Silver Anniversary Edition: 1989 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

I won’t lie, this photo immediately caught my attention! What could be hiding under that car cover? Well, it turned out to be a 17k mile Porsche 911 Cabriolet. Being a 1989 model, it also happens to be a Silver Anniversary Edition car, but more on that later. The seller claims this low mileage survivor is a one previous owner car that has been stored in California since 1991. Given the mileage I don’t doubt it. You can take a closer look at it here on eBay in Boulder City, Nevada with a BIN of, wait for it, $125,000!

Before we go any further, I’m going to level with you, I think their asking price is insane! Don’t get me wrong air cooled 911s are big dollar cars these days, especially low mileage survivors, but unless this is a 930 Turbo there is no way it’s worth nearly double what blue book values a perfect car at. The seller’s lack of information and small photos certainly doesn’t help the situation either.

Being an Anniversary Edition Cabriolet might had some value to the car, as they only built 200 of these cars to celebrate the 911’s 25th. And of those 200 drop tops, only 25 were painted in black satin metallic. I’m still having a difficult time believing it would add that much value over a standard Cabriolet though. If the seller had already given it a complete detail, sorted the brakes and tuned up the engine, then I could see it being worth more than a none Anniversary car in similar condition. At this point we don’t even know if the car will run and drive without a full rebuild.

I want to like this car so badly, there aren’t many ’80s cars as cool as a special edition 911 with a whale tail spoiler! Sadly, I think the seller is dreaming with their asking price. I could be way off base, but I just don’t see it bringing six figures. What do you guys think? Is there anyway this Porsche will fetch that kind of money?

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  1. Adam Wright

    You never pay too much for a rare Porsche, sometimes you just buy too early.

  2. Maurice

    To be credible he should have more feedback AND ignored the questions our Nigerian friend “Christ” is asking him, lol!

  3. Swami

    If the car had been stored correctly and had continuous, documented service that number would be about right. However…looking at the “before” photo it doesn’t look that way. Probably hasn’t been serviced since it was tossed in the shed. Don’t bother looking at book prices on a car like this – they really don’t apply. I’ve been selling these for 23 years and what folks are willing to pay for hard to find cars is crazy.

  4. Dolphin Member

    Red flags:

    – sells high end cars but uses the smallest photos Ebay offers

    – no pics of underside, interior, top-down, info on whether or how the car runs / drives, interior condition, top operation

    – says the car is RHD

    – says this Cabrio is special anniversary model and prices it at the same valuation as a same-year Turbo Cabriolet (SCM Guide)

    – SCM Guide values the 1989 Cabriolet at $40K and has no special valuation for an ‘Anniversary’ model, but does have +$5K added value for ‘factory wide body appearance group’

    – seller says the car has “factory engine and suspension modifications to the standard Carrera “. Wikipedia and various other sources including Porsche-oriented websites say the Anniversary model has special interior leather trim but do not mention any factory engine and suspension modifications

    – seller calls himself ‘classiccarcollection2016’ but has zero feedback

    – seller refers to conditions under which he talks to Christ

  5. Rodney

    “Run away, run away, run away….”

  6. SeaKnight

    No way! Take the money and buy a real car. A 1963 SW Corvette is what I would do and have $$$$$ left over. And its a car that turns heads.

    • audifan

      The Porsche is the REAL car. Any Porsche drives circles around an old Corvette.

  7. JC

    The Porsche market will fall just as they all do from time to time and these spec buyers/sellers will rub their collective heads wondering why.

  8. Rolf Poncho 455

    I will take the corvette!!

  9. Rolf Poncho 455

    I will take the corvette

  10. Keith

    Was the first picture the Porsche doing it’s “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!” impersonation?
    All bad jokes aside, when I was about 14 (so, 1989) I used to mow yards in the summer. The guy who lived next to my grandmother had an 89 Porsche in his garage. Gold, black leather interior, whale tail, women in bikinis leaning up against it at all times (ok that part is probably my imagination). Anyway, when you stood next to that car, you knew you were standing next to something special…..just remember what else was on the roads in 1989. Now, $125k for this seems….well….silly.

  11. Dabig Kahuna

    Cool car horrible presentation, shows total lack of care which on one of these is a BIG DEAL! Just another dirty neglected used car IMHO

  12. Ric Parrish

    I’m sorry, like they were during the muscle car years, I still can’t help seeing them as inflated VWs. I just could never handle the ring a ding engines. Give me Corvettes any day. No substitute for high HP V8s, trust me.

    • JC

      I completely agree. The smell of race fuel and the rattle of a high compression, big cam V8 just gives me goose bumps. I can’t really get excited about the sound of a sewing machine sounding engine.

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