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Slightly Rusty: 1973 Camaro LT

1973 Camaro LT

At about the age of 14, I started my hunt for what would become my first car. I didn’t have much of a budget to work with, less than $1k total. I looked at all kinds of cars, but I usually started my search at the back of the used car lots. I quickly noticed a trend, most of the cars in my budget were built in the ’80s. I did come across a few ’70s cars I could afford and most were Trans AMs, Firebirds and Camaros. I really was tempted by one of the Camaros I came across, but in the end I went with an RX-7. While I truly enjoyed my Mazda, I regret not getting the Camaro! Mostly because it would be worth considerably more money today than $1k! Take a look at this ’73 Camaro project here on eBay, it’s already over $3,500 and is pretty rough.

1973 Camaro LT Engine

This isn’t the roughest Camaro we’ve featured lately, that honor goes to this one! It has plenty of surface rust and I’m going to guess there are a few serious spots hiding underneath as well. This car isn’t a particularly desirable model, but it does feature the 350 V8 engine! If it had a manual gearbox, I would say this car has a great future as a track car! Just strip the interior, add a roll cage, sort the motor and brakes, fix any rust, throw some cheap paint on it and take it racing! Of course, if there is any serious rust, even this plan might be unrealistic. So what do you think? Does this Camaro have a future?


  1. Avatar photo AMX Brian

    If there isn’t any serious rot like to the frame/unibody, then you still have to fix the quarter panels and probably rockers. The floors and divider panel between the back window and trunk might need patches. Plus the usual stuff to be fixed, suspension, brakes, and the motor. It looks like it’s been sitting too long for a quick refresh and go race.

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  2. Avatar photo Adam

    Not sure why you say it is not a desirable model, have you seen the prices of 2nd generation Camaro’s lately?

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  3. Avatar photo piper62j

    Not too bad.. It has Ice, P/Steering and P/brakes, so aside from the lousy pictures, it’s a do-able car..

    Good find..

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  4. Avatar photo PaulG

    A much better car to start with than the one from the other day. This seller seems to be a lot more realistic in the description.

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  5. Avatar photo Tom Member

    This one is show car compared to that total rust bucket the other day. Unfortunately primer absorbs water, his comment about it probably helping it over time is actually the opposite…it did not help…if anything that is why it is more rusty. Gonna be a lot of time and money but unless the kiss of death is hiding somewhere it looks pretty good. I learned a long time ago to let other people resto the rust buckets. Takes more time and more money than finding a clean car somewhere else that you might pay more for but the amount of time and money it saves in the long run not to mention the end result is typically much better. This is a good car to learn that lesson on.

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    • Avatar photo Al8apex

      so true

      buy the nicest car for more money, it will SAVE you thousands and countless frustrating moments

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  6. Avatar photo Mark S

    This looks like another rustaro that has been left outside to disintegrate. This car is going to need a lot of loving to bring it back, fortunately it looks complete and these are very simple to work on, and the parts are readily avalble.

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  7. Avatar photo JCW

    The thing is buy the best you can find and afford. If you are in a position that you have more time than money and don’t want to wait and save up go for it better to be working on something than getting in trouble.

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  8. Avatar photo Seth J

    Wish these were still out there in good condition for cheap. Would be great to have for a first car, but I think the time of cheap second-gens was over before I started looking.

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