Sleeper Potential: 1972 Dodge D-100

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GM trucks from the ’70s and ’80s are really hot these days, but what about the MoPars? Why don’t the Adventurers, Lil’ Red Express, Midnite Express, Warlocks, Sno-Commanders, Rams, Machos, Prospectors, Power Wagons, Cummins diesels and “The Dude” package get as much love as the Fords and GMs? Since I don’t have room to get into all that, let’s look at just one example from 1972. This D-100 is for sale here on craigslist on the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and, in my humble opinion, has “sleeper” written all over it.

The D/W series came to Chrysler Corporation showrooms in 1961 and stayed until 1993. In that time, all of the models that I spelled out above came and went as Chrysler had its ups and downs. The United States military even had a series (M880) made just for them! Long story short: They were good trucks that for whatever reason didn’t sell as well as their competitors.

This particular one has the 318ci V8 with a carburetor on top and automatic transmission behind, driving only the rear wheels for a total of 140,000 miles. All things considered, from the advert, it looks and sounds like it’s in reasonably good shape for what it is and where it is.

I can imagine a built 440 and tire-shredder burnouts, leaving the rest of it pretty much as-is. I mean, sure, you can restore it, but wouldn’t it be more fun to see the surprised face of everyone driving Imports and ’90s Mustangs, when you leave them in the dust at the local dragstrip?

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  1. HoA Howard AMember

    Um,,no, pickup trucks don’t make very good dragsters. Why not just be happy with a great old truck, parts everywhere, easy to work on. I just don’t get the 440 tire shredder thing in this.

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    • Al

      Sure they can make dragsters, just put the block in the truck bed.

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  2. Al

    A friend of mine owned one of these.
    The only thing missing on this rig is a gun rack hanging on the back window.

    He was pulled over once with a fishing rod in a case hanging on the gun rack and cops swarmed around him because he was broadcasting to everyone that it was OK to have guns. I don’t know what prompted the idiocy, but the cops figured he was endangering. the public with his…..Fishing rod¿?¿ huh……

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    • Fordfan

      What state was that ? New york?

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      • Al

        YUP, how did you guess?

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    • jcs

      Possibly the police were concerned that the fishing rod was a semi automatic or worse yet, a fully automatic!

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      • Al

        A fully automatic fishen’ rod? I need one to actually catch fish.

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  3. Evan

    A 440? Why not install a 488 V-10?

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    • Chuck

      Why not a 3G Hemi? A 6.1 or 6.2 would be awesome. Even a 5.7 would really turn it on.

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  4. Bakyrdhero

    How about freshen up the 318 and clear coat the…patina. Are we still allowed to use that word?:)

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  5. Troy s

    I was thinking more along the lines of a warm 360 for a few grins. Others may think of the whole turbo diesel thing in it, or just enjoy it for what it is…440 or a 400 maybe if towing hauling, but she’s no race car.
    Not sure about the 70’s but in the eighties the Dodge trucks seemed to lag behind in tech under the hood compared to the other big two, I’m thinking from ’86 and up. Did well enough in fleet service but that’s it.
    My half cents worth.

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  6. Fred

    Not much difference between 72 and mine from 79….look her

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    • seth karpen

      gas tank was moved from behind the seat.

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  7. Bob C.

    These were good old square body workaday vehicles, as they should have been at the time. This is the first year of that style, which lasted all the way until 1993, a testimony to that sound basic design. I personally never cared for the next generation.

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    • WH

      I’m also a fan of this body style. I’d leave it basically stock. Maybe add some different wheels and tires a 4bbl and dual exhaust. Used to have an 86 Ramcharger that I seriously miss.
      Newer body style never really grew on me that much. Mopar all the way!

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  8. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Long bed…that’s what I’m talking about.

    TRUE STORY YESTERDAY…Coming out of the local Home Depot, some monster truck-short-bed-hemi-big wheels poser douchebag is sitting at the light with 30 sheets of drywall and assorted mud pails etc. The tailgate is down of course, because his goofy short-bed truck isn’t built for work in the building trades. The light turns green, he hits the gas, and the 30 sheets of drywall hit the pavement! I had a hearty laugh as I pulled my long bed into
    the parking lot.

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    • HoA Howard AMember


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    • Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

      Goes to show, some folks’ cornbread ain’t all done in the middle…and ya jus cain’t fix STUPID.
      Love old Dodge trucks. Doors, wheels and lights fall off but they just don’t stop running with any modicum of care.
      Which is why we’re on our 6th(and last new) 2006 BDT, since they’re getting stupid money for new ones now..

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    • AZD

      Reminds me of the fist time I fully realized the poser truck phenomenon – a double-cab, big-tire, sky-high affair with a tiny bed. And in the bed was a couch, just an average couch, nothing special. Except he had it in there vertically and tied down with straps. It wouldn’t fit any other way. Good thing there weren’t any low bridges nearby.

      Compared to a memory as a kid, our 1980 C10 long bed stepside (yes, odd combo), I6 + 3-on-the-tree, nearly dragging its bumper on the ground as it was loaded full with railroad ties. But at least the tailgate closed.

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      • TinCanSailor

        I have a little 93 Ranger XL regular cab/long bed that has more usable space than my best friend’s jacked up, 5.7L powered Tundra with leather, the full tech package, the off-road package and seating for 6.

        This weekend he needed to take a lawn tractor to the shop this past weekend, and it wouldn’t fit into his truck. I suspect it would fit, but it could dent/scratch or otherwise deface his expensive baby… so I went over with my 26-year-old, V6, 5 spd manual, 2WD Ranger and, using my ramps, loaded it right up. I love my buddy, but his truck isn’t really a truck. It is more like a luxury SUV with a funky backend.

        Oh, and I had an uncle that let me drive his brand new 1978 Warlock to school one day. For one day, I was the coolest kid in school! :) I have a great fondness for the Dodge pickups. I don’t know why they haven’t skyrocketed in price, but I am somewhat thankful… someday I may be able to find and afford one to restore!

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    • theGasHole

      Long live the long bed!

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  9. Stumpy

    Mopar + Moparts= Mo money, horribly over priced speed parts. That has to be the ugliest looking truck design ever built. I completely understand why this truck didn’t sell very well

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    • Miguel

      Stumpy, I think the older version, introduced in 1961 was way uglier.

      I am not saying this one is ugly, because I don’t think it is, but the first one was way worse.

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  10. theGasHole

    Fords sell like hot cakes, Chevys and GMCs follow in that order, never had much luck with the Dodges.

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  11. Little_Cars Saul

    A $700 truck all day long down here in the southern states. Appreciate the write-up, but why waste money on making this into something it’s not? Drive it and use it like a truck for a few more decades. The only thing adding a bigger mill to this truck would do is shred the third member and driveshaft.

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  12. Steve

    I have had great luck with Dodges and I own several very nice finds. I get smiles, thumbs up and do you want to sell everywhere I go. I only collect 4WD trucks and off road nobody talks smack and they are truely amazed how capable they really are! Currently I am getting this desert racing 440 back to parr. I love it.

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    • theGasHole

      Very nice! I’ve been looking for a decent RamCharger but up here in the northeast they all rotted away years ago.

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  13. C Brand

    why the picture of the International pu on his listing ?? looks to be in decent shape. maybe it to is for sale ? love these old dodge trucks

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    • Russell GlantzAuthor

      The International is also for sale, yes. I can’t speak for the seller but I saw the listing for the IH at the same time that I saw the listing for this Dodge.

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  14. Hollywood Collier

    A super nice truck Fred. I tip my cowboy hat to you from down here in Kentucky.

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  15. Hollywood Collier

    Every 318 dodge motor I ever owned was bulletproof!!! I had them in cars, pickups, and a big ole box truck too. I like em!!!

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  16. Fred

    Thanks a lot. I found this truck in Norway from the first owner ( 84 years old farmer) He bought it brand new and sold it to me with original 18k miles in brilliant original condition.Never painted nowhere and still drives like new. Engine is a slant six with automatic trans. I was very lucky to get this thing. I feel like a youngster when I take it out on a trip on a dry day! Awesome would be next time with your hat !!!

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  17. newfieldscarnut

    I bought this D 250 with a 5.9 Cummins 12 valve in 1998 with 148,000 miles on it . It has been my faithful workhorse and tow vehicle and all around pleasure vehicle . It now has over 800,000 miles on it and now is registered antique . Best purchase of my lifetime .

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    • HoA Howard AMember

      800g’s? Wow, Sure got your money’s worth. Schneider National would love to get a hold of you,,seriously, great trucks. Like I’ve said before, the farm I lived on in N.Wis, the guy had a 4×4 Dodge like this. I’d say, 30-40% of the trucks body was gone, doors pooped open, yet, in it’s delapidated condition, it STILL started in the coldest weather, and he still used it to pull wagons and trailers around,,,just fascinating, Captain,,,

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  18. Little_Cars Little Cars

    “doors pooped open” seems to be a theme with most of the derelict cars on Barn Finds. LOL

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  19. Dave Lewandoski

    some of the best looking trucks Dodge ever made, and by far the best dash design. Hit the drive thru? Open the glove box and instant food tray. And check the fuse box while you’re sitting there, no contortionist needed to look under the dash.
    my second (me) owner ’81, has a 360 automatic. I have trouble at times pulling out with the 360, sure wouldn’t need a Big Block.

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    • Rob

      We just sold ouir Lil Red Express, 360, 727 with shift kit, 3.55 gears and posi. Plenty fast, hard on gas, but still.
      I like your stepside!

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  20. Bwickflorida

    I have an 89 sprayed econobake green, it’s faded, lowered, black steel rims with chrome bullet lug nuts, white walls and loud. Have a blast driving it. The 318 runs so good I cant bring myself to change anything motor wise.

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  21. Del

    Love Dodge trucks.

    Engineering was great . Bodies not so much

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