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Seats Four: 1970 Jaguar E-Type 4.2


The Jaguar E-Type is without a doubt one of the most iconic British Sports Cars and it’s easy to see why. Like many classic sports cars, the E-Type lost some of its flair and performance in the ’70s, due to increased emission and crash standards. While this 1970 Jaguar E-type 2+2 may not have some of the appeal of the first generation of E-Types, it’s still a great barn find. After being in storage for 30 years, this Southern California barn find can now be found here on eBay.


The original 4.2L straight six looks great and the seller claims it runs. The 4.2 liter is a bored out version of the 3.8 liter, and while horsepower potential increased, emissions equipment took its toll on power output. The seller states that they have not gone through the mechanicals, which makes us nervous since the car was likely parked due to mechanical problems. Hopefully there aren’t any major problems that will need to be addressed. A major plus is the 4 speed manual gearbox, which increases appeal for us.


The second series also saw some changes on the inside, such as the switch to more comfortable, yet less supportive seats. Jaguar also introduced the 2+2 coupe for the second series, which changed the exterior and interior styling, as the car was 9 inches longer than the standard fixed head coupe. This interior is mostly original, but the seat covers have been replaced with new vinyl ones.


While we would prefer to have an earlier E-Type, this one could still be a fun driver at a more affordable price. The seller’s BIN seems a bit on the high side, but hopefully they set their reserve lower than that. If it were in a bit better shape we would understand this price, but just because it is a two owner survivor with documented history doesn’t mean it’s worth top dollar.



  1. Rancho Bella

    The 2 plus 2…………the bastard step child of E types. Check out the license plate…………

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  2. paul

    13 g, not in this life time for a 2+2 not running, or barely running, so glad they thought enough to spray paint black on the various engine parts even the ones that were not black parts complete with over spray.

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  3. paul

    It does have one thing going for it I never saw one of these with a stick.

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  4. Tricky Dickie Member

    Ha…..I can tell you who will NOT be bidding on this car……previous owners of 1970 Jag E Type 4.2 This model was nothing but a huge headache….constantly !

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  5. Dolphin Member

    The downside:
    – Complex, hence difficult and expensive to work on (previously discussed here at length)
    – Holds four, providing two of them have real short legs (children, small dogs)
    – Down-on-horsepower engine compared to earlier E-Types
    – Rattle-can freshening of the engine bay
    – Bad upholstery
    – Very limited financial upside
    – There’s probably more that I can’t think of right now

    The upside:
    – Terrific body integrity on this California car, including the typically rusty areas, probably one of the best unrestored late E-Types around
    – Maybe low miles, if the ODO reading is correct
    – Easy fix of the rattle-can freshening of the engine bay
    – A lot cheaper than a nice Series 1 car
    – Great license plate
    – Plenty of room for the groceries, making it the classiest grocery-getter in town
    – It’s an E-Type
    – There’s probably more that I can’t think of right now

    The unknown:
    – Correctness of the ODO reading
    – Mechanical condition, especially engine, gearbox, clutch, suspension, shocks, rear end, brakes, exhaust system, hoses, A/C, safety equipment like wipers, lighting, etc, etc

    The bottom line:
    – If you can handle the asking price, probably one of the easiest and cheapest E-Types to restore, or an even cheaper potential driver.

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    • scot c

      ~ or a worthwhile pile of parts for someone hoarding a warehouse full of Jag stuff.
      . not for US $27,500.00.

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    • TVC15

      Your ” Downside ” list missed one important thing , Disc wheels !

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      • Dolphin Member

        Thanks for pointing out that omission.
        Here are my revisions for the wheels:

        The downside:
        – Disk wheels instead of wires

        The upside:
        – No wires to loosen or break and require wheels to be rebuilt
        – They’re chromed, and interesting because you don’t expect chrome to be there…..like the chromed mufflers on the early E-Type. Makes these cars appealing and distinctive.

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    • Dolphin Member

      Revision of lists RE: price:

      The downside:
      – Overpriced

      The upside:
      – No mega-dollar bills for body and subframe rust repairs.
      – No repaint needed for the car to be a driver.

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  6. Robert J

    Everyone likes to beat down the 2+2 Jaguars, but they really are an interesting car for the dollar…That dollar very often being lower than what this seller is seeking.

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  7. John

    The seller claims a razer sharp body… well don’t cut yourself getting the large crease out of the front half of the hood on the drivers side. Take a lot of hammer and dolly and shrinking of the metal. All the labor should knock down the asking price a couple grand at least. And the issue of the engine he claims it hasen’t been started since going into storage, but he in turn says the engine runs with no noise? This and the rattle can paint job of silver & black under the hood and the original flat spare tire and rim would be having me invest my money elsewhere!

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  8. Jake

    The 2+2 is run down by lots of folks, but if you are tall it allows you to fit in the E type. And E type 2+2’s actually were available in the SI cars with covered headlamps!!!

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  9. joelonzello

    Bought a 1972 2+2 in ’78 for $4700.00 with 56,000 miles. 12 cylinders 4 carbs. Could see thegas gauge needle go down whenyou stomped on it lol. Next one will be a 6 cylinder.

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