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Seats Nine: 1982 Cadillac DeVille Limo

1982 Cadillac DeVille Limo

One of my buddies and his wife just had another kid and they have officially outgrown their Suburban! So, they purchased one of those ginormous Nissan NV passenger vans. That thing is huge and the first day after they picked it up, I met his wife coming down the road – the middle of the road! Oh, if only they had found this instead. There’s room for nine and I bet his wife wouldn’t have had any problem navigating it. Well, maybe a little. It would have been cheaper and it’s even nearby. It’s in Twin Falls, Idaho and is listed here on eBay with bidding ends tomorrow.

Third Row Seat

This limo was used by a funeral home to shuttle people around, but it’s only showing 50k on the odometer. It might be too large for most people’s needs, but you’d be hard pressed to find any 1982 Cadillac in this kind of condition. The interior color may take some getting used to, but it’s in good nick and clean too. Velour may not be the best fabric choice for easy milk spill cleanup, but some of those clear plastic covers would solve all that.

Digital Fuel Injection

The fuel bill might be hard to bare though. Well, then again, this Caddy is equipped with a 250 cubic inch V8 that is fuel injected so the economy might not be that bad for a big people hauler. I bet it would even bet the mpgs off that big van of theirs! Throw some snow tires on this front-wheel-drive cruiser and it should be able to pull itself around just fine in the winter too.

Six Doors

This Cadillac intrigues me. Maybe it’s because I have memories of seeing one like it everyday on my way to school. There was a nice black one that was parked in front of a house that was along the route. The owner must have polished that thing up every week because it always looked perfect. I always wondered why a normal guy like that would own a Cadillac limo like this. Well, maybe he just had a really big family…


  1. Avatar photo Coventry Cat

    That’s not front wheel drive – are you sure the 250 stated is cubic inches?

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    • Avatar photo CJay

      The ad incorrectly states it’s FWD. 250 cubic inches is correct.

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  2. Avatar photo CJay

    4100 MOTOR! Run away!!!. Head and head gasket problems. Good on gas. Low on power and reliability. I like these cars, But not this engine!

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  3. Avatar photo Roger A

    4100 Worst motor ever but was only 250 cu. in. . Rear wheel drive for sure in 82 only eldo and seville were fwd oh and the wanna be cadillac the cimarron lmao

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    right idea but wrong car. this one does not have shoulder belts in the back which would be an issue with car seats. would have to sell at a low price so you would have money to upgrade motor and belts. interesting find.

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  5. Avatar photo Blindmarc

    My dad was a cabby in the late 70’s. The company had a 6 door Buick Electra he got to drive when hauling bands to and from the concert. This is the first caddy 6 door I’ve seen.

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