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Sid’s Sighting: 1974 Ford Country Squire LTD

From Sid C – I recently stopped in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho for gas and up rolled this beauty. I said, “WOW, look at that”! My wife responded with, “Yuck”! I visited with Jeff, the owner and he told me a bit of the history. This 1974 Ford Country Squire LTD was purchased new by his mother-in-law. After being retiring as a daily driver, Jeff and his wife had it repainted and NOS side “wood” replaced.

The 460 V8 engine is still going strong with 168,000 miles. The interior is still in great shape.

Note the killer trailer hitch that hooked to a horse trailer. As was common back in the day most folks didn’t have a pickup truck so their daily driver had to serve a lot of purposes.

Jeff also mentioned that the third-row seating could be ordered three ways; facing forward, facing rear or as this one is equipped two seats facing together.

RIP all the old wagons that went to the demolition derby or compactor. This is the reason these monsters are in the graveyard. $60 worth of premium gas lasts Jeff about four days!


  1. Peter

    Sweet car – still remember my parents 77 Country Squire. 8 mpg…. ours had the vinyl bench seats and the side seats hidden in the back. Nothing like the memory of extremely hot vinyl in the summer – ouch!

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  2. Jonathan

    Love it.

    My parents had a ’76 CS with the same exterior color/trim package, but it only had the 400. We had it from about 1985 to 1990 and during those years it pulled a 28 foot then a 32 foot Airstream trailer to Chicago, MI UP and all of central US east coast from northern lower MI over that time.

    It was replaced by a 1985 Ford CS wagon, which we had till 1994 when it was replaced with a 1992 Caprice wagon.

    I, personally, have had three wagons so far – 1992 Subaru Loyale (4sp manual 4×4), 1999 Escort (4sp manual) and a 2000 Ford Taurus.

    Right now my wife and I have two Chrysler minivans – 2008 & 2016, which are a good substitute…for now.

    I love wagons.

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  3. John

    Nice car, I’m not sure about three choices in the way back seats, by 74 I’m quite certain Ford only offered the dual-facing rear seat option. That hitch definitely comes from the day before everybody was so liability conscious when welding shop would fabricate and install whatever hitch you needed. It looks to have served its purpose but I’m thinking many shins have been bruised on that one and a great variety of expletives uttered. LOL

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  4. Bob C.

    Those 460s were one tough engine, even when strangled by emissions. Must get in the single digits.

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  5. Rob S

    Soo cool! Love it! First time i saw 80 MPH was behind the wheel of or family’s 77 LTD wagon, green of course! Just got my license and had to go out to the back roads and open ‘er up!! LOL! wonder I didn’t kill myself or scratch the car…..

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  6. David G

    The rear jump seats are only available in one configuration, facing each other. Owner of the car doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about regarding those. Beautiful car, though. Nice to see it lovingly cared for.

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  7. gary englert

    is that buick gsx still sitting around

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  8. Stevieg

    Who would have thought this car would be found next to a gas pump lol?
    Very neat old wagon. I would love to have it, like oh so many other vehicles. No wonder I am no longer married lol.

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    • Steve1957

      Once in the early 90s, I had four beautiful 1968 Impala coupes, and one convertible. My ex said to me “I think you love those cars more than you love me.”

      Turned out she was right.

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  9. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking car! I remember when these cars were on the market. They’ve pretty much disappeared from the market in favour of the SUV and crossover vehicles.

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  10. Matnlori

    I would love to know if it ever comes up for sale!!! Just like the one I grew up with!!!

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  11. Steve1957

    My mom bought a new 1969 Country Squire with a 429 engine and an automatic just before my dad got back from Vietnam. She paid $4K cash for it. The salesman told her he’d never sold one for so little. It was robin’s egg blue with the wood grain vinyl sides, and I thought it was the most Buck Rodgers beautiful thing I’d ever laid eyes on. The car that followed it was a 70 ranch wagon with hefty power too. Loved those cars.

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