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Shipping Day Is Hard To Do!


We said goodbye to two members of the Barn Finds fleet this week. First, the Duster on Tuesday and then the Miata yesterday. It’s always hard to send off cars we have hunted for, acquired, and enjoyed, but each farewell was markedly different this time around. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as hard to let go of the Duster as it was the Miata. That may sound strange since the Plymouth was probably the nicest classic car to ever enter our garage while the Mazda was just a beat up car that could be found in just about any town across America.


It was intriguing to admire the Duster’s survivor status, but I never really bonded with it. I can see why wealthy collectors enjoy buying and selling perfect-condition collector cars, but honestly it can’t be very satisfying over the long term. I had a little taste of that world and yet, I think the challenge of keeping an old beater running can be just as enjoyable as collecting the high end stuff. It’s not that I think purchasing an automobile as an investment is wrong, but personally, I would rather be out driving my collection then polishing it.


And that was the big difference here – while the Duster sat appreciating in a storage unit, I drove the Miata every single day! It wasn’t powerful or rare and it certainly didn’t impress anyone, but every grocery run was a lap around Le Mans! I actually looked for excuses to take it out and whale on it. The accommodations were cramped and noisy, but with a slick gearshift under your right hand and a responsive steering wheel in your left, every curve became an adventure. Traffic jams were just pitstops and the long way home became the prefered route. So, farewell old friend!


  1. jim s

    i hope the new owners of both cars will keep us updated.

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  2. Jeff Lavery Staff

    Jesse, I feel the same way. I sold a BMW 330i ZHP a few years ago, after owning it for maybe 9 months. I just felt zero connection with the car – the new owner drove it from RI to San Diego and it didn’t bother me one bit. Same deal with the Civic Si I sold to buy the ZHP. The Subaru Legacy before both of them – an extremely ordinary car but my winter beast for several years – I still feel bad about. I’ve emailed the person who bought it several times saying I’d buy it back, but I’ve yet to hear from him.

    Now I just need my transporter to show up with the new project!

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  3. TuckerTorpedo

    Hate to say it Uncle Jesse, but I liked the Duster a helluva lot more than the yellow Volvo wagon that replaced it.

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