Sitting 20 Years: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

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The seller of this 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle says that it has been sitting for 20 years. They have it listed here on craigslist in the Grants Pass, Oregon area. Unfortunately, this is the only photo in the whole listing but from what we see this looks like a pretty nice car. They do say that it has a 350 V8 and 350 THM transmission and power steering and brakes and even AC. There is no word on if it runs or if there’s any rust. They’re asking $11,000 for this Chevelle. Thanks to Dan O. for sending in this tip!

That asking price is just about halfway between Hagerty’s #3 good and #4 fair condition value. Without knowing anything at all about the running condition or anything else it’s hard to tell what the value really is. Any thoughts on this Chevelle?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Steve R

    Who knows if it’s a good deal with that picture and description. The potential is there, but the seller hasn’t put in any effort to show it.

    Steve R

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  2. Mike

    I absolutely LOVE 1970 Chevelles! With that said, where is Haggarty getting their #s from? This car appears to be a Malibu, not a SS, to me (nothing wrong with Malibus, I’m working on one right now, but still), $11k for a #3-4 car? I think not!

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  3. TimM

    I’m not taking an $11,000 gamble on one picture of a car!! And a white car at that!! The body guy I worked for when I was in my teens would paint them white when they were full of bondo so when he waved good buy to the car it wouldn’t wave back!!!

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  4. LARRY

    I agree with the white paint covering bad areas. Is the seller for real with one freaking picture

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  5. Troy s

    One photo and short descript…reminds me of the autotrader adds years ago. Never really knew what I was gonna stumble across in person.
    Looks kinda cool in this picture, for eleven thousand dollars I’d like to see at least the other side. Ha!
    Sunday driving to all.

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  6. James Martin

    Come on it’s a 70 chevelle. It sells it self. All they have to hear is 70 chevelle. And it’s on. Funny how a name sake sells it.

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  7. Chevychase71

    Im with James. Who cares about what the book says theyre worth? Its a ’70 Chevelle and amongst the most desired Chevelles, let alone Muscle cars of that era. We don’t all buy cars based on what a book says theyre worth or solely through photos. Serious buyers will go and see for themselves, or get someone to do it for them. And if you cant do one or the other, you can always request more photos. Not a big deal to me that he listed it with one photo. Hes got our attention and im sure some interest with just 1 photo and a few words. Though I too am particularly cautious with white cars, I wouldnt hesitate to reach out to this guy if I was in the market for another Chevelle. Doubt it’ll be up for sale for long.

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    • Chris

      After sitting 20 years I’d say that makes this a #3 car at best. If not for potential rust but for electrical and other wearables. The asking price isn’t ludicrous but it’s a $7-8000 car based on the above IMO

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  8. John

    I am not too far from there if someone wants a go look.

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