Shell Game: 1969 Porsche 911T

Porsche 911s have been hot, hot, and getting hotter over the last several years, but how far would you go to get in on the boom? This 911 is just a rolling shell, which might be the only way to get into the game with a four-figure price of entry—maybe, as bidding is currently at $6,499 with the reserve not yet met—but you’d be looking at tens of thousands of dollars more and likely many years before this car amounted to much. If you’re in the States, you’d also literally have to go pretty far, as this shell now sits near Antwerp, Belgium, despite having started its life in New Mexico. Find it here on eBay.

In 1969, Porsche moved the 911’s rear wheels back, lengthening the wheelbase by about 2.3 inches to improve the famously squirrelly high-speed behavior of the early cars. This is one such long wheelbase 911; that’s the good news for this car.

The list of bad news is somewhat longer: the sills require major rust repair (odd for a southwestern car—wonder how long ago it left New Mexico?), and the floors may or may not need replacing; there is no engine, transmission, or interior; and even if it did still have an engine, this car started life as a 911T, introduced in 1967 as the base-model 911 with a detuned, 110-horse version of the 2-liter flat six—not the most desirable version.

There are a few shots of assorted extra bits and pieces that will come with the car. I’d be most concerned about the absence of the original engine; Porsche buffs can be just as particular about matching numbers as the rest of us, even if the T motor wasn’t the hottest. Porsche purists might shudder, but perhaps this car is ripe for a restomod—an RS tribute car, Zelectric-style electrification, or a small-block V8 conversion. If you think the price for this shell could be right, what would you do with it?

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  1. Car Guy

    Sorry, but all I see is a parts car with some decent wheels…….

    • Joe Howell

      The wheels are Cookie Cutters, they are $200-250 all day long. These 911 people have gone as nuts as the 356 crowd.

  2. Mountainwoodie

    mm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,some parts with a shell attached

  3. grant

    Really? $6500 and the reserve not met? Good lord, this car is good for a few parts and the rest is scrap.

  4. Alan Brase

    Is it a real difficult concept that what is sells for is what it’s worth? These cars have been desirable since 1950. Just that now a few more people that think so have money. Personally, I would much rather have a Bugatti Type 57SC Gangloff or Atlantic or a Ferrari GTO, but that’s just me, I like older stuff.
    Really, the 1969 911T is a little scruffy, but it’s in Belgium and that puts more rich bidders nearby. Somebody already paid for the Wallenius Walsenheim part.
    Yes, an RS clone would be good. 2.4, 2.7 is fast enough for most anybody.

  5. waynard

    Just because the car has a New Mexico title doesn’t mean it originated in New Mexico. The amount of rust on this overall is suspicious. This could have come from anywhere as a flood damaged car. Plus, all those rattle can sprayed body panels make me wonder if this is pieced together from a bunch of other cars. $6500.(so far) is gracious. P car prices have been on the downswing in the last months and some auction pricing is showing as depressed.

  6. Thorsten Krüger

    Some people think, all others are stupid. I bid, that under the white (different to the body-white) of the doors is another colour. Lot of the part-summary is not from 69. Seller takes away the good parts and when available, he added his junk. …

    • grant


  7. Mike

    Good parts car to cut the roof of it and install the roof on a Karman Ghia!

  8. Doug Towsley

    Damn fine beginnings to yard art,, or better yet, Donor car for a Race car tribute. (Put darn near anything under it… wrecked modern BUG?)

    Im not a porsche guy but starting in 1971 I used to attend as many road race events as I could as a kid,, my Dad used to take me. Great fun. I would cheer on the Corvettes and others but I admit I have ALWAYS loved these Porsche variants such as this one pictured.

  9. Nutrunner

    Remember the aftermarket moonroof sins during the late 70ies/early 80ies?!
    Thats what this shell or the cut roof of it could be good for. But for over 6500$ id rather weld some sheet metal back in and buy an overpriced OEM headliner kit from Porsche Classic.:-)

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