Serious Impact: 1963 Corvette Split Window

As the seller put’s it, “this was a very original car until it was in a accident”. And boy was it in one serious wreck! I’m going to guess it was involved in a head on collision, which caused it to spin and make contact with several more objects before coming to a rest. It’s really too bad, given that it’s a split window coupe with a 300 horse V8 and a 4 speed! After the accident, it was put into storage (around ’71) and was left until just recently. As a result, it’s not only wrecked, but rusty. Perhaps there is some hope here still? Or not, but either way you can check it out here on eBay in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

From the back, the damage doesn’t look that bad, but take a look up front and you see that this wan’t just a little fender bender. The whole engine was pushed back and the frame bent. I know it doesn’t take much to damage fiberglass, but it take a lot of energy to do this kind of damage to a steel frame. I just hope the driver walked away without any serious injures.

The engine is said to be the original number’s matching 300 horsepower 327 V8. They provide images of all the tags to prove it, which is nice, but is anyone actually going to restore this car? Or is it going to just be a parts donor? I see the engine, roof and VIN tag showing up on another chassis in a year or so. That’s just my guess, but at least it would be on the road again!


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  1. Bingo

    Better than the ’60 posted earlier.

    • Jerry HW Brentnell

      so things are getting that bad in this so called old car foolishness they are cleaning out pure junk and trying to find a sucker thats willing to dump a 100 grand plus in this thing! when you are done you have half the car a 67 vette is!

  2. Moparmann Member

    Parts car/VIN tag for sale! :-)

  3. Jeffro

    Obviously, the window is not the only “split” object on this car.

  4. Jim

    I’d start with an Art Morrison chassis, body parts are available, new and used. It would be a big job, not for the faint of heart.

    • Buzzard

      Exactly, any split window should be put back on the road by any means necessary.

  5. Jim

    It is a split window vette! Pretty high up on my list of cool cars.

  6. CaymanDave

    Is the vin worth $27,000? Cause that is all that is left of this thing.

  7. DrinkinGasoline

    VIN tag and everything above the belt (for those who are unaware of the “Belt”, it is the belt molding at the top of the door where the A Pillar and Sail Panel meet the body) is all that is desirable from this example. Slice the Lid and graft it.
    Hopefully, someone with talent will be able to graft the canopy. I’m no Vette fan but there is some salvage value here in pieces parts.

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  8. Adam T45 Staff

    Looking at this just makes me whimper! As someone who used to race speedway, I have a word of advice for anyone who puts a collectible car into storage after an accident like this: Drown the thing in WD40. You can’t hurt the electricals, and it will prevent the dreaded tin worm from attacking what is left of your pride and joy. At the end of every race season I used to wash my race car down and then spray everything except the seat, pedals and steering wheel with WD40. We have very wet and cold winters where I live, and the car always looked like new when I rolled her out for the next season. If that had been done to this after its accident it may have been a salvageable prospect.

    • mark

      Good idea!!

    • Clinton

      You should try Fluid Film. I gave up on WD after finding this magical aerosol spray.

  9. sunbeamdon

    Not for the faint-of heart; but take a close look at the door fitment – looks to be correct, so my guess is the back two thirds salvageable. Not worth the $27,800 presently bid.

    It’s merely a flesh wound!

    I’m reminded, though, of the Sunbeam Tiger mahogany steering wheel I recently rebuilt – it was about 1 1/2″ out of plumb, side to side. Then I remembered I’d salvaged it many years ago from a ’66 Tiger which the driver “parked” at 50 mph under the back of a semi. The finished wheel is a memorial to the deceased driver.

  10. Pete

    I guarantee this one will be saved as long as split window coupes are still very much in demand. I seen worse. The price is high but even wrecked ones like this are in demand for their body to make into a restoration mod. There are only so many split window to go around

  11. Blindmarc

    Looking at the heavy frame damage and no windshield I’d say the driver was lucky, if they survived. Remember, most of us didn’t use seat belts.

  12. SSPBill

    We saw this one a few months ago. Opinions were a little more pessimistic then. A garden hose wash down and sun light seems to have doubled the price in the owner’s mind.

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  13. bill

    best bet is to just sell the windows..someone would buy them, theres not much else left.

  14. Mark S

    I pity the poor guy that ate that steering wheel, it wouldn’t surprise to here this was a fatal accident. To have a front suspension move around to the left side like that and to push the steering shaft out of the column that far would require a serious hit. If someone lost their life in this car it would feel very wrong to me to bring it back to the road. If what I have stated is true than I’d rather see it scrapped. JMHO.

  15. jaygryph

    Someone will fix it. It’ll be the Corvette of Theseus, but it’ll get fixed. is what I’m referencing in case anyone was wondering.

    • SSPBill

      Everything but the VIN plate will be new.

      • Tom Member

        SSPBill, you are right. my only question is the usual, looks like it is probably parked outside of a Corvette Resto Shop..(maybe) and they don’t see the value… to make you think, right? Love the 63 split window but man…this one is 99.9% a MESS at every possible level AND THEN SOME. I am sure it is hard for anyone to call “time of death” but this car has flat lined !! I am not a fan of moving the VIN plate to another car unless it is done with full disclosure.

      • SSPBill

        It wasn’t hard to find the company’s website using the Ebay name and Goggle. It’s hard tell if they restore or are just flippers. They have nice looking pictures of cars list at what seems like realistic prices. However, there seems to be a lot of opinions about this place on Corvette forums. I suppose to their credit they didn’t harvest the VIN and block number themselves.

  16. JW

    Ouch this hurts just looking at it !!!

  17. slickimp

    Cut the top off pull the motor that’s about all that’s good on this

  18. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I surmise that this Vette hit a non-moving object and unless the driver somehow managed to lay across the passenger seat before impact, that he or she was probably toast. That whole console and shifter area just looks freaky.

  19. Bob S

    Maybe it will get fixed, but I wouldn’t want to buy it. Amazed it is at 27K already with reserve not met.

  20. Alex

    27000 dollars??? Really?!?!

  21. racer99

    OK, if I squint just right I can see how someone would take this as a starting spot and put a ton into it and end up with a split windows number matching car but I somehow can’t see the current $27K bid price. When I look at something like this I always go back to the bidder history and current high bidder has 100% of his bids with this one seller (red flag) and the next 2 high bidders have 30%+ of their bids with this seller (another red flag). Be wary my friends of shill bidding attempting to drive up the sale price.

  22. erikj

    racer99 ,I agree with. This was already on ebay and didn’t sell. And here it is again!! Smells real fishy,Its being bid up by sellers people. I hate that crap, I,ve been bitten by it before. Hurts to learn the hard way. Stupid sellers #&^*$##@

    • John H

      I think it sold off eBay and is being flipped. The first eBay auction listed it in Erie, PA and this auction lists it being in Bedford, PA. Halfway across the state.

      I’ve loved split window vettes since they first came out (dates me, doesn’t it!) but have a hard time seeing the upside to bringing this one back — or harvesting the VIN and attaching it to 90% or more repro parts.

      Looking more at the auction pics: I agree with those that surmise this may have been a fatal, judging by the looks of the steering wheel, the way the column is pushed back and the general look of the twisted mess of a front end.

      • Steven

        Would this actually be the 63 split window that was found in the lake some years back?

  23. Steven

    That’s a Professional restoration project , looks in them pics that Vette has been setting a good many years? Paint says it.. But not worth the price who is selling it as what is he smoking..

  24. Jim

    I’m stunned to see what the bidding is up to. Then I noticed that the reserves isn’t even met. Double shocker. This car is rough!

  25. Steven

    A person can buy perfect good 63 split window Vettes online advertised, why would you spend $27k plus on a project car and turn around sinking $50 or more in restoration and have a $100k plus Vette you want get your money back as auctions show that case in sales.. Barrett-Jackson sold a low mileage 63 split window in Scottsdale very nice one for $60k

  26. Steven

    Someone is wanting this bad , as they must be blind or can’t read as I’ve seen many 63 split window Vettes online for sale.. Oh well what a loss he will be when he goes to get estimates just to fix it?

  27. Motrbob

    One has to wonder how long it was under water?

  28. sunbeamdon

    Motrbob – Underwater? Me-thinks it’s the next buyer??

  29. ben

    some fool will buy it but not this one to many flags that’s why I don’t like ebay I bought a 59 edsel conv in reno for 6500 sent the money ended up in the hospital for a week called the seller said no problem sent a truck twice to pick it up no car owner said two weeks was to long to hold so he put it in a strage lot which I talked to they thought I was nuts never herd of a edsel screwed ebay wouldn’t do anything called sherffs dept in fla and reno said I needed to hire a atty which would have been anouther 5 grand I like barn finders better so far not one bad deal and have meet some real nice people ben in fl

    • Steven

      Barn find is a page yes , but have no control over vehicles and one answer to buying these cars sight unseen is get in the car or fly where they be and see in person at least your not out money until in person to person deal is done..

    • Bill McCoskey

      While I’m not an attorney, perhaps you should go ahead & sue in your state, as you did purchase it while in your state. Most states will allow this. Then have a private process server deliver the legal papers to the guy you bought it from. At least if he is a no-show in court, you get a judgement against him, ruined his credit [if not already bad], and you can then take the loss off your taxes.

      If no car, and no refund, involving people in different states, and a motor vehicle [you should have the VIN, so the car can probably be located by the Feds.] that’s a Federal fraud case, you might be able to get the Feds to look into the guy too [FBI]

  30. Steven

    I’m a person who wants to view what I’m buying in person, cause too far much Scamlist online these days as even if it means getting in the car driving half way across country or flying then will do… A person would sure be a stupid idiot if they gave say $500k or more for a Airplane without seeing it in person?

  31. Jack Quantrill

    “Someone left the cake out in the rain, I don’t think it will ever be the same again”!🌨🎶

    • rando

      Argghhh!!!! I gave you the thumbs down for that reference, but purely in jest!!! There is a local oldies AM station I listen to that plays the original entirely too much! And it shows up on the TV music channel we listen to as well… The more I hear it, the more I wanna, well, never mind…

      Funny obscure reference. I love it!

  32. Steven

    Over behind it is a Convertible uncovered? Only idiots do stuff like that or just don’t care about classic cars, lots of clip work for this 63 split window along with frame? That engine may not be in any shape to salvage as water got into the cylinder’s very likely started rust pits..

  33. Clinton

    Good thing they put that rag in the radiator hose. You wouldn’t want anything to get in there…

  34. Steve H

    So it sold for $30K! WOW

    • Pete in PA


    • Pete

      Probably will be relisted after the buyer goes to pick it up and says yeah never mind I pass. 30K for a Vin and data plate, wiper arm, rear bumper, 2 door shells and the split rear window is some high dollar parts. 30K would buy a really nice antique or classic that you could drive and enjoy for a long time. This car is what we call concrete mixer grade, or a steaming pile of dog fecal matter.

  35. Big Mike

    I have always wanted a 63 Split Window to had to the collections I have of my year of Birth. With that being said I always wanted something to start with, where would you being with this thing.

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