Sitting For 10 Years: 1964 Buick Riviera


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This 1964 Buick Riviera has been waiting in La Grange, Georgia for 10 years for its owner to have time and funding to refurbish it. They are deciding to pass it on at this point, and it’s up for auction here on eBay, where bidding is at just over $2,000 with no reserve.


With my dad cherishing a 1963 while I was growing up, it’s not hard to understand why I have a soft spot for the great styling of these early Rivieras. This one has some light surface oxidation from being covered outside for a while, but I really don’t see any major rust. I have a relative with one of these that he’s had for over 30 years, but the rust is so bad that it doesn’t make economic sense for him to have it professionally repaired. He loves the memories though, and can’t bear to part with it.


I’m sure most of you know that the Riviera was originally supposed to have hidden headlights in the panels at the front of each fender, but difficulties getting the mechanism to work correctly led to the 1963 and 1964 models having quad headlights in the grille. Buick eventually got it “right” in 1965, but I actually like the earlier cars better with the visible lights. As you can see, it doesn’t look like this one has any accident damage at all, with really good panel fit for a 60’s GM machine.


I was not expecting the interior to look anywhere near this nice given the outside of the car. I wouldn’t do a thing except clean it up and put some floor mats in!


According to the seller, The original standard “Wildcat 465” V-8 engine (actually 425 cubic inches and 325 horsepower with 465 ft. lbs. of torque) is driving the original “Super Turbine” automatic transmission. The air conditioning compressor is a welcome sight to those of us in the Southern US. The engine is currently not free, but the seller has loaded the cylinders with penetrating oil and I hope will be able to successfully update the listing soon.


As a teaser for what this could look like when completed, this 1963 model is also for sale here on eBay at a much higher price. I know I love these cars–do you? Are you the one to bring this one back?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. MartyMember

    Looks very complete and original. Love the red interior. Unusual to see it with silver exterior body color. The body looks great, and this will be a gorgeous car if properly refinished.

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  2. Al

    AWD? That by it’s self would make this worth getting! LOL

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    • MountainMan

      AWD? I’m missing something… Where do you see that?

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      • Bill

        Says AWD in the e-bay ad.

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  3. Vince Habel

    Interior looks great.

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  4. Gerald

    I had one of these in the mid 1970’s. The one I had had the clamshell headlights. They were very noisy when opening and closing. Other than that the car was absolutely beautiful and a real pleasure to drive.

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  5. randy

    Bid up to $3550.00, I have always loved these cars. The interior is to die for.

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  6. David C

    I do love these things. The 65 is my favorite though with those clam shell headlights.

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  7. Ed P

    Only surface rust on the outside and a beautiful interior. The motor is my only concern, but that is fixable. This would be a good buy for somebody.

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  8. 64 bonneville

    whoever buys it is going to save, probably 10 grand, not having to redo the interior. Nearly any old car you buy you can figure on an engine rebuild and brakes, unless seller has already done them in the fairly recent past. The thing about hydraulic fluid (brake) is that, if not silicone based, it will attract water, just from changes in the temperature. more often than not, a car that has been sitting for at least 10 years is going to need a valve job with hardened seats for the sorry excuse for gasoline available today.

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  9. Mark S

    I like the 71/72 Riviera’s more with there boat tail backs but, if this were mine I would have to go with black on the outside just to compliment that red interior. The only thing bad about this is the amount of fuel that this thing would use. I also find it odd that the interior would look so good while the exterior looks so rough. If it sat outside for ten years why haven’t the seat been at least sun faded. As for the engine if it is stuck from rust you should still be able to get it to move without damage, but it might require removing the heads. You then place wooden blocks on the Pistons in the down stroke, then apply some light clamp pressure using metal plates going over the wooden blocks with two head bolts on each pulling down. Keep oiling the Pistons and tighten the bolts a small amount each day. Engines that seize up from sitting happen because most people don’t know how to prepare them for a long sleep. Cheers

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  10. Gnrdude

    The Motor Is Gonna Cost some $$$$ To Refurbish but Other than the paint & that it looks like a Pretty Well Cared for car that Just needs Mild Refurbishment.

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  11. piper62j

    It’s over 4k now and with just one day left.. Really nice interior and the surface rust can easily be dealt with.. This car will sell.. Nice project.

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  12. Ronniecarlo

    AWD!!!!!WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT? I’m ready to hook up my trailer!!! Anybody go to Utube and search “All wheel drive Cutlass”??

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  13. frm

    I guess I am the ultimate skeptic. Really having a hard time of being convinced that this interior is matched with this particular car.

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  14. Rob

    Paint it maroon and peg a stop sign through the windshield. Roadhouse!!

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