Sitting For 60 Years! 1927 Ford Model T

This 1927 T has been in one family its whole life and hasn’t moved since 1956!  Offered for $3,800 here on craigslist in Holladay, Utah, this is an incredible find.  Unfortunately, there are only two pictures in the ad.  Hopefully the seller will provide more information and pictures to prospective buyers.

Although Ford Model T’s aren’t the most valuable collector cars, this one is really neat.  Not only the fact that’s its been a one-family car since new, the fact that it hasn’t seen the light of day for sixty years is fascinating.  Without more pictures, it’s hard to say what’s there (and what’s not).  The seller does indicate that there is no glass and no upholstery in the car.  The original wheels are said to be included.  Perhaps this car was a save from the scrapping efforts of World War II?

Anyway you slice it, this is a cool car with even cooler history.  A full restoration would definitely be a labor of love and not an investment.  Perhaps the new owner will go the rat rod route and make this a cool driver with the body as-is.  Either way, don’t let this one pass you by if you’ve been looking for a T to build.

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  1. PebblebeachJudge

    I cant imagine selling my Grandfathers car. It should be treasured, got running, and UNTOUCHED, and it will give the guy more of a life than the $3’800 . He would be the talk of ALL the shows. He should find a local mechanic on Craiglist and work out the parade of his life.

    • Craig

      I agree! I just couldn’t hack into a car like this, some things should just be appreciated as is. My Mom still has her ’66 Mustang from February of 1966. She bought it at Cal-Worthington Ford in Long Beach. She worked at Lockheed so we could afford it and living in California then. Thanks for posting the T.

      • KevinW

        Craig, your post triggered a memory I had of being a kid in Mira Loma and watching those Cal- Worthington commercials! Only part of the jingle I remember was that they were on Bellflower blvd. Moved to Texas in 1969, so yeah, that was a long time ago!

  2. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I could never part with that Model T knowing my Grandfather bought it brand new and it was passed down to my Father. It’s probably for sale because sadly, the son or daughter, (whoever posted the CL ad), has no interest in it.

  3. King Al

    Forget Grandpa. He lived in another century. Bring this sorry pile of scrap into the 21st century. Donk it. Here is a picture of another 27T that has been donked. Huge improvement.

    • Glen

      Forget Grandpa??? I wish I got to know my Grandfathers, and what the hell is donked?

  4. Billy

    Seems strange that both pics are taken from the same location as indicated by the rack of tires on the wall, etc, yet they’ve spun the car around 90 degrees in the second shot. If going to that much effort to get a clean shot of the front, why not get a bunch more angles?

  5. Jay E.

    Hate to say it, but if this were at a farm auction you would be lucky to get $800.00 as yard art. I think the history is nice, but I dont think it adds value as it only meaningful to the original family. Much nicer T’s sell for this price.

    • Doc

      >Much nicer T’s sell for this price.

      That’s just not true. This is pretty complete, despite the condition of the front fenders, and it’s right in line with what unrestored Model T projects sell for… you might be able to talk the seller down a few hundred dollars, but the asking price isn’t outrageous.

  6. bill

    I’ll just leave this here…

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