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Simple Survivor: 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe

PLy rear

We just saw another run-of-the-mill early 50s Chrysler product here (a 1951 Dodge Coronet). This one is a 1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe though and it is in what looks to be pretty solid survivor condition. It’s offered for sale on here on craigslist in (of all places) Brooklyn, New York.

Ply side front

In the late forties and early fifties, Chrysler Corporation cars were generally blandly styled, solidly engineered, and somewhat notoriously designed to allow men to drive with their hats on. This meant a pretty boxy, upright look across all their marques, which makes them look fairly old fashioned today.

Ply engine

Plymouth was the low priced marque in the Chrysler product line. Plymouth buyers made do with relatively low compression, low horsepower six cylinder engines and usually ended up with three speed transmissions whose shifters were column mounted. These cars were solid simple cars that were economical to drive and provided basic transportation for many American families.

Ply Front 3

This particular Plymouth shows pretty well. The oxidized paint was originally maroon. According to the seller, the car has only 52,300 miles on the clock and the pictures do support that contention. We know nothing of the car’s condition other than the seller’s one word description (“Good”) and the pictures shown in the ad. There is probably some rust lurking and the interior needs some love, and because it’s a four door with basic equipment, it will never be valuable as a collector car.

Ply dash

The price is stated as “$4,800 or Best Offer.” The ad has been up on CL for a month now, so it seems this price is just too high for this car. Also, the pictures show the car someplace other than urban Brooklyn, so maybe that’s another issue for potential buyers. And because it’s called a “survivor” by the seller, any buyer would want to know more about its long history.

Ply seats

But if you wear a hat, don’t mind shifting your own gears, like cars from this period, and want a simple to maintain, easy going driver, you could do far worse than this simple survivor.


  1. Avatar photo Rick


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  2. Avatar photo Bruno M

    Should be cheaper

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  3. Avatar photo Ed P

    This is a nice solid car. Easy restoration for a first timer. Fix the rockers and upholstery and drive. When money is available, repaint it to the original maroon.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      I’d first try to buff and bring back the original finish, and see if it could be rehabilitated. This maroon is as nice as that 1960 Continental! I would love to have this car, but I don’t live in Gnu Yawk.

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  4. Avatar photo Jim Mc

    I am a big fan of these “blandly styled, solidly engineered” old MoPars, prob due to nostalgia of growing up in and around them. Post-war Plymouths were dull as dirt but would run forever, and then some. The details on this car are sweet: check the rear window/window line trim (it’s a “Deluxe” after all!) and the rocker trim leading to the fwd edge of the rear fender. All said though, even as a fan, this is expensive by 2K. Bring it down to $2500 like that old Kansas Dog in the earlier post and it’ll be gone instantly.

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  5. Avatar photo '72 Spitty

    How about you chop it, and suicide the doors. Vrooooom!

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  6. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Neat old MoPar, I like 50s era American stuff so this would be nice to have for about $2500. looks like it wouldnt take much to make it really nice.

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  7. Avatar photo Marty Member

    A 1950 Plymouth is one of the capstone cars at Carhenge.

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Now THAT is obscure trivia! I love it :-)

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      • Avatar photo Marty Member

        Here it is.

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  8. Avatar photo JW454

    The money seems a little bit high but the car is in pretty good condition. I think I’d put a lot of elbow grease into polishing the paint as best I could, address any maintenance issues and then drive it as is. My grandfather gave my mother one just like this in 1965~1966. One cold winter it was the only car that would start so it took three or four families everywhere for several days until warmer weather returned. It was a good little car.

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  9. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    If seat covers have been on since new, the seats might be in good shape.

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  10. Avatar photo Gerry

    Worn seat covers,and arm rests indicate at least 152,300 miles. Agree $2500.00

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  11. Avatar photo AJ Hougland

    Had one in 1963 just like it only cost me $35.00 back then

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  12. Avatar photo DENIS

    Neat old car-would probably rub out…I’ve owned several-they always have water stains on the door panels. Nice old drivers…pretty solid but would like to own for less $$.

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