Say No To Eleanor: 1967 Ford Mustang

1967 Mustang Project

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In 1967 Ford redesigned the Mustang so they could shove a big block under the hood! Some people were not happy about the fact that the car got bigger and heavier, but I bet none of them would have complained if they were sitting behind the wheel of this one. There’s a 390-4v out front and a four-on-the-floor for some serious tire spinning fun! This particular car is in project form so it’s going to need a lot of love before it will be burning any rubber. It looks like a good start though. It’s located in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota and is listed here on eBay. Hurry though because seller threatens that if it doesn’t sell, they will turn it into an Eleanor clone!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Tracy

    With a bill of sale only. I don’t know about other states but here in Virginia it has gotten harder, practically impossible, to get a title with a bill of sale only. I have a ’56 Ford parked since the 60’s and the Department Of Motor Vehicles has been giving me nothing but grief.

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  2. Tim

    I’m more interested in that ‘Cuda under all those boxes ….

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  3. Barzini

    I’ve always admired the ability to take a car apart and put it back together. But it must take even more skill and patience to put together a car that someone else took apart without inventoried and labeled parts.

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  4. piper62j

    Meh!! I’ll pass on this one.. Price is up to 14,200.. Needs both quarter panels, tail lamp panel, front floor pan, torque boxes, on and on.. I wouldn’t go by the sellers description of the cars’ condition. If the front floor pan and quarters need replacing, you better have a full blown body shop to perform the restoration.. Just because he has all the parts (he thinks) doesn’t mean the car is a worth while project for the unprepared..
    Great find and a good car. Call your banker..

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    • Mark S

      I agree if your skills are not up to the challenge it would be best to stay away. Even if you are skilled, a DIY guy is in for a big commitment. This Mustang would be a very cool car to have once completed though so I hope the next owner is up to the challenge.

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  5. Fred

    Probably makes more sense to buy one of the Dynacorn bodies and a rusty parts car with a title and build one.

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  6. DREW V.

    To hell with his threats, I would be more interested in that ’73 or ’74 Barracuda sitting next to it, even if it’s not a Cuda’…

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  7. Jim C.

    I’m in Minnesota and if the car has spent any length of time here, there is more rust than what is seen. I’ve been on the short end of a couple “good from far, but far from good” deals that my rose colored glasses glossed over. The initial excitement of a find is now tempered with the experience of knowing how much $$ it’s going to take to get these projects where you want them to be when you first see them.

    Good luck to the winner!

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    • PRA4SNW

      And it’s no better that it was originally sold in MA.

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  8. Mike Williams

    To much rust, the reserve is to high

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  9. Tyler

    I have never understood the “Eleanor” craze that arose from that lousy remake of one of the best car movies ever. Besides, every true GI60S fan knows the real Eleanor was a 71 Mustang wearing a 73 grille…

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    • Rocco

      I’m with you on both counts.

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  10. piper62j

    Amen Fred !!

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  11. Ian

    Heck… Elanor? No way! Rip out the 390 and drop a 427 side oiler under there and make it a Shelby GT 500 Super Snake tribute… Seriously though… His reserve is way too high for the work it needs.

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  12. TomMember

    what is the other mystery car next to it, not the “cuda” but on the other side? trunk lid is open. cool car, GM guy but always loved the mid-late 60’s mustang fastbacks. 4 speed and some nice looking options. I like the comment above about call your banker!

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    • TBall

      Tom – the car on the ‘other’ side is also a 67 or 678 Mustang Fastback – my thought is seller is trying to deal the worse of the two to fund the other. Stalled at $14,200 with reserve still not met – not an overly motivated seller. I get it, its a big block fastback with some nice options, but its also a ground up rehab project. My car (’68 Fastback) needed only slightly more body work (based only on what I know of mine, can see of this one) and I got it for $1,100 ten years ago – quite the inflation equation.

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  13. Keith

    Jeeebus you people have no idea what rust is. Come look at some of our lovely east coast cars if you think this is rusty. Worried about floor pans and rear quarters? really? These are the two easiest and cheapest things to repair. Yes, there is going to be more rust than what you see in the pics, there always is. It’s a 60 year old car. But a 390, 4 speed, fastback 67 Mustang with disc brakes? People, this is what 90% of the Mustang honks are looking for. What’s killing the auction is the bill of sale only. MOST guys with money that would buy this car (meaning: Euros) won’t buy cars without a title because it’s so hard, if not impossible to get. Same thing here in NJ: no title? Know the last titled owner? If not, no title for you my friend! With title, as it sits, this car hits $20k. Without title: I would be surprised if it goes to $20k.

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  14. Rocco

    Why would he make a point to mention the DATE on the carb as a good thing while mentioning #’s matching, when it shows it to be a 1969 part # on a ’67 Mustang? The ’69 carb is a 735cfm Holley(probably more desirable), but it came with a 600cfm Holley, if someone is trying to make it original.
    Just my $.02 again.

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  15. Edward

    How difficult would it be to get a title in a state that deals with bills of sale, then move it to your home state? As an example, here, in Ontario, Canada, when buying a US vehicle, I have to clear the VIN (3 days prior) with US customs, as being legal to export (ie: not stolen), document the vehicle with Canadian customs, get an appraisal, and then take all paperwork to the licensing office. Result? Up to date Ontario ownership. Other provinces work in similar ways, I understand.

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  16. roger

    I had rather have an Eleanor than a standard mustang.

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    • Rocco

      I would rather have a “standard” ’65-’67 289 K code Mustang than any hyped up movie car, Bullitt included since it had a 390 eng. The only big block Mustangs I wouldn’t mind having are a ’70 BOSS 429 or a ’70 428 SCJ 4-speed. And NO white interior in any above mentioned.

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