Shade Tree Find: 1967 Ford Mustang Convertible

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After 20 years spent under the shade of trees, this poor ’67 Mustang convertible is in a rough state of repair. Driven to its resting place, this was once a very nice Pony car for some reason or another found its way to rack and ruin. Although there is certainly rot, there may be a fair amount of useful parts on this Mustang. With time ticking down in the auction, this Mustang is currently bid up to $3,250. Check it out here on eBay out of Groton, Connecticut.

Dusty, dirty, and covered with leaves, this engine has not been touched in 20 years. There is a solid chance that the V8 heart is locked up, but there could be some worthwhile part.

Bring your leaf blower as you are going to need it! Miraculously the interior doesn’t look as bad as you may have expected. The seats appear rip free, and even the dash and door panels look decent. One issue that certainly sticks out is the daylight coming through the floor. Sadly the floors are long gone in this Ford, and the seller has reported rust in the frame as well.

Despite the under body rot, the exterior of this Mustang really doesn’t look all that bad. There is rust along the rear wheel arches and above the rocker trim, with little anywhere else. It almost looks like you could wash and polish the paint on this pony car and take it for a spin. Overall the body is quite straight minus a minor bend in the lower rear valence. Although this Mustang is a bit of a heart breaker, hopefully someone can make good use of this once very nice machine. What would you do with this shade tree find?

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  1. Dan

    The earth has put forth a lot of effort to reclaim this car. Consider that with a little patience, a driver-quality 1967 Muatang convertible could probably be had for $20,000. Unless the buyer can do all the extensive work this car needs himself, it’s best utilized as a parts car.

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  2. Steve R

    This would have been a very pretty car.

    The most valuable “part”, is it’s VIN and clear title.

    Steve R

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    • Dan

      The seller says the car has no title. And very little effort would be needed to find a much better C-code Mustang convertible. I see very little of any worth here, sadly.

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      • Steve R

        In a different section of the eBay listing, under “about this item”, the line that shows title says clear.

        If that’s the case and there is no title, I wouldn’t touch this car with a 10 foot pole.

        Steve R

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      • Brian R.

        20 years uncovered…wow. A yard decoration for a long time..rain and rot and rust …no deal there.

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  3. David Ulrey

    Were that I was in a position to untake this one at a semi-reasonable buy in price, profit and market value be damned. This would be a pure labor of love for m
    e. Footnote – if a person has a bit, maybe quite a bit (Lol) of “play with money” and is somewhat physically capable, many community colleges where you could do most of the restoration in AUT classes.

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  4. TimM

    I’ve actually fixed mustangs that were in worse shape then this one!! It’s not a really fun thing to do and if anyone would want to try I would suggest CJ Pony parts!! They sell dynacorn body panels but they also have just about everything else for this car!!!

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    • Classic Steel

      I rebuilt my 67 convertible with CJ
      Poney parts .
      It was in a pole barn but needed
      everything from Rails, torque boxes, inner rocker channels to pans as a OH rustang .
      It took a year of weekends but after replacing all metal except hood and fenders and dash
      it completed well.
      My engine was non original 302 boat anchor so it was
      tossed .

      Just remember the inner rear wells will need to be adjusted to ensure the convertible top sits in its well area properly. The CJ parts for wheel wells are for hardtop and verts and need the top area flattened. Use the old one as a patch for that section or replicate it.

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      • Classic Steel

        Last item:
        When welding in rear skin quarters remember the door rubber seals will push the door out and needs to incorporated into welding the skins into the door jam area measurements or you get a slight gap that is a pain to fix after the fact.
        Just little words of wisdom I wish had been passed on to me .

        My car is deep blue now with
        white top and black interior with a built 289 with 500 wheels . I couldn’t take
        the original color cross between pea green and avocado 🥑 look like this one . I am sure someone might like the color but many Mustangs were built so it was swapped 😎

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  5. al

    What a shame. Even the drivers side floor mats made their way to the ground underneath. Bet not much left to the frame on this either. Inside trunk probably can squeeze a body thru a hole there too.

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  6. Stillrunners

    Sad and sadly back in the early 80s the original owner wanted to sale a GT convertible same color with the 67 only rear tail light panel and deluxe interior for $2500 which my dad thought was to much. Another one he kicked his ass over and over.

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  7. Stillrunners

    And the same 67 styled wheels….

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  8. bone

    The seat upholstery doesnt look bad…really ? After all those years in the elements, that vinyl is rock hard and the threads all rotted -sit on it and you’ll hear it cracking ,not too mention your rear will be soaked from all that water the foam absorbed over the years . The door panels have cardboard backing too, so they are no good either . Groton is about 10 minutes from me and I know its right on the ocean, plus its New England so you know nothing can sit for 20 years without disintegrating . You go to pull this car out and it will tear in half , guaranteed

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