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Save Me: 1968 Dodge Charger R/T

1968 Dodge Charger RT

This old Dodge is rough. The even seller mentions that they remember when nicer cars would have been junked. There’s rust in the floors and plenty of parts missing, but the fact that it’s an R/T does make it a tempting project. It takes a special kind of person to save a car like this though – one with deep pockets and lots of knowledge. If you think you have what it takes, this project can be found here on eBay where the auction ends on Monday.

440 under the hood

There is a 440 currently residing under the hood, but it’s not the proper one. It’s from a ’66 and isn’t the high-performance version. So, you will probably want to source the correct engine or, if money is no object, drop a Hemi in there!

Four on the floor

This car originally sported a turquoise over white color scheme. The seller makes a big deal about that and I guess it’s alright, but I was more excited to see the shifter sticking out of the floor. I know many people prefer automatics, but I personally think a muscle car is more fun when you have to do your own rowing.

Rusted Quarters

Rust is my biggest concern here. There’s a lot of the nasty stuff and it’s going to be quite a task to get it all straight again. I suppose that anyone with the means to pay over $10k for a project car probably has the means to pay a good body shop. Let’s just hope that the next owner has the resources to finish the job though so it doesn’t just bounce around between hopeful enthusiasts.


  1. Avatar photo Jon

    Found this 58 Lloyd Alexander in a barn in Iowa last week

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    • Avatar photo Cassidy

      Its not clear if you’re bragging or complaining…

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      • Avatar photo Donnie

        um ok

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    • Avatar photo Puhnto

      It’s probably just me, but I’d rather have that little Lloyd Alexander than that Charger!

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  2. Avatar photo Donnie

    save me before some drunk redneck buys me and paints me orange and paints a rebel flag on me

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  3. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    It seems like every MoPar gets saved now.

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  4. Avatar photo Robert White

    Full quarters, and floor pans, ain’t that bad IMHO. It’s a numbers matching four speed, and the door skins plus the front fenders are reasonably okay if the drivers side matches the passenger side view. Interior parts are no problemO to replace

    The price must be right to buy, bottom line.

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    • Avatar photo MountainMan

      If you read the write up it says that the 440 isn’t the correct one….unfortunately. This does affect the value

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  5. Avatar photo JW

    I agree with Robert and if I was 15 years younger I would take on this project if the price goes no higher than it is now.

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  6. Avatar photo randy

    This is one of my favorite Mopars.

    One day maybe.

    I predict crazy money, and worth it , for now.

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  7. Avatar photo Charles H.

    It would be great if all these 2nd. gen. Charger’s that are salvageable, could be saved and restored, they’re getting fewer, and further apart with each passing day.

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  8. Avatar photo Chris

    The 68s are hard to find. Every January in Scottsdale there might be one or two out of 3-4 thousand cars. 4 speeds are even harder to find. Still probably too expensive. Every little piece you have to replace is very expensive on these b bodies.

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  9. Avatar photo Mark S

    It won’t just be floor pans and quarters, you’d better off starting with a reproduction body shell and go from there, it would save you a lot of agony.

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  10. Avatar photo piper62j

    This one just had to be sitting in mud.

    It was running with his carburetor before parked .. So,, question.. He states that what you see is what you get.. Where’s the carburetor he got it running with?..

    Anyway, 17hrs left and bidding is over 10k… Graveyard Carz would love this puppy.. Way to much metal work needed..

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  11. Avatar photo Old School

    I really admire people who put these back together. I had a 68 soft top 318 with an automatic. Not a R/T but she could do a burn out that was impressive. It was at bargain at $300 in 1978.

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  12. Avatar photo Jack

    Love that last picture of the fender tag, does it come with the car too? Must have rusted right off the car.

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  13. Avatar photo Charles H.

    Yeah, Old School, sadly those $300 days are long gone!…..Sure wish I had kept all the bargains I ran across back in the day!….but don’t we all wish that!

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  14. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    Sold earlier today for $10k and change. Seemed like an extreme project but still possible. But it sure proves in the real world Mopars of certain years/mdls are solid gold. Not as much repop parts as some out there (IE: Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles etc) But if you are sitting on a stash of parts or another parts car certainly a buildable-manageable project.

    Wonder what i could get for my 1939 Dodge coupe rat rod project?

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