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Short Wheelbase 360: 1977 Dodge B200 Van

This 1977 Dodge B200 van is the right mix of period cool and factory equipment, featuring the preferred short-wheelbase design with the more powerful 360 engine. The look is just right, and really all it needs to be perfect is to have the interior properly updated with carpeting, love seats, and a minibar. Even without that, this Dodge will likely get thumbs up wherever it goes while offering plenty of hauling capabilities, whether you’re packing people or gear. The exterior has been repainted once and the engine is recently rebuilt. Find it here on eBay with bids to over $9,000 and the reserve unmet.

The interior retains its standard configuration (or at least a conventional configuration – it may have been purely a cargo van at one point in time.) The center bench is right there when you pop open the side-access barn doors, and given the upholstery doesn’t quite match, it’s possible someone swapped that middle row in at some point. There is carpeting, at least, but it’s fairly conservative by 1970s standards. The windows don’t have curtains but rather some custom inserts that do a good job of maintaining privacy but look somewhat inconvenient for everyday use; perhaps a vanning expert could tell us how these trim panels work.

The 360 is the matching numbers engine and was recently rebuilt. It’s paired to a 727 automatic transmission, and the seller notes a new torque convertor and fuel pressure requlator among presumably a host of other replacement components. The engine sits between driver and passenger and is accessible via a removable cover inside the truck. The seller claims it’s a very healthy engine and runs out quite well, no doubt helped by an Edelbrock Performer intake and 1406 carb with electronic choke. The Dodge is also equipped with new Patriot Chrome side pipes with an “H” pipe cross-over.

The driver and front passenger area are in beautiful condition, covered in colors that are all slightly different yet pleasingly complimentary. The dash is the original pad and said to be in great shape. Air conditioning equipment is all there, but doesn’t work at present. Overall, despite some period touches, this B200 doesn’t appear to have ever been “overly” customized and could either be used as-is (and it makes a great noise, so just using it for cruising would be a pleasure) or it can be taken to the next level to become the ultimate van-life specimen. Either way, the short wheelbase and 360 are the must-haves. How would you use it?


  1. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    I’m sorry, Jeff, but unless the “windows” are disguised as steel panels, I’m sure that those are just nice padded panel covers! The two rear windows have the cool louvers, however. This is a sharp van, but it seems a little claustrophobic for passengers. Also, the apparent lack of A/C would make me wonder about ventilation/comfort. GLWTA!! :-)

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    • Avatar photo Rosco

      I think the padded covers in the place where windows would be is a nice touch. Good insulation and better than looking at the bare metal. As for A/C, who needs it when you can just open the wing windows and the rear windows for all the ventilation you’ll ever need!

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  2. Avatar photo Mitchell Gildea Member

    The Magnum 500s kinda look outta place imo. A set of slotted wheels or turbine-style wheels would look better. And watch those side pipes when exiting; otherwise it’ll be “big burn, skin missing!”

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  3. Avatar photo Stephen Miklos

    This van is great looking. I would not mine having this. I remember back at the Chrysler dealer our parts van was a 76 B200 short with 318/727 and 4:10 gears. Why 4:10s? That’s the way it came. Also you can order a 440 in this setup. Wild ride… So I had fun in that van…deliver parts or doing annual return back to the parts facility. If you put in 1 gear and play with the gas pedal the front wheels would come off the ground. 😂Fun times back then. 😄

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  4. Avatar photo Mark

    Might think I’m crazy, but if I had the space, I would be hoarding nice Astros and Safaris and the parts because the day of the shorter wheelbase square van is gone. I’m on my 4th which I got from the original owner and I’m holding onto it. It won’t be too long into the future when the kids who grew up riding in these are going to be seeking them out
    All 3 of my grown sons talk a out buying one.

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  5. Avatar photo Jim C

    What’s with the piece of carpeting covering the hole where the radio goes?

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  6. Avatar photo DON

    Very hard to find a good van these days ; so many were used up for what they were intended for – hard work . This one looks really clean ; the aluminium grille is out of an older model , but I’m sure finding the correct plastic grille for one of these is near impossible.

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  7. Avatar photo Robert

    I to had a 1977 b200 that had the 318cui and 727 trans it ran good and on the interior it was only equipt with front seats , the back was not even like this one with the panels that look to be covering windows in a cargo van . The side of mine was a complete wall (sideing no cut out for panels or windows) and it actually had the round moon windows on the back upper corner panels like alot of the Fords did back in the early 70s late 60s . Either way the Dodge and the Fords in this era really were the nicest in my opinion Most people were on the search for the Fords at those days. Personally i believed the Dodge was the way to go for dependability. Makes me want to get another one remembering the old days.

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  8. Avatar photo Richard Martin Member

    I had a 1975 B-100 shorty with 225 6-cyl, OK but 318 would be better. My opinion, a 360 in a shorty is over kill.

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    • Avatar photo Joe Fair

      That’s why I would build a 440 for it.

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  9. Avatar photo chrlsful

    “…the preferred short-wheelbase…”
    not 4 me.
    Also like others, remove the window panels or better yet, leave them, pull all seats but driver’s & make a knock down camper. This way U can use it to haul-for-hire or what you need.

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  10. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    Didn’t meet Reserve at a final bid of $10,100.

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