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Simpson Swift, A Gullwing And More Up For Auction!

Each spring, we look forward to all the upcoming automotive events that will be happening during the coming summer months. This year is a bit different though, I’m sure I don’t need to state why. With major events, like Pebble Beach’s Concours d’Elegance being canceled and others having to be rescheduled, it might feel like there isn’t much too look forward to this summer. Thankfully, that really isn’t the case, it just means you might have to get more of your automotive fix virtually and we are here to help with that! So, when our friends over at Lucky Auctions let us know that their annual Spring Classic Auction is still on, albeit as an online-only event, it felt like things are still looking bright for the automotive community. Then we saw some of the cars that are set to be auctioned and we can say, we are very excited about some of these finds! You can take a look at all the auction listings and register to bid here on Lucky Old Car, with bidding ending on May 31st.

Of the cars set to be auctioned, this one might be the most interesting and unusual. If you’ve never heard of the Simpson Swift, don’t feel bad. It’s a one-off custom made machine that’s based on a Mazda Miata. Normally, we wouldn’t get too excited about someone’s home-built car, but the build quality on this thing is downright impressive. The donor Miata provided it’s front and rear suspension components, plus its electronics, gauges, and drivetrain. Everything else is custom made, including the Michelotti Lotus XI inspired fiberglass body. The seller went on to build one more example for a client but doesn’t have plans on building more, so you definitely won’t run into another one at any event. And weighing in at just 1,400 pounds, it should be an absolute blast to drive!

It doesn’t take a Mercedes 300SL expert to recognize that this one is a replica, but that’s alright in our boat! It will be a fraction of the price to buy, it looks great and it has something special hiding under the hood. You can take a closer look here. Unlike most of the Gullwing replicas we’ve looked at, this one isn’t powered by an old Mercedes engine. No, it’s powered by a modern American V8! It’s a Corvette LS3 to be exact and is paired to a 6-speed manual. The story behind how it came to be is even more interesting, as the fiberglass body was made from a mold taken directly from a real 300SL Gullwing. Two bodies were made and then the mold was destroyed. It’s so accurate that the grille, headlights, taillights, and many other parts are genuine Mercedes 300SL parts. The Rudge style wheels were custom made by Chris Coddington and the bumpers were custom made in Vietnam. It’s believed that over $200k has already gone into this car and while it looks like it’s going to need quite a bit more money to finish it, it won’t cost anywhere close to the million-dollar-plus price tag of the real thing and it’s going to be a whole lot faster!

There are some really interesting finds set to be auctioned here, including a sweet Subaru Brat and a 1976 Lotus Elise, but the last one we are going to take a closer look at is this 1973 Citroen GS. Why you might ask? When was the last time you’ve seen one of these French oddballs? The GS was developed to fit in between Citroen’s affordable entry-level cars and the luxurious DS. You got similar design language as the DS, but in a much more affordable package. There’s no information on this car’s history, condition, or specs. It’s most likely powered by Citroen’s boxer-4 engine, but it could possibly have a Wankel rotary engine! It’s definitely going to need restoration work, but it looks like it’s fresh out of a barn.

We are excited to see how this auction turns out. There’s no substitute for an in-person inspection, but it’s great to see that the classic car community is adapting and keeping the hobby alive even in trying times. Be sure to take a look at this auction and if you know of any other cool auctions or online events, please let us know!


  1. Beyfon

    The Citroen is a regular GS 1220 Club. This one is not worth dragging home, they had a very rust prone chassis and by the time the body is this crusty there are plenty of horrors underneath.
    It has also been converted to CNG, would have sapped too many of the original 60 or so hp.
    Too bad, the GS were unique cars. Fun to drive in an odd way – you had to flog them like crazy to move but they liked being flogged! And handling and comfort lived up to its billing.
    If I would come across a GSA hatchback that’s not rusty it would be hard to resist.

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    • Brian M Member

      Back in the mid-70s, I was stationed in Spain and one of the contractor employees had one of these. Great commuter car, somewhat quirky. One payday the checks were late and in a rush to get to the finance office, he neglected to allow it to come to full ride height before backing away from the bumper block. The whole front bumper cover got pulled off and was waiting for him when he got back. One would think that a retired full bird colonel woulda known better.

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  2. Ken Jennings

    The gullwing replicas often had Chrysler 225 slant sixes. Both were slanted sixes (the original and the replicas). For some reason, I have the exact opposite opinion on a cheap replica vs the crazy prices originals. Of course, i find cheap replicas to be a sign that maybe the world will be okay after all.

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  3. Chinga Trailer

    Cosmo Motors is intimately involved with this auction. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole!

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  4. Bullethead

    The 300SL replica is better than most, and certainly worth finishing. I’d choose a different powerplant though. Many years ago the most accurate replicas were made by Tony Ostermeier… I once saw one at a BJ Auction and IIRC it had a twincam Mercedes 6. The other offering in this auction worth bidding on is the Swift… he’s done some impressive (if somewhat pricey) Miata-based builds.


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  5. Philip

    I looked at the auction list and could not find the Mercedes Gullwing.

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  6. Philip

    My bad (eyes)..it’s there, #131

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  7. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Those “Rudge” wheels have a lot more inset than the ones in my workshop.

    Maybe Rudge wheels reimagined?

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    • Bullethead

      They’re amusingly referred to as Fudge wheels, made by Coddington. The offset was probably required by the suspension choice and the spinner is fake, it’s a cap covering the lugs. Kind of a shame they’re 16″ which prohibits any authentic tire choices.

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  8. TimM

    Some interesting stuff there that’s for sure!!!

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  9. Jaker76

    Some interesting stuff but why ruin a Miata, that one off body is horrible!!! In my opinion , but to each his own but the miata deserves better than a ugly horrid body like that!!

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