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She’s Stout: 1964 Toyota

'64 Stout side

A report states that only four 1964 Toyota Stout pickups were imported to the US in ’64. The owner says that this is #144 of the trucks produced world-wide and was built in the 2nd month of production. Listed here on eBay and parked in Newbury Park, CA with a current bid, at the time of this writing, of $400.

'64 Stout engine

This truck, according to the owner, was registered and running a few years back. Is it one of the “ran when parked” fleet? It has not run for a couple of years.

'64 Stout dash

It appears that all the bits and parts are there. There is even a key in the ignition which is always a good sign.

'64 Stout under

The owner says that there is a decent amount of surface rust but no rot that he can see.

'64 Stout tag

The owner can not confirm if this truck was one of the 4 imported in 1964.

Stout pick up

The owner thinks that this would make a great father/son, or daughter (my add), project. If nothing else it might be worth to visit, with the owner’s permission of course, to see what other treasures maybe available. This truck will be sold with a Bill of Sale.  If you are interested, there is also a ’66 Stout on eBay with a BIN of $6,500.



  1. JW

    My question would be is it possible to even get parts for this vehicle???

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    • Wayne Thomas

      Restomod with an engine/mission swap.

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  2. DENIS

    a face that only a mother could love…. :-(

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  3. randy

    Very unique, Engine swap would be on my agenda with this one. He’s got a lot of cool stuff on ebay, old Honda’s etc.

    look at the stuff behind this bike

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  4. randy

    Nice Nova’s, a Corvair ragtop etc.

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  5. Todd Zuercher

    The truck in the link isn’t the one pictured.

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    • Robert Member

      Todd Zuercher,

      This is a two for one. The link at the top is the one featured and the bottom one, the white one, is just a bonus.

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  6. Rob

    Back in 64 thru 67 we had two of ’em in our construction business, damn good trucks, as they could carry loads far exceeding their 1/2 ton rating, and still drive ’em down the road without the front end coming up. Traded in our last one in 73 for a 3/4 ton Dodge. I remember when I bought the 1st one, the service mgr said they were built on a modified land cruiser chassis, explained a lot. We’d of bought more of ’em to expand our fleet, but they’d quit importing ’em in 68, as in my opinion, they were too ‘Stout’, and their mini-truck replacements, were just that, mini, and couldn’t hold the weight.

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  7. Bobsmyuncle

    You’ve got me confused. Not only do I only see one truck I see no mention of a second one.

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    • Robert Member


      The last sentence: “If you are interested, there is also a ’66 Stout on eBay with a BIN of $6,500.”
      Read more at http://barnfinds.com/shes-stout-1964-toyota/#GyZqhGESZX6lRQ9t.99
      There is a link to the 2nd truck in that sentence.

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      • Bobsmyuncle

        Oh I misunderstood the “two for one” comment. I thought the auction was for two.

        Thanks for the clarification!

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  8. HoA Howard A Member

    Never heard of it. Pretty cool truck. I think it would be easier to measure a modern pickup, and put the front clip, cab and box on the modern frame. So many vehicles we rarely, if ever, saw in the states.

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  9. Paul B

    I recall seeing a very few of these when I was a teenager. It is good to hear they are indeed stout as Stout, as Rob says. Why an engine or transmission swap when anything you put in will only be worse than the strong Toyota mechanicals?

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  10. AlphaRoaming

    No pics of the bed or tailgate…

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  11. Chris

    These were a common sight in 1960s New Guinea. The seats were done in cheap black vinyl ( just what you needed in the tropics) which wasn’t durable. The plastic
    hubcaps too. When Dad used one for any long trips he’d always throw some boxes of nails in the bed to tame the rear end on the dirt roads.
    Anyway, here’s my sister & I in one, 50 years ago.

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    • randy

      What a great pic! That forest sure looks thick.

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  12. Mike Young

    3R engine is Stout. Same used in Corona til ’69. Tough truck but lacked legroom like all in early versions. They didn’t understand that some people have longer legs. Sold my last one years ago to a guy who was about 5’2″…. He was happy.

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