Shed Stored: 1975 Chevy Laguna S-3

This 1975 Chevrolet Laguna just popped up on craigslist, still stuck in the shed it was parked in many years ago. It appears to be an S-3 model, with the aero-style nose and louvers on the opera windows. The seller offers next to no information, but the car looks quite complete and still wears its factory graphics kit and rally-style wheels. Find it here on craigslist in North Carolina for $5,500.

The Laguna’s ties to NASCAR made it a favorite among enthusiasts, even if most of them weren’t necessarily high-horsepower muscle cars. Still, you could spec them out with the 454 which made over 200 b.h.p. With no pictures of the interior, it’s impossible to say whether it has the desirable Strato bucket seats, center console, or sport steering wheel, as all of this equipment became optional in ’74.

Up above, you can still see the S-3 emblem on the grill, so that confirms the trim level of this specific car. With no manual transmission offered, the standard drivetrain featured a Turbo Hydra-matic three speed automatic. Seeing this Laguna with the dirt and bird dung blown off of it might change perceptions, but as it sits, it’s hard to justify the asking price – if it’s packing a 454, it could be worth a closer look.


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  1. Chebby Staff

    Laguna from the lagoon.

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    • Superdessucke

      It’s a Lagoona, LOL!!

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  2. RoughDiamond

    I have always loved these car just for their looks. Now you can make anything go fast, but if this one had the optional 454 and it was mine I would leave it as is. However, when I think of what the inside of this car most likely smells like from sitting where it has, I quickly lose interest.

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  3. RoughDiamond

    I have always loved these car just for their looks. Nowadays you can make anything go fast, but if this one had the optional 454 and it was mine I would leave it as is. However, when I think of what the inside of this car most likely smells like from sitting where it has, I quickly lose interest. It appears to have sunk into the ground some and in the picture showing the rear of the car, what is that on the ground laying underneath it?

  4. MikeH

    Looking at the picture of front end, the passenger side fender/hood looks banged up, the hood front corner sticks up. Maybe reason no pics of passenger side?

  5. Steve R

    The H in the VIN decodes to a 350 2bbl. It’s not worth anywhere near the asking price as it sits. It might be worth taking a shot for $1,000-1,500 if there isn’t much rust and the interior is salvageable.

    Steve R

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    • RH

      Regardless of the engine, this is easily worth more than $1500.

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  6. Superdessucke

    People are very very loose with their wallets these days but $5,500 seems high to me for a 350 2-barrel. If it was an original 454, maybe.

    I realize one would probably modify it a little bit but remember guys, this had 145 horsepower from the factory. That wasn’t enough to move this heavy car around with much authority.

    Anyway. glad I’m not alone in the shock I felt looking at the price. Not saying it wouldn’t be a fun project but it would have to be at a much lower price point for me to be tempted.

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  7. Steve Bush Member

    Agree with the others that it seems to have potential as a nice project, pending proper inspection, at a somewhat lower price. But again, who knows, as the seller is too lazy to pull it out of the shed, wash it and take some decent pics or provide any decent info on it.

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    • Dex

      The little car flipping guy on Chasing Classic Cars seems to think this is a good idea and what people want. Good for TV, but little does he know.

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    • theGasHole

      I’ll never get that, either. Spend an afternoon washing, waxing, and cleaning it up. It’s not a barn find Packard which may carry some provenance being dusty and in an “as found” condition, but this is a 1975 Chevy….clean it up!

  8. Arthell64 Member

    I remember these being good driving cars. I like it.

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  9. Enesset

    Market has softened. I’ve had my 1975 S3 for sale for more than 60 days…..and it had a readers ad here as well.

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    • Carla Hernandez

      Price is everything…ask a market price and it’ll sell

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      • Tony Primo

        Market price is everything.

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    • Jack M.

      The sad truth is that most of the time you are going to get less money for a car than you put into it. Otherwise you will own it forever.

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  10. Mitch Ross Member

    Showing the car as found is great, but seller should clean and buff it to show its potential. 200hp? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I hear there are performance parts available for this rare engine

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    • Superdessucke

      Definitely a couple! Cam, headers, aluminum dual plane intake, 600 cfm 4-barrel, and true dual exhaust and you will practically double the horsepower. Now that ain’t saying much but it would make it at least quick.

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  11. Camaro guy

    I had a 76 S3 Laguna black/maroon bench seat interior 305 TH350 273 open rear gears i bought it for looks plus the off/on gas problems of the time made a few mods to it header’s,true dual exhaust, Edelbrock/Holley intake, had 8″ rally wheels on it, still only a 17 sec. car but it looked fast and would knock down 28+ mpg on the highway very comfortable highway cruiser. If i still had it would definitely have a more powerful drive train in it. You see very few of these around now so it would be fun to build a unique looking car out of it. Just my opinion though

  12. ACZ

    Would make a great parts car for my project, but not at that price.

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  13. TimM

    I’m sure it would be rather easy to get some go fast parts for the 454!! So it’s not numbers matching but they only made these a few years!!! It seems like a good starter project for someone but I would definitely want to see the car out of the weeds with some pics of the interior before I would condemn the $5000 price!! However from what can be seen it doesn’t look like it’s worthy of that price right now!!! If it’s rust free and the interior can be cleaned maybe!!!

    • Todd Tracht

      You were correct. I own this car now. I am in Ohio. it is in full restoration now. interior is very clean. The car had little rust dime size in the quarter. floor perfect. installed new gas tank. rebuilt carb. new bat. 62,000 miles started rite up . This car has had no one mess with it. that is rare in itself. Classic cars are to enjoy. its not all about the power plant. you can make alot of power with most any engine.

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