Owned Since ’87: 1974 Chevelle Laguna Type S-3

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The Chevelle Laguna Type S-3 was the successor to the Chevelle Super Sport. It would debut in 1974, at about the time the muscle car market had petered off and gas prices were going up as a result of the OPEC oil embargo. It would only be around for three model years. Available just as a Colonnade coupe, this 1974 has been owned by the same party for 34 years and doesn’t currently run but has a matching numbers drivetrain. Located in Chicago, Illinois, this S-3 is offered here on craigslist for $4,500. Hats off to Rocco B. for sending this tip our way!

Type S-3 production for 1974 would nearly reach 16,000 cars. Engine choices ranged from 350, 400 and 454 cubic inch V8s. The latter engine is what came with the seller’s car, which would have been rated at 235 hp SAE net. It was the only one of the motors that could be had with a 4-speed manual, but most got the TH-400 automatic transmission, again like the seller’s car. The S-3’s carried over the 1973’s urethane front end with a revised grille and a 5-mph chrome bumper out back. Standard equipment included a console, vinyl roof, opera-type vertical rear quarter windows (with or without horizontal ribs), swivel bucket seats, and a six-dial instrument cluster with a 4-spoke sport steering wheel.

This ’74 Type S-3 is completely stock and the owner had intended on restoring it, but life sometimes gets in the way and realizes that’s not going to happen. So, the project is now available for someone else to undertake. The body doesn’t look like it has many issues, but the photos are few and not revealing. Apparently, the trouble lies with the big-block V8, which will need rebuilding at some 62,000 miles. It comes with a 3.73 posi-traction rear end.

Other than the horn center cap being missing, the red interior with the swivel seats looks to be okay from what we can see. The car wears a set of Chevy Rally wheels, but we don’t know how aged the tires are. This car was a staple of NASCAR for a couple of years back in the mid-1970s. Collector interest in these cars doesn’t seem to be there, at least not yet. It’s hard to find one available online that gets into five figures.

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  1. Ralph

    These were pretty cool back then. Looking at this one reminds me of what I felt about them then.
    Look at the panel gaps around the doors, hood, and front facia (grill) area. Tis is when GM really didn’t give a crap about building a decent car.
    The doors on these weigh a ton and a half. The door hinges could not handle the weight and the doors would sag, and eventually were near impossible to close. My next door neighbor had one of these new, had to trade it off in 3 years due to the doors, and terrible rust issues from all the poor design of the bodies and trim.
    Memories are a cool thing, but sometimes there are bad memories for a reason.
    Buyer beware.

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    • Jack M.

      A 454 cubic inch engine with a 3:73 posi-traction rear end will make most people forget all about panel gaps when they bury their right foot in the throttle.

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      • Mr.BZ

        ….when it’s running properly.

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    • Gordon

      Pretty much agree with Ralph . . Not the same but almost , I ordered a 73 454 Monte Carlo Landau to replace a 67 GTO . . Big mistake . . It was gutless and the build quality was worse than bad . . I was looking to get a 73 455 Grand Prix but, I liked the looks of the Monte Carlo . . Another mistake , I guess . .

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  2. Steve

    Local dealer had a new one back then that was lime green and ugly as could be with lime green interior. He had it new for over 2 yrs before some bought it. Cool car but bad color.

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      • Steve

        Exactly! The green dash versus the white seats was the crazy part.

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      • BhoweMember

        There is a green one like that in the town I live in. Survivor that’s taken care of and goes to cruises now and then. I personally love the green. Dont like white seats but ooh that green

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    • william peter

      my father bought a 73 Chevelle, ordered it in burgundy, when it came in it was butterscotch yellow, ugliest car I had ever seen. Unfortunately the Mercury he was driving had crapped out completely so he had to take the yellow Chevelle. Had it painted burgundy a few years later.

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  3. Jcs

    And she’s gone.

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    • Jack M.

      Of course it’s gone. You could part this thing out and double your money. Someone got themselves a super deal.

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  4. GS350

    the horn center cap is right there in the console

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  5. MKG

    Ah, the disco days. My friend had one with red velour swivel buckets. Its the one thing I do remember about this car.
    Seems like they moved down the coast a little and added another S to the name, LOL.

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  6. Tom

    I had a 73, it was mustard gold with a gold interior and turbine wheels. They certainly used crazy color combinations back then. I have to say I like the green on the one Tony listed.

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  7. Doug

    Had a twin to this car back then. Sold it in about 88. One of a very few cars I I’ve had that wish I still had. Was bummed to see the post removed.

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  8. bikefixr

    I had one. 454, 4sp, Posi. Swivel bucket seats. I loved it, but it rotted in places I never saw a car rot before. Still have the engine with 32K on it.

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  9. scottymac

    Only Chevy I ever walked into a dealership with the intention of buying. Forgive me, it was 1974. Ended up with a ’74 GTO, just as bad a choice.

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  10. Steve

    I know, gutless cars of that time. My new 74 Corvette would only run 112 mph on warm days, and barely 120 if it was cold out. Drove sweet and handled great (for the time) but nothing like the power of earlier years.

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  11. DON

    Nearly all cars were gutless during this time and got worse as more and more emissions stuff got piled on to make the cars run cleaner – which wasn’t a bad thing , but it took many years to make a fuel efficient car that had power .

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  12. Don Eladio

    That was a flat-out STEAL!!!

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  13. Kevin

    Hopefully the buyer will fix it right, and enjoy, I would of rebuilt the engine, freshened up trans.cleaned it up and enjoyed it, probably would of put a better set of heads and cam in engine, and shift kit,stall converter, and it probably would of ran like a raped ape then!

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