Santa Suit Included: Ford Parade Sleigh

There have been several sleds written about here on Barn Finds, and even a sleigh or two, but I don’t remember seeing Santa’s sleigh for sale, yet here it is listed on eBay for $9,500. It’s in Long Beach, Mississippi, a lot closer than the north pole. It has front and rear A/C, but, well, why? The bubble and fog machines sound fun, but I’m not sure what they have to do with Santa. You can see the nose of the Ford van peeking through, perhaps looking embarrassed to be seen in this costume.

The accommodations look minimal. The driver’s compartment looks unchanged less the windshield, top and such. A Santa suit and elf suits are included.

This looks like the best view, going away. It’s surely too early for the Christmas spirit, but this is basically just a bus that was already described as handicapped with the top chopped off and replaced with plywood sides, lots of lights and other cheerful bits. It could be fun to have a bubble machine to discourage tailgating. Your comments will likely be great fun.


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  1. grant

    9500 dollars for a cut up Ford van with plywood sides? You’ve gotta to be kidding me.

    • JDJonesDR

      People in Hell want ice water too.

    • Kincer Dave Member

      That was exactly my thought! Can’t be no more than $500 in plywood and xmas lights! 😂

    • Al

      I just can’t buy this. I can not imagine storing this until Christmas, rats…
      Another opportunity lost.

  2. Joe Nose

    I always wanted to do something similar with a beater van, which would be remove everything down to the belt line, move the controls and paint it white over blue so i could tow around my center console fishing boat with a center console hauler.

  3. Dairymen

    That’s a lot of money to be seen for a half an hour in the x-mas parade this coming December.

  4. Nova Scotian

    $500.00 tops. Wonder why they are selling? That is the first question I always ask. If the answer is something airy fairy, or nervousness…walk away.

  5. Ikey Heyman

    I wouldn’t pay anything for it, but if you gave it to me, I think it would be fun to use this as a daily driver – after carefully weighing the risk of solidifying my reputation as the “crazy old man” in our small town.

  6. Rodney

    Note, rear of vehicle; “Santa Loves Jesus”
    Now I am truly frightened…


    THIS IS AWESOME!! What a great find! I knew there had to be something “better” then another burned out hulk of a C3 or any other Corvette!!

    Thank you BF for listening


    CHRISTMAS in JULY. Hate it

    • Old Car Guy

      My wife and I used to throw a Christmas In July party every year and people loved it..Christmas decorations, food and music it was a hit.

  9. Phil Harris

    I do not seem to get a reaction to Santa’s Vehicle. Maybe I am missing something here in the pictures. I GOT IT, I GOT IT, I FINALLY GOT IT. It’s missing Rudolph.

  10. Jeffro

    Ho, Ho, OH Hell No!

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