because I love GT350s, but perhaps the option list turned off most potential buyers. The invoice shows that the car was ordered with an automatic transmission and a rear seat. If I were buying one of these new in 1966 those are the last two things I would want on my high-performance pony. That may be nitpicking today though. This car is claimed to be all original with the exception of the color change from green to white which was done in 1981. That’s too bad about the paint, but the rest of the car does look impressive. Take a look at the auction here on eBay where it ends tomorrow.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Tom Stewart

    Seller ended the auction with the bid at $110,850.00.

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    • Gnrdude

      That’s insane! I looked it up and well it’s a Nice Car but I don’t feel that it’s worth more than 65-70K$ Somebody Really wanted that one Badly.

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  2. Van

    As Americans we have the right to be fat and lazy. I’m old enough to see the appeal of an automatic. I’d rather have a stick but I would drive this and not admit that I was ok with it.

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  3. Sam

    A friend of mine bought a new one just like that when I was in high school. All the guys with sticks laughed at him until he beat them. That tranny could shift better than most amateur drivers. A real race car driver can shift better, but not your average street racer.

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  4. Art Fink

    She sold “high” DUE to those rare options………..

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  5. Mark

    1966’s came with a back seat!

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  6. JW

    I thought NO Shelby’s came with back seats, I understood that the minute Shelby got a hold of it the back seat was non existent unless special ordered to leave it in.

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    • SFM5S

      All ’65 GT350s and some early 66’s came with no back seat, but had a “package tray” where the spare tire was mounted. All other years up to 1970 had back seats.

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      • Rocco

        SFM5S is correct.

        The early ’66 GT-350s (around 252 leftover ’65s) that came without a back seat were ’65s that didn’t sell in 1965. Shelby just re-numbered them with the updated ’66 trim. They were ’65s with ’66 trim. I use to own SFM6S247 back in the day, and I did research on them. it now resides in N. Carolina.

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  7. DolphinMember

    Philip Bath worked as a photographer for Motor Trend, so that checks out. There is also the paperwork that you would want to confirm that the car is what the seller says it is.

    The car was announced as being for sale on Ebay on the SAAC website at $130K, with additional information there that looks like it checks out.

    The Ebay auction was stopped before the end with the bid under the $130K number but the reserve not met.

    The current SCM Guide says the median auction sale result for this car is $146,900 and the high auction sale was $313,500.

    It looks like it’s worth the $130K, if you want one.

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    • Rocco

      More accurate info from a true enthusiast.

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