SBC and a 4-Speed: 1955 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

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Once upon a time, I would have looked at a vehicle like this Chevrolet Pickup, and I would be itching to get my hands on it and perform a restoration. It has taken a while for me to accept it, but I now look at vehicles like this, and I probably wouldn’t change too much. If this is a Pickup that really grabs you, it is located in Orem, Utah, and listed for sale here on eBay.

There is some rust to deal with on this Chevy, but none of it is structural, nor is it urgent. It is in the usual places that you would expect, such as the cab corners, lower fenders, and outer floor corners. Those chrome wheels really set the truck off nicely, and the work that the owner has performed on the body with a Scotchbrite and some satin finish look just right.

Things are just as good under the hood. The Pickup is powered by a 327ci V8, which is believed to be from a ’60s Corvette, and this is hooked to a 4-speed manual transmission. While they may look a bit crusty, the headers and dual exhaust are in good condition. The owner says that the Pickup starts, runs, and drives well, but the brakes are a bit soft and could use some attention.

The seat on the Pickup is fitted with a new, good quality cover. The dash is largely complete, although there is a hole where the radio should be. If this were my truck, I’d fix that hole in the floor, repaint the painted surfaces in a color that compliments the seat cover, put down some Dynamat and a rubber floor mat, and that would do. That retains the original character of the vehicle but would provide a nice contrast to the exterior finish.

To my mind, this Chevrolet 3100 doesn’t need a huge amount of work to make it something a bit more special than it already is. It looks nice and solid, and these have increased enormously in popularity in recent years. With really nice examples selling for anywhere up to $30,000, it is not surprising that bidding has been quite solid. After opening at $2,500, bidding has already shot to $7,500, and the reserve has now been reached. The highest bidder is going to walk away with this Chevy, and I really do envy them.

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  1. Jason

    I think there are more Corvette engines then Corvette’s. Cool pickup though.

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    • Geebee

      Yep, and nearly every 351 is a “Cleveland “

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      • DAVID6

        😲i have3hocleve’s2set’s4barrel&2of2barrel💰👍text😎

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  2. geomechs geomechsMember

    I like this truck, but then, I like this series. I’m curious as to what originally powered this truck. If it was a 265 that would be more than adequate. Of course a 235 would suffice. If this came my way the chrome wheels would go the way of the dinosaur. Fix the rust; give it a proper paint job and put some boring 15 inch wheels on it with those pointy stock hubcaps and it would be a decent truck—for me…

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    • Kathleen Roesky

      235 1barrel carb 6 cylinder “High Thrift” on the oil bath air filter
      solid lifters no oil filter. I have the 55 2nd series 3100 with big window

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  3. Gaspumpchas

    That’s a truck transmission, first gear granny gear. Cool truck, had a friend who did a similar swap and left the truck tranny, really hauled @ss. Good luck to the new owner. would Cruise as is!!



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    • tom schweikert

      if you can master the 1-2 shift theyll really bomb ya off the line my dads 250 powered 66 c20 demonstrated that

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  4. Matt steele

    I like this deserves a paint job. IMO

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  5. Matt steele

    Chevrolet never really made an ugly truck.some are made ugly by their owners tho..I’d take this one as it stands..but painted would be better

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  6. ben dobreuenaski

    Nice truck. Only one criticism they ride hard. LIke if you run over a dime you can tell the date.

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  7. JP

    My dad had a black ’55 & it was one of my favorites!

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    • thomas schweikert

      up in wyoming i saw a 55 shortbox stepside with a v-8 and hydramatic…super cool!

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    People ruin them by spraying clear on them. That ruins the faded look.

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  9. Bob

    This is one beautiful truck. Too bad someone put clear coat over all that rust. Hope the new owner gives her a proper paint job.

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  10. DAVID6


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  11. DAVID6


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    • Wrong Way

      I just had to ask! Why not pay the fee for advertising your stuff on this site! Do you think that this site provides that service for free? I don’t think that they do or would appreciate what you think that you are so slick doing? Not cool, at all! These people who own and work for this site aren’t in it for the satisfaction of producing a site that generates satisfaction! Think about it! Pay the small fee if you really have something worth selling! These guys and gals do excellent jobs of writing up a for sale item or you can write it up yourself!

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    • Hollywood Collier

      cheesy way to do your add……..this isn’t craigslist. show some respect

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    • BMW4RunninTundra

      I could not agree more with WW and HC!!!!!!! I do not know what your business is, but my guess is, it only runs with incoming $$$!!!!!!!! These guys provide a service, an excellent one at that, and with any service, the deserve compensation!!!!!!! The basics of this site are already FREE!!!!! Yet you feel you must take advantage and eke out more for FREE?!!!! YOU KNOW what you are doing is not right, hence the sneaky end run. I hope no one from this site gives you the time of day for your vehicle!

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  12. Little_Cars Saul

    @David6…really? You’re not tricking anybody with your cryptic code. Not sure why you are promoting your engines and your truck here. Go the proper route–it costs NOTHING!

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  13. Jeff Edge

    Merry Christmas to all and thanks for a wonderful site, I always look forward to it. And YES pay the minimum fee and post, don’t try to “slide in your stuff “!for free

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  14. John

    This poor truck deserves an owner who can do more for it than spray some clear on it and brag about it’s “patina”… These series trucks are so cool looking, but, alas, waaaaaay over priced!

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  15. Hollywood Collier

    In reference to all being corvette engines….how about the a/c needs some Freon. I believe if that’s all it needs….why not put some in it and say car has cold a/c?? LOL…..Happy New Year to all and thanks for all the hard work yall do here at Barnfinds. I read it every morning with my coffee. Much Luv.

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  16. Stephen Brodie

    I’ve owned several ’59 pickups, the first an Apache 32 was an X-oilfield truck I bought off my Dad who had purchased it new in Red Deer Alberta. He had ordered every available option except he stayed with the 235 oil dripping six. The 32 series was a long box model and Dad ended up hating the truck as it was always stuck in the snow or mud. Even with the posi rear end he ordered it just wouldn’t go places his previous shortbox ’57 would go. Dad was a battery operator and needed to drive to oilwell sites once a day to check for leaks and do repairs and these were in farmers fields with muck and clay and snow drifts in the winter. I traded him a mint ’51 Ford one ton which cost me $125, sanded down the rusty gold interior painted it lilac pink, stripped out the busted wooden floor which a gasoline drum had partially gone thru, and went for my fist date in that Chevy. The steering box was had and one had to herd the truck down the road like a bunch of wild hogs. Got pulled over by a cop who thought I was drunk as that truck wandered so bad. Backed out of the garage one morning and the linkeage from the steering box to the left wheel fell off. Spindle on drivers side sheared off at 50mph, into the ditch and back on the road riding on the brake backing plate. Last ’59 was a GMC with the 336 cu. in V8 shortbox lg. rear window which I gave to my brothers 16 year old son, a sweet rust free machine. He still has it but it’s all in pieces.

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  17. Little_Cars Little Cars

    These trucks are a dime a dozen in Tennessee. Two are listed right now on the local CL, standard cab with a long box and another big rig straight off the farm, farm fresh and running with nothing but the frame, rear axle and the limits of one’s imagination behind the cab.

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  18. Martin

    U must be in a different Tenn. then I been through ,send me about 20 of those trucks for a dime ! To bad the guy trashed this truck with that crap clear coat job . .

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  19. tom schweikert

    he probably already tried recharging ac

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    • TimM

      Love this style Chevrolet pickup!! I think I’d have to paint it though!! To me the truck is to clean for the “patina” finish!!!

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