Sitting for 10 Years: 1987 Buick Grand National

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The Buick Grand National is a car that seemingly continues to pop up for sale in a wide range of conditions, from barn find projects to cars with delivery miles only. This 1987 example is described as being the former, having recently been refreshed after sitting for ten years. The seller claims it is an unrestored example, which means the paint is tired in places and there’s some rust in the doors, but he has gotten it to a point where it’s a running, driving example that can simply be driven as-is or fully restored. Find it here on Facebook Marketplace with an asking price of $24,000.

For a car that’s been sitting for a decade or more, the Grand National still presents fairly well. The seller is located in South Carolina, so hopefully, he found it nearby but not parked too close to the ocean. The Buick doesn’t appear to have any obvious aftermarket modifications – no larger wheels and tires, no performance exhaust – which is the best way to find one of these, virgin and undisturbed. Shockingly, the trim between the bumpers and the body is still intact, which seemingly never happens. The seller reports the mileage is just under 66,000, making it a fairly low-use example.

The good news is that based on the seller’s reported maintenance work, the Grand National just needed the usual first-time startup work to get it running and driving again. This included fresh brakes and fluids, new BFG tires, a new fuel tank and pump, and new ignition components including plugs, wires, and coil. Belts were replaced as well. The car is said to now run and drive well, but I’d assume the suspension will still need the full assortment of replacement parts, from endlinks to shocks and struts. But therein lies the appeal of a car like this: it’s not hugely expensive to own or maintain over the long-term, even one that’s been sitting for years.

The interior is in fair condition, with a bit more wear and tear than you’d expect in a car with similar mileage that had been preserved for the long haul. Of course, it’s not surprising considering this Grand National was left standing for ten years that perhaps its prior owner wasn’t the most devoted caretaker. Still, these were just cheap performance cars for a time when they found their second and third owners, so making sure the door panels didn’t sport any rub marks or the seat upholstery didn’t turn baggy likely weren’t priorities. On the other hand, at least this Grand National was likely used as intended before its extended slumber, and hopefully the next owner will log plenty of miles as well.

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  1. Terrry

    65,000 miles? No. 165,000 miles. The car’s interior and pedals show it.

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  2. Bob Mck

    I didn’t really like these very much when they were new. Got to see one at a show last Saturday. They look like cheap plastic to me. I am sure lots of people will not agree. That’s okay. So after 3 plus decades, my opinion has not changed get.

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    • john holmes

      grandpa woopsie

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    • Tom

      5.0 Mustang GT owner?

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  3. john holmes

    grandpa woopsie(shelzbot!)

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    • Don Eladio


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