Silver Anniversary! 1978 Corvette L82 4-Speed

Not everyone gets excited about the C3 Corvettes from the mid ’70s to early ’80s, but check out this 1978 Chevrolet Corvette in Buckhead, Georgia! The Silver Anniversary package, RPO B2Z, included the first two-tone paint job to grace a Corvette since 1961. The hot L82 engine made 220 HP from its 350 cubic inches (5.7 L) compared to the base 350’s 180, and this car’s four-speed manual only adds to the fun. The listing here on eBay offers a Buy It Now option for $8500, or make an offer that suits your interest level.

The gracefully curved rear glass hatch began with this ’78 model, adding some cargo room compared with the early C3’s more upright rear window and sail panels. It also recalls the C2 Corvettes, a retro addition for the anniversary year.

Original leather seats and power windows on top of the Silver Anniversary package make this one well-equipped coupe. The B2Z package obligated dual sport mirrors as well. Thanks to for some details.

The original engine and transmission adds value, and the seller of any “one-owner” car should be able to answer all your questions about its background. The dual-snorkel air cleaner is part of the L82 upgrade, which also adds a hotter camshaft, larger valves, special pistons, forged crank with four-bolt main caps, and these nifty finned aluminum valve covers. Though driving and stopping is not mentioned, this engine runs!

This unmolested car even has its original radio! Another interesting note:  the car began its life in New England and later gained dealer-installed Air-Conditioning. The seller describes it as an “AC Delete” car, but I couldn’t find any evidence that AC was standard equipment on either the base or Silver Anniversary cars.  All in all, as C3 Corvettes of this era go, you could do much worse! What’s your favorite C3 Corvette?


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  1. Jack M.

    Double that $8,500 purchase price to get this car anywhere near respectable looking. You may just as well buy one of the low mileage Silver Anniversary Corvettes that are popping up everyday like dandelions and you will save yourself a ton on money and aggravation.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      And you will still have a car worth $8500 now and forever. There is ZERO market for these cars and a rapidly dwindling audience. Get real folks. I have owned Corvettes for over 40 years. I have a little knowledge of the market.

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    • Rod444

      I was going to comment on the torque of the L82 til I found this contrary data on the base engine 185 hp engine with MORE torque? What’s up with that?

      Standard Engine (350 cubic inch)185 hp @ 4,000 RPM; 
      Torque: 280 lb-ft @ 2,400 RPM

      RPO L82 (350 cubic inch)210 hp @ 5,200 RPM; 
      Torque: 260 lb-ft. @ 3,600 RPM


  2. Jerry Magraw

    There are a lot of these out there in fabulous condition people bought the 25th anniversary cars with the idea that they would be rare and valuable. Since everyone had the same idea, there are a lot of them around

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  3. grant

    Seems high for a roached New England C3.

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    • Rod444

      I was going to comment on the torque of the 220 hp L82 til I found this contrary data on the base 185 hp engine with MORE torque? What’s up with that?

      Standard Engine (350 cubic inch)185 hp @ 4,000 RPM; 
      Torque: 280 lb-ft @ 2,400 RPM

      RPO L82 (350 cubic inch)210 hp @ 5,200 RPM; 
      Torque: 260 lb-ft. @ 3,600 RPM


  4. Patrick S Newport Pagnell Staff
    • moosie moosie

      Seller on that craigslist one is a person of few words, nice car though.

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  5. Frank Sumatra

    I can’t believe people still have copies of The Crazy Eddie Price Guide. $850.00 would be more in line for this fibreglass disaster- If that included delivery.

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  6. Dennis

    This car is a black hole! Not worth the
    Dollars or time!

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  7. John

    I don’t think I’d buy a car from a person who abused it to its current state or who bought a car that had been abused to its current state. That car is not worn out, its trashed. Sad

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  8. gbvette62

    That the poor car is beat to death. He claims it’s been sitting under a cover, but I see a lot to make me believe it’s been out in the weather (I’ve never seen a rusted trim tag before….they’re stainless). Forgetting the fact that the car’s way overpriced, I’d be real worried about what kind of shape the a-pillars, rockers, frame, etc, are in.

    The car may run, but I’m guessing it doesn’t need keys to do it. The column’s busted up, the ignition key cylinder’s laying in the ashtray, and the glove box lock is gone, leading me to believe the keys have been lost?

    The seller sure doesn’t have any trouble throwing the BS around either. To start with, how does he call the condition of that car “unmolested”? AC couldn’t be deleted, it was still an option in 78. A 4 speed was available with the L-82 in 79. For 1980, the L-82 was only available with an automatic, but GM didn’t “Send You a Rejection Letter”. The order would never get that far, because the ordering system wouldn’t accept the order. He can estimate that there were less than 1000 Silver Anniversary 4 speed, L-82’s, but since GM has no records, it’s just an estimate.

    And his $8,500 price is “FIRM”!

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    • Steven Vilardi

      Good observations! I’ve had a 77 L48 for over 20 years it was all beat up when I got it but not as bad as the one in this article. It is a vette. A rough background has to be expected but I do have a cousin in California that has had a silver anniversary under a cover in his garage since the California earthquake in 85??? I think it is an automatic.

  9. bobhess bobhess Member

    I’m with Grant.

  10. Arthell64 Member

    It would cost more to restore this corvette than you can buy a nice original car. Paint and interior work is expensive. The buyer will be what is called “in a pickle” pretty quickly

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  11. Arthur

    Arthell64 wrote: “It would cost more to restore this corvette than you can buy a nice original car.”

    If so, then this would make a good project for a shop like West Coast Customs to tackle, especially if they could give it the Pro-Touring treatment. Perhaps an Art Morrison chassis with their Multi-Link IRS and an LS9 from the ZR1 could be used?

    • Frank Sumatra

      Why bother? Just buy the ZR-1.

      • Rosco

        A lot of people like the C3 body style which never came with the ZR1 engine. Not this particular one, but the C3 Corvettes look good, there are tons of them around, and they are great driving. Believe it or not, nice examples are also appreciating in value!

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  12. terry house

    I read the ebay listing to my tomato garden and saved $50 on fertilizer.

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  13. Don Page

    Here’s the official specs for the 78 Corvette from the Corvette Museum.

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    My old 78 was not a Aniv ,it was beige but a l82 4spd. Sold it about 5 years ago for 3k.I had a 85 & 90 at the same time I sold for 3k. I just wanted them GONE ! Held off for a few years & bought a 93 Ruby 40Th Aniv LT1 6spd Roadster.Thats the 8th Vette Iv owned so far.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      All 1978’s were 25th Anniversary Corvettes. Said so on the front emblem. Pace car and Two-tone silver were options.

  15. Dave

    Good parts car!

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