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Stock Shortbed: 1987 Chevrolet C10 Pickup

I recently returned from a trip to the great Pacific Northwest, specifically the Oregon coast and areas between there and Portland. I’m amazed at the wide variety of survivor-grade cars and trucks still wandering the streets there, used for daily transport to work and play. In general, the West Coast manages to hold onto survivors like this 1987 Chevy C10 pickup better than anywhere else, all while still using these vehicles for daily chores. Find this nicely aged shortbed here on eBay with an $8,500 asking price and the option to submit an offer.

See, trucks like this would be used only for fair-weather driving where I live, due to the likelihood of being consumed by heavily-salted roads or constant exposure to soggy conditions for weeks on end as snow falls and melts and the cycle repeats. This C10 is the preferred shorter-bed design, but it’s not the more tasty factory hot rod, as the 4.3L V6 is what you’ll find under the hood. It is rear-wheel drive, so that helps offset the more mundane powerplant.

The Chevy remains in decent condition overall, though the paint is tired in several places. The interior cleans up well, and the seller has sourced a replacement bench seat which looks excellent. A dash pad is hopefully protecting a crack-free dash underneath, and the door panels look clean and free of holes from aftermarket speakers. The seller claims there’s just 78,000 original miles on the C10, and it shows in the cabin. (Editor’s note: if you’re looking for a new project, we have the trucks from the large Georgia collection viewable here). 

I don’t mean to knock the six-cylinder models, but we’ve featured short-bed examples with the eight-cylinder mill and that just strikes me as the way to go if you’re hunting for a C10. The seller notes the truck holds potential to be modified a few different ways, and I like the safe (but boring) path of a lowered suspension, fatter wheels that mimic the factory style, and really, nothing else. With a near-mint interior and a cheap engine to maintain under the hood, this one should be easy – and cheap – to live with.


  1. TimM

    Nice clean basic truck!

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  2. Howard A Member

    To quote an old Beatle song( although, I don’t mean to upstage Scotty) “It’s gettin’ better all the time”,,$8,500,,while the author is sworn to the presentation, I hopefully can say, they’re a little off on the price. I’ve found, as many like a long box as do those who like short boxes, so no real attraction there, V6,( meh) A/C disconnected, nothing worth $8,500 dollars, a “Gentleman Jim”, it’s not. If these ARE the prices for square bodies, theoretically, I should get $5g’s for my very slightly rusted ’77 High Sierra,( that I paid $1,400 for),,not gonna happen folks. Seriously, has anyone paid this kind of money for a basic truck like this? Please let me know as mine would be on the block tomorrow.

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    • Steve R

      Around here, the money is chasing short bed fleet sides. Many of the guys with long beds will say they wanted a short bed but they either could find one or didn’t want to spend the money. The 68-72’s are the most sought after, followed by the 73 and up. This is a bit too new and has the wrong engine for California, unless the buyer were planning on an LS swap, but then the asking price gets in the way. Personally, for the asking price, I’d wait until I found one with more options, such as bigger engine, power windows and door locks or one in nicer condition.

      Steve R

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    • Doug in FL

      What year did the throttle body injection start?

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      • Doug in FL

        Just looked it up. This is the first year for the truck TBI. This is the last year for the C10 body. I see an engine swap in this truck’s future.

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      • John S


    • VAR2018

      If long beds were as popular, aftermarket companies wouldn’t be offering short box conversion kits. Looks like this one sold for $6500.

  3. StevenR Member

    Hey , I paid $10,400 for my ‘82. Has 4 wheel drive / air and has only 90k miles. Just a basic farm truck. I recently restored it with original 2 tone paint along with updated inside the cab. It is a basic Custom Deluxe model. Paid this price new in ‘82. Value today to me.

  4. Chevy Guy

    hey, I live in portland!

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  5. TJ

    He is a dreamer, but there’s nothing illegal about that. Nice 3-$4000 truck on a good day. I’m in Salem just south of there, and for that price you can get a nice optioned truck for just a little more. You can’t fault him for trying for an overseas or ignorant buyer, but when you see nice V-8 trucks for 5-8000, why would you buy a strippo for $8500?

    • VAR2018

      $6500… Must be a great day

  6. Jack Hammer

    I’d buy this before I’d buy that clown car jeep.;-)

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  7. skorzeny

    Jeff, you lower cars and lift trucks. Just sayin.

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  8. Miguel

    Holy crap, $8500 for a beat up old truck?

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  9. NotSure

    This price seems optimistic but you can always go down… A few weeks ago I was lusting after an ‘86 c-10 stepside with a 6 and a four-on-the-floor. About 75k miles and the guy was asking $4000 up in Arkansas. The listing was pulled after 3 weeks but would be a nice one to have.

  10. Ted

    This truck will sell for the ask, just watch. I’d be willing to go $5500CDN on this but we all know if I offered that I’d be in the emergency waiting room with an ice pack on my naughty bits not long after.

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  11. Doug

    I can find 2wd V8 Squarebody longbed trucks in similar or better condition for less money in Northern Nevada on a pretty regular basis…..If it was a V8, he might get the ask…..4wd & shortbed V8 could fetch a bit more than the $8500 ask price if the A/C works. Shoulda had a V8 !

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