Sitting Since ’81: 1958 Chevrolet Apache Pickup

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Decisions, decisions. Just what to do with this ’58 Apache is the big question. The new owner could drive it as it is, or restore it, or customize it, or use it as a rat rod project. There are so many options that for me, it would be hard to decide. If you’ve looked at this Apache, made your own decision, and want to get hold of this old beauty, it is located in Benton City, Washington, and listed for sale here on eBay.

This Pickup is actually a very interesting proposition on a number of fronts. The owner of the Apache has had it for 3 years and has just applied for a title for it, so should have that in hand shortly. He offers any potential buyers the option of taking the vehicle as it stands, or if you’re the sort of person where restoration is beyond your abilities, he also owns a business that could restore it to whatever state you could choose. Having said that, the vehicle does appear to be pretty good, with only a few minor rust spots and dings to deal with. The timber in the bed has rotted away, but the frame and the bed itself appear to be solid.

Under the hood are a 283ci V8 and a manual transmission. The Apache has been sitting since 1981, but the owner has gone through the process, and the vehicle now starts, runs, and drives. It isn’t fit for the road, as the brakes are soft, but the owner provides this YouTube video, which gives a walk-around of the vehicle. You also hear the engine start and run, and it does sound pretty good. The video also showcases some of the owner’s restoration and custom work, just in case the buyer is interested in following that path.

The interior is complete, and it doesn’t look too bad. The cover on the seat is in pretty fair condition, and the rest of the interior is in good, useable condition. It doesn’t appear that there have been any modifications performed on the interior, so it is a blank canvas for the next owner.

As I said before, decisions, decisions. The current owner does offer some options, and it wasn’t that long ago that I would have been really pushing the “complete restoration” line. However, I’ve seen a few similar vehicles where the owner has attacked the vehicle with a Scotchbrite and then given the vehicle a coat of satin clear, and the effect has been pretty impressive. That’s a path that would be awfully tempting to follow. The owner has set a BIN price of $11,800 for the Apache, which for a Short Bed Apache in this condition, is probably a little bit lower than market value.

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  1. geomechs geomechsMember

    V8 powered was not a common thing with Chevy pickups of this vintage. Trucks like this really attract my attention. Of course, for me, the answer is always the same: full restoration. Now you can either do it progressively or strip it down to the frame and build it back up, The bottom line is that it should be DRIVEN…

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      Top o’ the morning, my friend. We’re in the same gear on this one, a full resto, or if for some reason, one actually likes that patina baloney, leave it alone. Not sure about Canada, eh, but in the states, by 1958, V8’s in pickups was pretty common. Seems people had enough of the 6 banger, and for a truck, this new V8 was better in every way. I remember many late 50’s, early 60’s pickups with more V8’s than 6’s. They became many a Nova transplant after the truck was shot.
      Again, same old thing here, with a Toyota Landcruiser in the background, the seller must think all old trucks are worth 5 figures. Sorry, just not so, and in this condition, I be surprised if they get half of what they’re asking, but hey, doesn’t hurt to try.

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      • Big_FunMember

        Howard – I didn’t know that V8’s were more prevalent, I always thought the 6’s were more the ‘thing. If I were to purchase (but, I will not, as I would rather have the Buick Centurion listed elsewhere in BF. I like ’em big), all white painted surfaces would be repainted. Maybe not a bright white, or even an ivory. Then. The hood wood be painted in the fresh factory blue (a test panel, I would tell the people at the local cruise night). That’s just to start. It seems today there is a fine line between patina and laziness (or poor taste, I’ll let you decide). Right now, the right front hubcap could pass for a a poop emoji 💩 tipped on it’s side, and I just can’t have that…

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        Perhaps it was from a midwestern farm perspective. Farm pickups had lots of duties, pulling loaded wagons and such, and the V8 was embraced as the way to go. I knew a guy that took a V8 out an old Chevy truck like this, and installed it on his IH M series tractor, with good results, I may add.

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  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Looks like it’s got a lot of potential. can’t tell for sure on this computer but are those the straps in the box? I’ve made up new bedboards for more than one truck over the years. Unless you’re planning on hauling in it (which most people don’t) a couple I recommend for appearance purposes are Walnut and Hickory. Both make up an exceptional appearing box.

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  3. stillrunners

    Don’t agree – around here the 6 out sold the V/8 or the V/8’s were wrecked a lot. Most you see is 6’s around for sale so not sure everyone was sold on that new engine until later. Nice truck – and I again disagree on the all – the restore and make a trailer queen out of it ! Why can’t some one just do the mechanics, wood and upholstery and just enjoy it – it looks nice the way it is.

    There are tooo many taken apart only to end up on Barn Finds already !

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  4. Ken

    This truck is 22 miles west of me. I’d go look at it, but I’m not a tire kicker. It’s not a ’57 GMC, which is what I’m looking for.

    Besides, at $11,800, the seller is out of his mind.

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  5. Kenneth Carney

    Hi guys! Couldn’t agree with you more!
    Just fix the bed, the brakes, throw in a
    tune up, and drive it while you restore it.
    Used to see these all the time growing
    up in the farm country of Illinois. Most
    of the Apaches i saw were 6 cylinders
    with 3-speed column shifts although
    there were some V-8s and even some
    automatic transmission models thrown
    in for good measure. I see this truck
    painted in #795 Larkspur Blue with a
    White top and trim. The inside would
    be done in a light blue/medium blue
    color scheme with the original black
    rubber floormat. Add an AM/FM stereo
    radio and call it done. Since I’d be
    hauling with it, a steel bed floor would
    be added and drilled at each corner for
    water drainage. Great starting point for
    someone–just wish it was me!

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  6. Willte

    If I had the funds I would have this truck. I would do a light restoration, do the necessary body repairs and paint it emerald green and new wood in the bed. Go over the drive train to make it safe and reliable. Add a nice wheel and tire combo, make it a driver.

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