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440 Six Pack: 1969 Dodge Super Bee

Six Pack Super Bee

What’s the ultimate muscle car? Well, I’m not sure if there is a definitive answer, but this Super Bee listed here on eBay probably comes close. This one is claimed to have left the factory with a Six Pack! We are not talking about the aluminum can variety here guys. We’re talking about the triple carb setup that found its found its way onto some 440-equipped Mopars. It may be best known for its appearance in the Road Runner, but there were actually a few more of these built. Like the Road Runner, it also came with a lift-off fiberglass hood and black steelies. Sounds like a lotta fun to me!

Super Bee Stripe

The restoration may not be quite so fun though. Don’t let that intact Super Bee graphic fool you. There’s a lot of rust, the hood is cracked, and original drivetrain is missing.

Crinkled Quarter

The seller is realistic about the fact that just about every panel will need attention. That doesn’t mean that someone won’t want to take this challenge on. Mopars are hot. Especially ones with big blocks and bright colors.

Six Pack

Luckily, someone has already done the dirty work of sourcing a replacement hood and a correct engine. The engine even appears to have that triple carb setup in place! That should help ease some of the pain here.

Super Bee Poster

This project isn’t going to go cheap, but just think of all the fun you’ll have once it’s restored. According to period ads, horsepower was rated at 390 and torque at an axle twisting 490 foot pounds!

Six Pack To Go, anyone?


  1. Walter Joy

    Looks rough, but that factory metal can be replaced. I believe all had manual brakes and steering. AMD makes all new panels and a restored one can go past $60k. The prime to get them was a few years ago

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    • Gnrdude

      60K$ is a Low Estimate Most Restored Factory Correct Superbee’s With the Fiberglass lift-off Hood & 6-pack Set-up Go for low 100’s to Mid 6 Figures. 60K$ would be in rough but running Condition Needing work.

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  2. piper62j

    No problem for Graveyard Carz…

    Cool find.. Good car..

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  3. Alan (Michigan)

    Very happy to see this car on the way back from the grave.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    Agree this is a car worth bringing back even if the panels need a lot of work. This is near the top of my list for desirability for lots of reasons.

    The SCM Guide says that 1,907 of these 1969.5 A12 440 M code Six Pack cars were made, altho that would include both 4-speed and auto cars, so maybe there were only 826 4-speeds.

    The Guide also says the median auction sale price paid for these recently was $72,400, with a high auction price paid of $150K, so there might not be room to buy it and bring it back without being under water. But if they keep appreciating, which the low numbers built and the desirability say they probably will, it should be worth it down the road.

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  5. kman

    SuuuWeet!! Gotta love this. The epitome of what Detroit iron could really do. Bring it Europe. This baby, done up, could pound anything into the ground all day long across the country coast to coast and back again. Italian jobs would be hard pressed to go coast to coast back home, (Messina to the Adriatic). Not that I don’t love Italian cars but to get out there and cross the country day after day without a whimper, it’s Detroit iron every time. If only they’d made a ragtop, I’d mortgage my house to get it. Lucky new owner. When you said running gear missing, did you mean the engine which is now present or did you iinclude the tranny which may or may not be?

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  6. John H. in CT

    This will be a very expensive resoration and end up as a non numbers matching for the same cost as restoring a numbers matching example. The air cleaner assembly alone for a six pak is $1500. That unibody looks like it will need stretching and aligning from the left rear. At the current price which still hasn’t reached the seller minimum, I question if there is any meat left on the bone. The highest prices go for all numbers matching plus all original sheet metal.

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    To much work for a non numbers matching car. You might be better off making this one a restomod with a Hellcat motor in it. It was a holy grail car but it’s cost ti fix ain’t worth it.

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  8. Dolphin Member

    I didn’t think these Mopars came with the engine (serial) number stamped on the car’s VIN tag, and I don’t know enough about them to decode the tag shown in the Ebay listing for this car.

    The seller says that the original engine is gone but claims the car comes with a date-correct Six Pack engine, so are you saying that this car is not “numbers matching” even with the right date-correct engine that it should have (assuming the seller’s claim is correct)? If yes, how so?

    There’s a great Six Pack resource here [] that I was hoping had this car listed but it doesn’t. For anyone interested there are a lot of these individual cars listed with VINs, details, and even photos on that site.

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    I believe that you will find that the federal government mandated that all engines and transmissions be VIN stamped starting with the 1968 model year. This Super Bee’s original engine and transmission should have been VIN stamped.

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  10. Dennis

    Yes that’s true L on the 5th spot on vin is 440 also full vin is stamped on right side of motor. I know for sure I have a 69 coronet rt # matching car I’ve been restoring. It isn’t cheap to do but not that bad if you can do spot welding. With the help of body parts from AMD it was easy. PS. Don’t buy skins buy factory panels much easier to attach. Same for doors get door shells not skins way easier. Just attach hardware and you got brand new.

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  11. David Hunt

    Date code means car is in the right build quarter of production year.dates are important! Lear before you crash and burn the old pocket book. We build Mopar well worth pleasure. David Hunt
    The exclusive 68 satellite.

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    I now own this beast and its going for a full resto in South Australia
    Where it will live for many years to come

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Good one, Kerin!

      Here’s hoping that it gives many years of great memories!

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