Seamist Green Time Machine: 1972 Buick Electra 225

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If you (and 10 of your closest friends) would like to float down the road in a plush, quiet, well-appointed Green Time Machine (that happens to be 227.9″ long), this remarkable survivor, a 1972 Buick Electra 225 4-Door Hardtop, is your ticket. It has been owned by one family since being purchased new in 1972, has only 61,091 original miles, and as the seller accurately states, “has been pampered, treasured, and garage-kept all these years.” Currently awaiting its second owner in Nine Mile Falls, Washington, it is being sold at No Reserve here on eBay. As I’m writing this, 38 bids had been placed with the current highest bid only being $8,300.

A year before, 1971, saw a complete restyling of Buick’s B-body and C-body cars which resulted in the largest, heaviest, full-sized cars Buick had made. The Electra 225 Convertible and 4-Door Pillared Sedan were dropped and were now only available in a 4-Door Hardtop or 2-Door “Sport Coupe.” The longer, wider Electra 225 clearly moved closer to Cadillac territory in regards to size, comfort, and opulent luxury. Styling changes for 1972 were minimal and consisted of a new egg-crate grill and some new taillight trim. Although we don’t usually learn about a vehicle’s history and background in many ads, this one is an exception. This “Deuce and a Quarter” was purchased new in 1972 at Robideaux Motors Company in Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho by a 47-year-old gentleman. He is now 98 and says it’s time to let his pride and joy go. The photographs really tell the story of this incredible time capsule and how well it has been kept. The Seamist Green paint presents very well and the black vinyl top looks good as well. The panels are straight, the chrome is shiny, and the trim, badging, and glass all look terrific. I also like the four “vent ports” on the right and left of the hood and those stylish full-wheel covers and rear fender skirts.

I usually show one, sometimes two photographs of a car’s interior, but this is an exception. Just look at the condition of that original 1970’s luxurious cabin and front seat. The 1972 Buick sales brochure describes it as a Kilson-cloth and Madrid-grain vinyl bench seat. Like the rest of this Buick, it is showing very little wear. It also looks very comfortable.

I know it’s a cliche, but the back seat doesn’t look like it’s been sat on. I’m not seeing wear or tear in that cool-patterned green fabric. And based on the photos, the headliner and door panels look good as well. I can’t tell about the carpet, though. I’m not sure if it has faded or turned color over time, but it looks kind of brown-greenish to me.

And check out that cool, wrap-around instrument panel and dash. It appears to be in very good condition as well with no cracks, wear, or discoloration. In addition to the special upholstery, this 225 also has power steering, power front disc brakes, power seats, air conditioning, tilt steering wheel, an AM Sonamatic Radio, factory front floor mats, and more. But surprisingly, no power windows. You usually don’t see crank handles on an Electra 225.

Under that long Seamist Green hood is a clean engine bay with the Buick’s original 455-cubic-inch V8. It’s been driven only 61,091 miles and is paired to a smooth 3-speed Turbo Hydra-Matic transmission. The seller states that the Buick’s 455 “just purrs and the car cruises right down the road, these really have a nice ride.” True time machines like this top-of-the-line Buick are still out there, folks. And it’s a kick for me to write about them and share them with you. At No Reserve and a current high bid of $8,300, it’s possible the second caretaker of this fine survivor could get a good deal. Hagerty’s values a 1972 Electra 225 in #2 Excellent Condition at $13,100.

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  1. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    This car would be a bargain at $13,100. I like it a lot.

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  2. Scotty GilbertsonStaff

    What a beauty – nice one, Ron! Ha, 10 of your friends, no lie. I had almost this exact car in the early-1980s but in dark green with full power and man was it nice. It got 13 mpg in town and 17 on the highway and that’s just what cars got several decades ago so I didn’t know any better. I paid $750 for it and it was like new, ouch. Someone will be getting a gem here.

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  3. JimmyQ

    What a great car!!!

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  4. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    A perfect automotive time capsule, Ron-not a museum/trailer queen but yet incredibly well taken care of.
    Crank window handles? Many a dad as we were growing up thought them too dangerous-if the passengers “had to get out of a flooded or upside down car they wouldn’t work”!!! Yet no real push on seatbelts at the time even though they were mandated in 1965(?).

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  5. ACZ

    It’s amazing, to me, that ones like this and the 73, the other day, are still out there. Beautiful full sized cars. Today, you can hardly find a new sedan at all.

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  6. Harry

    Commanding automobile. These are like driving a couch. Silky torque that goes on forever.

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  7. T. Pond

    Would love to have this, but it it is in Idaho and I’m in NC.

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    • AnthonyD

      It’s actually in Washington….even further…but if I were you, I wouldn’t let that stop me. Not at this price. Have it shipped. This car is the real deal!

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      • Roland Schoenke

        I would buy it and drive it all the way home. I had a ’72 98, almost the same car , and it is a fantastic road trip car.

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  8. AzzuraMember

    Wow, just go to show that there are still some great cars out there. It will be a lucky person that eventually ends up with this one. I’m already jealous.

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  9. Brad chipman

    Nice car and priced fair. Someone’s going to get a nice ride

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  10. Jon

    It’s always been a puzzler to me why there is never a bench front seat center armrest when there’s always one in the back on these top model cars. I had a ’73 Olds 98 LS same story. Not nit-picking this particular car, but it’s a curiosity to me.
    It is a beauty, however.

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  11. Troy

    Buy it email the seller if they can deliver it to the Spokane airport fly in drive it ththe 2500 miles home what a awesome story to tell on how you got it

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    • John D

      Or pick you up and bring you to the car, if I were buying it I would love to chat with the 98 year old original owner, I’m sure he also would like to know the new owner is going to love it just as he did for all these years. For someone of his age giving up your car is a huge thing it goes along with giving up your freedom to just leave anytime you choose. Lots of fun and enjoyment to be had in this Buick.

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  12. Graham

    In Pic #2 of the ad, do I see a misalignment of the bonnet (hood) above the RH headlights? Not nitpicking, just wondering because it is inconsistent with the overall fantastic appearance of this car.

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  13. BMan Lewis

    Someone’s gonna have it goin on with this one IF they snatch it up before the price goes up

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  14. Pete Graham

    Holy cow! I live in Rathdrum Id. Twelve miles away. Traveling in Cal. now and can’t get over there. Had one of these long ago, what a car! Pete

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  15. Robert Levins

    It’s so beautiful and nice it makes me want to take a nap in the back and just lay down and relax. Let 1972 envelope me. Then, go on a long cruise with a full tank of gas! Ah…. Back to beauty, comfort and simplicity! Not to mention happiness! Great article. Great car – can’t get enough “ of your love babe”.

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  16. AzzuraMember

    Currently $9.6K and rising!

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  17. Smokey Smokerson

    My paternal grandparents had one of these, they always had Buicks. My pops somehow was a Olds guy. Ciao nonna è nonno è papà.

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  18. scottMember

    Way off topic, but why does the passenger side dash remind me of the rear end of a 72 Ford Torino? Awesome looking dash overall.

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    • ACZ

      Freud would say that you are secretly in love with a Ford derrière but are afraid to admit it. Your mother was unknowingly scared by a Mercury before you were born.

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    • Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

      Scott is right! Very observant.

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  19. Mr Meowingtons

    Sold for $10300.00…that sounds like a great deal on a beautiful 225!

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  20. C Force

    This is really really dont find em like this anymore.would be a great cruiser or to put in local car shows on occasion.wouldn’t change a thing on it.

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  21. john B mclaughlin

    i bought this car cant wait to get it delivered. its going in a garage and not get wet and be kept original.ive owned 2 of these and no other car ive ever owned had the feel and ride of the era of buick. i appreciate the other comments , glad their are others who like the real kink of the road cars like this.. government has killed off the really great cars that one could work on.

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    • John D

      Nice! Good to see someone on here able to purchase instead of dreaming. Good luck with the Buick I’m very sure you will enjoy it!

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      • john mclaughlin

        thank you john d.

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  22. Richard

    It’s a lovely car, and a bargain at that price. You surely wouldn’t find a nicer one.

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  23. john mclaughlin

    very kind. yes its a chance to be like jay leno on a poorer mans budget.

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