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Siamese Oddball in Ohio

Siamese Oddball

Everyday our inbox is filled with interesting finds you guys have come across. Some are interesting because of the car’s story or its rarity, while others are interesting simply because of how odd they are. Well, I think the find you see above has to be one of the more interesting ones I have ever seen. While traveling through Ohio, Heidi and Gary W spotted this oddball alongside the road outside of Newark, Ohio. They hadn’t ever seen anything like it before and thought it might be something everyone here would enjoy seeing. After the initial shock and laughter had subsided, I inspected it more closely and I have to say, the craftsmanship that went into creating this two headed curiosity is actually quite impressive. I just want to thank Gary and Heidi for sharing this with us!

Siamese Oddball Interior

While I was looking at it more closely, I was able to identify it as a late ’40s Ford Coupe. It had to be considerable work cutting both cars precisely enough to get the seam to line up so closely. It would definitely be interesting to take a closer look at this creation to see how it was built. If I had to guess, I would assume the builder joined two bodies and simply placed them on one of the car’s chassis with minimal modifications. If it was done properly, there’s no reason why this type of creation couldn’t be driven.

With a little investigation work, I was able to find it’s current location on Google Maps. As you can see, it is located at a used car dealership, so with any luck the seller can provide more information and history. Is there anyone in the Newark area that can go take a look at it for us?

Siamese Ford

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  1. Graham Line

    All the crops were in, and I was showing Bill’s kid how to weld. Nice piece of work.

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  2. L.K.

    By the looks of it , it’s creator & it have parted company a long time ago . Sure needs to be rescued…..

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  3. stanleystalvey

    This would drive the cops Kra%Zy trying to figure out if they can ticket you for parking on the wrong side of the street.! Hahaha…

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  4. Rick

    The was a similarly configured 46-48 Dodge or Plymouth business coupe that I used to see parked on the lo of a car rental agency in downtown Victoria, BC in the early 70s, (think it was even painted in their livery) pretty sure it was drivable. Anyhow, the business coupe design of that vintage Mopar really lent itself well to that kind of modification (i.e. cutting of the rear clip and welding on another front clip in its place. Always wondered what happened to that car, was in pretty good shape at the time. Makes me think of all the ’55-57 Chevy shorty wagons I’ve seen over the years, and that still pop up on Craigslist every once in awhile. Back about ’76, a good buddy of mine had a ’57 shorty w/ a 427 4 speed, man was that thing squirrely

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    • kman

      The car is still here in Victoria and drives in the May day parade every year, Yup, it does go both ways.

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  5. Chris H.

    Looks like a car from Grease.

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  6. Dickie F

    ………………. the older I get, sometimes I just cannot figure out whether I’m coming or going ….

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  7. Wayne

    Wow, someone put some real work and creativity into this fun little piece of iron. Looking forward to the back story! Whoever it was had some serious building skills!

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  8. jim s

    for all the hard work/money/care that went into building this it sure is not being shown any love/respect today. very sad. but still a great find and maybe posting it on BF will result in the car having a new forever owner. one can hope. thanks for sharing

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  9. sunbeamdon

    rac siht tnaw i!

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  10. Brian

    Hemming’s Classic Car had a photo of ’57 Ford with a double front end in their last issue- makes me wonder if both were built by the same maker?

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  11. Fred

    Looks far more able to be rescued than half the cars on Barn Finds. Hope someone gets it and brings it back!
    If you did this with a front wheel drive car, you could literally get in and drive in either direction!

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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Yes, I watched Red Green do that with a couple of K-cars and a load of duct tape.

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      • jim s

        yes he did, i wonder what happened to those cars.

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  12. Pablo

    Google a CD by Skid Roper called Lydias Cafe. I was sure the car on the cover photo was going to be this vehicle-but when I compared them they are similar but not the same.

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  13. Randy

    What is the green car behind the trucks?

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  14. Rene

    With this car there really is, no telling wheter, it is comming or going.

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  15. geomechs geomechs Member

    I saw a couple of Chrysler products siamesed together years ago. Recently, when travelling through Rawlins, WY, I saw a couple of ’57 Cadillacs stuck together. Obviously the idea isn’t new or unique. I have to admit that when I first looked at this car, all I could think about was some parts I needed for my ’42 Ford and how this car would be a great parts car.

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  16. joe meyer

    I know that car. It has been sitting there on that lot for over 30 years. I used to pass it every day while traveling to work in columbus. If I remember correctly he had an early desoto that he had done the same thing to.
    It was a garage, car lot, body shop,country store,gas station and if I remember it was closer to Circleville then Newark.
    I am living in the country of Panama now, but I am still working on barn finds.
    Working on an all original 69 Mach1 390 C6 Shaker hood. 3.00 traction lock. Air condition 8 track, tinted green windows,sport mirrors,wheel well trim,rear louvers, magnum rims ,power brakes,power steering,Grabber green,black and gold stripe,console,Deluxe interior,fold down rear. This car has been in Panama its entire life. Matching #. Buck plates all tags. Should be painted very soon

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    • stanleystalvey

      The Mach 1 sounds very exciting, Joe. I hope we can see your pictures when the paint is done. Green is my favorite color for the Mustangs of that year..

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  17. ConservativesDefeated

    Out here on the Left Coast there used to be a couple of wild musicians named Mojo Nixon…he of “Debbie Gibson Had My Two Headed Love Child” and Skid Roper, his former side kick and a great musician in his own right.

    Many moons ago there sat a two headed ’48 Pontiac maybe in front of a Mexican restaurant in Imperial Beach, California.

    Skid Roper has it on the cover of one of his best albums……here


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    • geomechs geomechs Member

      I sure do remember that album. Thanks for posting. The video game, ‘Redneck Rampage’ had some of Mojo’s tunes on its soundtrack.

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  18. Fabien de Valroger

    Hi there,
    a quick comment to tell you that this project really looks like our “Two headed 2cv” named “bicephale” we have in France.
    Our car is a fire brigade prototype created to avoid U turn in the south of France forests during the 60’s.
    Please have a look at our facebook page:

    A replicat of the bicephale can be seen in Nashville Lane motor Museum

    regards Fabien

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That Citroen is awesome Fabien! The history of how it came to be is very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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  19. Dannobal


    Where is this? I’ll go look!

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  20. Cameron Bater UK

    How would one open the doors?are we talking vertical hinges like a kitchen cupboard, Lambo scissor cuts or just normal hinges?

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  21. KLH

    The car isn’t in Newark, it’s actually in the small town of Vanatta on SR13 just north of Newark. It’s on the west side of the road.

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