Saturn Yellow 1970 Buick GSX Project

The Buick GSX was first offered in 1970 and a buyer had the option of ordering Apollo white or Saturn yellow. A total of 187 GSXs were ordered in white and the remaining 491 were ordered in yellow. This unrestored project is number 477 of the 678 produced and is located in Millington, Maryland. The GSX can be seen here on eBay with a starting bid of $11,500 with 3 days remaining in the auction.

The 1970 GSX came standard with the regular GS 455 V8 which produced 350 horsepower and 510-foot lbs of torque or the Stage 1 455 could be ordered as an option. This car has the regular GS 455 although the block is not original. The car looks rough and there are no pictures of the bottom of the car or the interior.

Only 200 of the 678 GSX cars were produced with the standard 455. Most buyers opted for the Stage 1 455 or had the dealer install Stage 2 modifications. The GSX carried the banner for the most torque produced by an American car until the 1993 Viper was introduced.

While the car is not drivable, it still sports the original paint and was originally equipped with air conditioning. If you are in the Maryland area, this might be a great starting point for a GSX restoration. I have always favored the look, style, and power of these cars.


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  1. Bakyrdhero

    Go fast with class!

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  2. Grandpa Lou

    The guy down down the road from me by about a mile, has a perfectly restored one of these, same yellow even. Really awesome car.

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  3. Troy s

    Best looking of all the standout graphics muscle cars from back then, for me anyways, was hoping one would come through here.
    Invisible for most of my younger days, these seemed to get re-noticed with the rising popularity of the turbo GN’s and comparisons to hemi powered Mopars. Whether fact or fiction I’m just glad they resurfaced. Quite a car.

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  4. JW454

    I’d like to nominate this seller for the “Worst Pictures in a Sale Advertisement” award. It may be a pretty nice car but that’s just a guess.

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    • Mike

      These are actually good. Go to Craig’s List to see how people with zero idea how to take pictures with their phone.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Yeah, Craigslist photos are hit or miss, mostly miss.

      I was selling a VW Beetle Convertible on CL during the summer, and I had a buyer come close to accusing me of trying to hide the condition of an 11 year old car by taking such good pictures.

  5. Bakyrdhero

    I had a 71 Skylark custom conv. With a 350. Red with black top and interior. The look and sound of the car paused time for me every time I drove it. If it only had a Pontiac interior in it…
    These GSX’s are like a unicorn to me. I’ve only seen two in person. A white 70 and a black 71. A beauty AND a beast.

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  6. Chris

    I’m 48 years old and have always wanted a Saturn yellow 4 speed GSX. Four years ago one popped up at the Mecum auction in Chicago. My Dad and I spent the last dozen years together going to various car auctions and having fun with our classics. He was dying of cancer but we headed to Mecum and had a great time. Bidding got a little crazy and I was about to give up but my dad convinced me to place one more bid. We got the car and when I was checking it out mechanically I found both build sheets. As usual Dad knew what he was doing. I will take this car to my grave.

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    • Jack

      Great story,I’d keep the car forever too!

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  7. RoughDiamond

    Did I somehow miss “any” interior pics showing the dash. I question whether these interested parties are bidding with their emotions rather than the task that lies before them if they win. These first two statements “Numbers matching except engine block. Car is in need of a complete restoration” plus the trim tag partially rusted off would be a big red flag to me.

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  8. Bakyrdhero

    There are a couple of interior pics and the eBay add. I spy a sagging headliner, missing package tray, decent seats and glass looks OK. No dashboard picture.

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  9. Retired Stig

    I have to go with JW454, this is a seriously inept flipper. Lousy pictures and “numbers matching, except for the block”? Seriously? Doesn’t leave much does it. Hopefully it’s a service replacement block, because this car, given that it’s a 4speed has all kinds of potential!

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      service replacement would be starred…

  10. Jim Dandy

    I seen this car 20yrs.ago while just riding through millington town is so small you could shoot a rifle end to
    I seen one of these in Fruitland Md.orig.owner car had hit a giant cement barrier and twisted frame so owner had bought a even rarer 72 Skylark sun coupe to use frame to fix it.I know of a 72 GSX
    Ordered with a 455 and three speed standard trans.D.K.if guy still has it?

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  11. Gaspumpchas

    Yea JW454 and stig–lousy presentation, but guess its worth some coin, up to 21 large and hasn’t hit reserve. I cant see any sign of what tranny it has?? Even something this rare I’d have trouble buying something I could see what I was buying. Good luck to the new owner. Very cool Buick.

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  12. Arthell64 Member

    If you want to restore a car might as well start with something cool like 70 gxs. To me the 70 gsx is the most collectible car Buick ever built.

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  13. PDXBryan

    Someone in my old neighborhood had a GSX Stage 1 in deep gloss black with polished rim, black spoke Torq Thrust wheels. Damn, it was baaad to the bone!

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  14. CCFisher

    Nice to know that there are still unrestored examples of rare cars like this out there.

  15. tom

    does the other buick in the garage come with the sale also

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  16. Roger Gsell

    Hey guys I’m the owner of the car I’ve welcomed anyone interested in this car to come take a look its a turbo 400 with the 3.42 rear A/C I’ve been playing with Buick’s all my my frist car was a 71 stage1 stratamist blue and have had every year GS skylark from 66 to 72 , out of them cars where a 69 70 71 72 stage 1 cars I have had a lot of fun with these cars

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  17. gary englert

    what is your reserve price

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  18. Stephen E Bush Member

    Roger; I hope you were smart enough to take the $23,100 bid even though it didn’t meet your reserve. I doubt you’ll do much better for a non matching numbers non Stage 1 car that needs a full restoration.

  19. gary englert

    steve your right

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