Scrambler Shell: 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler

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UPDATE 12/15/2019: The seller of this 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler project has lowered their asking price to $6,800, shown here on craigslist. Check it out again and let us know your thoughts! Thanks, Roger, for sending in this tip!

The seller of this 1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler answers one question right away in saying that it’s a true example with an “x” in the proper place in the VIN. That’s great news, but there are many, many unanswered questions with this shell of its former self. This one can be found here on craigslist in western Oregon. The seller is asking $8,895 or best offer. Thanks to AMXBrian for sending in this tip!

Yes, that’s a roll cage that you see through the side windows. I’m guessing that this rare car has not had an easy life. The SC/Rambler is indeed a rare car with just over 1,500 of them being made and a lot of them saw drag strip duty. I’m not sure what this one was used for but it looks like a restoration would easily put it over the value, especially with that asking price.

With no options, the SC/Rambler was destined to be a 1/4-mile fiend more than a regular muscle car for the street. But, of course, they could be and were driven as regular cars, albeit ones with a 14.3-second 1/4 mile time.

This one appears to have been given a beatdown during its lifetime. The hood should be white with a fat blue arrow pointing towards the intake rather than fully blue, but the trunk appears to have the right look. Truthfully, paint is the least of the problems that the next owner will have. Are you sitting down? There is no drivetrain or interior in this car. I know, I cringed when I read that, too. With a #2 excellent condition car being valued at just over $50,000, restoring this one to bone-stock will be a challenge without going over that figure. Not having the original engine is super unfortunate.

The interior will also be tough and expensive to bring back to life again. In the second photo, you can see sunlight coming through the left rear wheel well which is rarely a good thing. The seller says that this car has been in heated storage for the last 12 years and I would love to know what happened to it before then. Can this one be saved without going way over its value?

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  1. Steve R

    No thanks, not at that price.

    It looks like hack 1970’s work. The door bar is awful and illegal, the rear fender lips look like they were cut out with a torch, there is daylight showing in the rear wheel well in picture #2 suggesting the floor has been cut out. There is a reason the seller omitted up close pictures of those areas. It might make sense for $1,500, then someone could collect some vintage AMC performance parts and show it at nostalgic races. To try and make this an actual race car again would be a fools errand.

    Steve R

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  2. Mike

    That hood scoop puts the ugh in ugly.

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  3. Stangalang

    Hood scoop looks like a home hvac vent outlet…the “roll cage ” looks like an afterthought..maybe worth a few parts

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    Well, all I see is a racecar body, but I look at a lot of cars, and that is what I see. The cage is trash, I happen to like the hood scoop, just because that is how they were, when new. Yes, the price is too optimistic, but even for free, to get this car back to what it was in 69, I just don’t see it economically.
    Perhaps finding a donor car, preferably AMC, would be the way to go. But I would not be surprised, to see this with a Small Block Chevy, a Powerglide with a trans brake, some wheelie bars, making it a really fun Bracket Racer. A “Tribute Car” if you will. I think it is too far gone to bring back to it’s original glory days.

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    • PatrickM

      I used to see cages like this in demolition derbys. I don’t think this car ever saw a real race track. Too much money. Too much work ahead. If it were mine, I’d sell parts for what I could get and crush the rest.

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  5. bobk

    LOL. What’s the owner think this is, a Porsche?

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  6. Troy s

    My first impression was a hobby stock car more than drag car that lead to its current shape.
    Whatever the case, it’s still interesting….way over priced for what’s left, but interesting.
    Hood scoop on these were more functional than some of the other factory scoops back then as it sat high enough above the hood, Boss 429 hood scoop was another good one.
    Five hundred dollar buy in and then turn it into a rat rod, restomod, whatever they call those beater street machines, forget the bone stock stuff. Big project no matter what.

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  7. Bob C.

    One word for this car, BUTCHERED! What a shame.

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  8. Rosco

    Best thing about this one is the original hood scoop. Other than that, hardly enough left for even a good parts car and definitely not worth putting any vintage AMC parts on it.

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  9. Mikey8

    Body in great shape????
    Really? Maybe the little bit of body that’s left. This guy watches too many auctions. No way on this one. Should read pieces of shell, needs everything

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  10. JOHNMember

    Rode hard, real hard and put away wet…really wet. Unless you have all the parts, I seriously doubt you could ever come out on top. but… they were cool cars at the time, I’d love to own one.

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  11. stillrunners

    Rare and like a lot of cars we see here that are way passed their glory years. It’s good stuff most likely will be seen again but not at that price.

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  12. Phinias

    A best buddy in HS had one of these. Yes, it was ugly. The interior was not only spartan, but cheap materials as well. He didn’t care, and neither did anyone else…it was fast as stink!

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  13. Arthell64

    All it needs is a body to transfer the serial numbers to.

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    • JOHNMember

      Illegal as well as un-ethical…

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      • Arthell64

        I agree but I’m sure it’s done all of the time.

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