Sharp in Steel Gray: 1984 Dodge Rampage

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It’s amazing what the right colors can do for a car. This is technically a truck-let, or pre-90s crossover, but the 1984 Dodge Rampage for sale in San Antonio looks incredibly nice with steel gray paint that still holds its luster. With 72,000 miles on the clock, it’s not a time capsule but it’s clearly been loved in its years on the road. Find it here on craigslist for $6,500. 

The Rampage’s alloy wheels shine as bright as the paint, with nicely preserved trim rings adding some surprising “pop” to the Rampage’s otherwise conservative exterior. The bed cap has paid big dividends in terms of preserving the bed area, but I’m most impressed by the laser-straightness of the body with no noticeable dings or dents.

The interior reflects a similar state of preservation on the inside, with bucket seats still showing healthy bolstering and no stains. The console plastics are in good shape with no obvious damage, as are the carpets. The automatic transmission is a shame, but we see a lot of these equipped with the slushbox.

Check out that cargo bay – near spotless, and perfect for a camping setup. The Rampage never caught on as a new vehicle segment, but I still think a short-body hauler like this makes perfect sense. However, the only way you’re going to experience small-pickup heaven is to buy a project like this, since the automakers have no interest in building a vehicle that makes this much sense. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Roger for the find.

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  1. Capriest

    Hyundai really needs to seize the carp and make something like this! The El Sonata, Sonchero, Rampata etc. This thing is awesome btw. I have always wanted one….with a 5 speed of course. Those wheels are steel btw. They were normally a lighter silver color or rusted.

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  2. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Someone will have to really want a Rampage to pay this amount. As pickup trucks go, FWD is not the optimal setup. Now, it it had a Shelby drivetrain swap, that could be fun.

    Many years ago I saw one in Toledo which looked totally tricked out. Crazy paint job, big rake with large tires on the rear, body mods, the works. I thought it was a super swap to RWD, but no. When it left the traffic light I detected the sound of the basic stock 4 cylinder, and I concluded that it was still FWD. Uh, accurately described as “All Show and No Go”

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  3. steve

    if this were closer and perhaps half the price, I’d be interested in it for a keeper at our cabin. It is extremely clean but as mentioned, a tad overpriced.

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  4. Beatnik Bedouin

    I’ve often thought it would be fun to bring one of these in to NZ to take my vintage scooters and small-bore bikes to shows, but it would need to have a 5-speed. At least I could buy spare parts for the Mitsubishi engine and driveline, locally.

    Hope this one finds a loving home…

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    • Sidney

      No Mitsu engine, these only came with a 2.2L Chrysler engine, if I recall correctly. These are not K Cars, they are from the French Chrysler Division, thats the platform. They came with 1.7 Volkswagen engines, later 2.2s, and for a short while, 1.6 French engines too, but the Mitsus were only in K Cars and minivans, and of course the rebadged Mitsu cars.. (at least in North America) I think the front end is the best looking of all the Omnis. I think Shelby made a mistake to put the old single set of headlamps on the GLHS in 1987.

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  5. Miguel

    Why would anybody want one of these with an automatic especially at that price?

    This is one vehicle that has to have a stick to make it less dangerous to drive.

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  6. stillrunners

    Yep…I’ve seen it fer sale for a loooong time….might think of dropping the price – not a real desirable truck….or should I say a truck not for everyone.

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  7. kelly g

    Im totally still kicking myself for passing on a Plymouth version of this vehicle (“Scamp”?). Manual trans, super clean…..1600.00 asked.

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