Shag Everywhere: 1974 Ford Econoline

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While I would normally be somewhat leery of settling down in a van retaining its period shag carpeting, I have to say this 1974 Ford Econoline doesn’t give me hives just looking at it. It’s surprising, considering the van has clearly not been restored, so perhaps the interior was installed at a later date. Regardless of its conception, the overall condition and presentation is such that you almost don’t want to disturb its period-correct awesomeness. Check it out here on eBay where bidding is a hair over $1K with the reserve unmet.

The van is currently stationed in Colorado, which could explain how it’s survived in such dry, rust-free condition as the seller claims. The paint job is clearly faded, but it’s also period-cool. If it were mine, I’d revive the graphic extending from the porthole window, and maybe revive the green pinstriping – but leave the yellow base coat as-is. The wheels are a sharp look, and from this view, I think the rear windows definitely need curtains.

Sure, up close, I’ll be this interior is a little too funky to reside in right now, but it doesn’t look like you need a HAZMAT suit to enter, either. I’m assuming the authorized personnel specified on the ice box is anyone who wants a cold beer, but it’s good to ward off any moochers when possible. The rear platform appears to be a sleeping area, and there’s an additional cabinet to the bottom left of this photo.

The seller notes the front buckets are replacements for the originals, and they look like swivel seats to me. The van is equipped with 302/automatic and a positraction rear end, according to the seller. The seller specifies the front brakes as needing attention, and that the Ford would benefit from an overall restoration. I’d tackle this one with some sensitivity, because there’s a sweet vanning rig underneath that faded paint that should be preserved.

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  1. NotSure

    In about 1980 my buddy Dave bought a 74 Econoline that was about as base as you could get. It had a three-on-the-tree and I think the motor was the same as this one. One day he lets me borrow it and as I’m put-putting into the apartment complex where we lived the engine killed. It would not restart. Turns out that it threw the timing chain. There was no other damage to the engine that I was made aware of but his old man never quite looked at me the same way again…

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    I wouldn’t want to use a black/blue light in the back of that thing.

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    • Chris M.

      Blinding luminescents lol

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    • Miguel

      That carpet looks really new, though.

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  3. don

    I’d have those cushions redone in a color that matches the seats , put on a set of 70’s correct slotted aluminum rims with white letter tires on it(60s on the back ,70s on the front) and then find the guys who do the trick lowrider paint jobs and have them go at it !

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  4. U.K. Paul 🇬🇧

    Shagalicious baby ..

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  5. CapNemo CapNemo

    That rear platform is there for “Sleeping”. Lmbo!! Of course it is!

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  6. TimM

    I’ve had three of these vans!! 2-69’s and a 74 I absolutely love these trucks!! To me that truck was the meaning of built ford tough!!! The 69 I have right now that I’m restoring is a 302 with an automatic!!! Everyone says I’m crazy but I’m changing it to a three on the tree!! I’m sourcing parts and there really not to easy to find!!! I would be very grateful if anyone knew where I could locate these parts!!! This one is cool but the inside looks like 1974 threw up in there!!! Just not my style!! Still cool though!!!

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  7. Keith

    Lime green!, I’m all in after a good cleaning and a post black light inspection!

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  8. hatofpork

    A lot of “bang” for the buck….

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  9. Keith

    The side pipes are bad @ss! Cool!!!

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  10. OhU8one2

    I like the later Econolines with the nose that stuck out. Add the fender flares that had the front lower spoiler. Hooker chrome sidepipes and Turbo spline wheels with B.F.G radial T/A’s. And shag out the inside. Add one Lava Lamp and you were ready for a good night of cruising, then head down to the lake for a little van a rockin, so dont come a knockin

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  11. ChebbyMember

    With this van, you really could shag everywhere.

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    • boxdin

      That’s the idea…. and we did.

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  12. M.BalmerMember

    Looks like just the vehicle Kermit the Frog would drive and shag Miss Piggy in.🐸🐷❤

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  13. U.K. Paul 🇬🇧

    The like buttons are working again! Nice one ..

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  14. Matt

    I like that the word “conception” was used in the vehicle description…….haha

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  15. CRM919

    Gentlemen, say hello to the 2nd Base-Mobile. Wicked!!

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  16. g Wentzell

    … ..eyes…MY EYES…..

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  17. Miguel

    Don’t we all know somebody that had one of these, even if we didn’t ourselves?

    I did by the way, have one or two.

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  18. William Fitzpatrick

    I drove Econolines as work trucks. the first one was a ’62. the last was a’98. the worst ones were the ’68 through ’74’s. They were very uncomfortable to drive due to the wheel wells so far back. The brakes absolutely sucked. The twin axle front end was always out of alignment. I once hit a deep pothole, the shock broke off and pierced the floor The anti pollution system was very unreliable I hated those trucks. You see very few of them anymore. The reason being that they were absolute junk The next two models were very good trucks

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