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Showroom 3.0S: 1978 Ford Capri MK III

This Mark III Ford Capri is perhaps the most desirable spec out there, as it’s a S package car fitted with the manual transmission and larger 3.0L Essex V6. Even better is how unbelievably well preserved it remains, helped by its time capsule-grade mileage of just 25,756. If you’re looking for the best MK III you can buy, it may be worth importing one like this. Find it here on Facebook Marketplace or the selling dealer’s website for £38,995.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader The Desert Polar Bear for the find. Given how many Capris of this era were abused by boy racers or flat-out stolen back in the day makes finding one in this sort of condition unrepeatable. Especially in Europe, these fast Fords have a hugely loyal following. I don’t know if they’re loyal enough to drop this kind of money, though.

The seller notes that the Capri comes with extensive documentation from new, and retains its original dealer registration plates. Original ignition keys are included as well, and the interior is said to be in phenomenal condition. The upholstery pattern is quite eye-catching and very much in the style of the period. A spare set of Recaro “fishnet” seats are included.

I feel like any car with bucket seats in the back is generally a hot ticket, and the Capri 3.0S is certainly a prime example of this. With the ever-present love for fast Fords of European origin like the Sierra Cosworth and the Escort XR4Ti, I actually think this is worth every penny of the asking price for someone who wants the best. Anyone agree?


  1. Sheffieldcortinacentre

    Escort XR3i & RS turbo of the 80’s I presume you mean.

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  2. Dave

    It’s a beauty

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  3. Billy1

    For that type of money it would have to be LHD.

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    • PatrickM

      I’m not gonna pay import tarriffs AND change to LHD. Great looking car, but, just not for me.

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  4. Todd Fitch Staff

    Flashback! Thanks, Jeff. My first car was a ’73 Capri 2.8, 4sp. I lacked the knowledge and skills to appreciate it at the time, but the night before I was selling it I took it out and thrashed it and only then realized its power band was up high, just before you shift. I never paid any attention to redline, and simply “shifted by ear,” giving up a bunch of horsepower. One time on a road trip I was following a friend who decided to go 100+ in his parents’ full-size Buick wagon, and that’s when I realized that (unlike the Buick) the German-built Capri was happy to travel at autobahn speeds indefinitely. This one is sweet. I hope it goes to a good home where it’s babied no more than 95% of the time.

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    • David Ulrey

      I think a lot of people didn’t realize that the 2.8 comes to life at higher RPMs and why people didn’t care for them overall. I never knew that on my first vehicle with the 2.8 Cologne and thought it was kind of a dog. The second one I had, had 4.10s in the rear and an overdrive. That’s when I realized they weren’t a dog at all. :)

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    • Tricky

      Yep, the Cologne 2.8 was the much better engine!!

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  5. Craig

    I’m drooling

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  6. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking car! I remember this generation Ford Capri. Here in the USA, it was sold as the “Mercury” Capri. For some reason, it wasn’t on the market for very long. I think it would’ve been perfect for those who liked the Mustang II, but wanted something European. It’s nice to see one that hasn’t been wrecked, or heavily modified, and my favourite, a British model, with the steering wheel on the RHD side of the car.

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    • ICEMAN from Winnipeg

      The currency difference between the American Dollar and the German Mark meant Ford would have to drastically increase the price of the Capri, which would of course kill sales. That is why the Capri became a Fox body Mustang clone in 1979. Earlier in the 1970s, when the German Mark value was lower, the Capri sold quite well in both Canada and the USA.

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      • Car Nut Tacoma

        It’s damned insane how the currency difference between the US dollar and the Euro currency seem to affect how a car is marketed.

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  7. Ian

    The price is high – and a dealer – but the other stock could be seen to reflect where is 3 litre is going . I have an identical one but a 2.0s and with that 4 pot still get a great drive and don’t use the radio very much

    Given the milage and condition of this 3 litre version it’s not too bad a price

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  8. Tim

    Not sure about the assertion that it is the ‘most desirable‘ spec? The Brooklands and Tickford models were definitely more desirable. However, the 3.0L is a great car and as an S spec has some of the nice additions. Looks to be in nice condition, but I’d definitely want to see undercarriage shots and detailed shots of wing/fender areas, especially the rear wheel arch where they rot like there’s no tomorrow.

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  9. Tricky

    Most desirable would be the Tickford, then the Turbo, then the Brooklands I would imagine,.

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