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Small Town Cat: 1954 Jaguar MK VII M


Being based in Wyoming, we often hear stories from old timers about long lost exotics hiding on ranches and in the small towns spread across our state. Sadly, we have yet to come across one of these lost gems. However, this 1954 Jaguar MK VII M Saloon was discovered in a barn in the small town of Basin, Wyoming and gives us a little hope of discovering a rare classic nearby. Take a look at this Jag here on eBay.


The MK II Saloon offered buyers a mixture of style, comfort, and performance. In ’54, Jaguar updated the design with horn grilles, new bumpers, and an increase in horsepower. When it was introduced in ’50, the MK II’s 3.4 liter straight six, which was shared with the XK120, was rated at 160 horsepower. The increase in power coincided with the release of the XK140 and helped this big car achieve a top speed over 100 mph. For a big saloon, the performance was rather impressive, with a ’56 MK II even winning the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally.  The seller claims this one was parked in the garage in 1965. The engine was supposedly run back in 2001, but has been sitting untouched since and currently isn’t running.


The seller also claims this car is original and untouched. The interior looks complete, but is showing its age and lack of maintenance. Wyoming is, for the most part, a dry place and rust is an uncommon sight on cars that have been parked indoors and away from the ice and snow. It appears that this Cat has spent most of its life inside and hopefully it wasn’t ever driven on ice and salt covered roads.


This might not be one of the mystical Wyoming barn finds we have heard stories of, like the Duesenberg left on a hill, but it’s still a unique find. It is going to need some work, but it looks solid and should make for a good starting point. The seller’s asking price seems high to us, but if it is as original as they claim, it might be worth the money. If you’ve heard any barn find tales in your own hometown, please share! You never know, they might just turn out to be true!


  1. Dolphin Member

    If I was in the market for a big Jag, this might be one to consider since it looks like it could be made into a driver without replacing too many major components providing the claim of no significant rust checks out. Big question would then be, how are the systems, given that it hasn’t run in over a decade. Probably need to rebuild a bunch of things to get them working safely, and then you’re into it for about what it might cost to get a decent driver that has been used regularly.

    If I were in the market for a Jag sedan it would be a 3.8. Better looking to my eye, smaller without losing the extra seats, and a genuine racing history.

    • paul

      Ditto the 3.8 mk11 & this will need everything redone they always do.

  2. Horse Radish

    yeah, I saw one of these at a pick apart several months ago.
    It had been sitting in their back lot for years,if not decades.
    Rustfree panels and body, needed everything else.
    I considered taking some panels off for somebody who can use them, but who tackles a resto project where you’re upside down on day one, regardless of your starting point and initial vehicle investment ??

    • Horse Radish

      split windshield, steel sunroof….

      • Horse Radish

        oooh, about this car and my prediction :
        zero bids, not even $13k (what an unfortunate number to pick for this…..)

      • Horse Radish

        Looks like the seller changed the minimum bid (now $10k) and the B.i.N price (now $14.5), ….still zero bids

      • Horse Radish

        bidding ended , 5day listing
        zero bids @ $10k…………reserve not met, BiN $14.5

  3. jim

    love to look at jags of all kinds as long as someone else owns them. this is a great find and i do hope someone make a driver out this.

    • Horse Radish

      couldn’t have put it better……

  4. rancho bella

    Oddly, off the wall things do come out of Wyoming. My last 71 LT1 Corvette came from there and for Porsche guys in the know, there is a guy in Wyoming that has a warehouse full of old P cars……………go figure.

    • paul

      Yes I always wonder were they get these cars serviced in these out of the way places.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Yep, I live in the same city as the guy with the warehouse full of Porsches. He actually let me in the other day and there were more than the photos show. Most of the cars came from Colorado though. Maybe there is something in the water here?

  5. ted

    This body style puts you in mind of an older Rolls if you look at it

  6. tomokc

    “The seller claims this one was parked in the garage in 1956”.

    The car was parked when it was 2 years old? Am I understanding this correctly.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      That was a typo on our part. The seller claims it was parked in 1965, which makes more sense. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Bernie H

    Kind of looks like no interest even at $10 grand since there’s zero bids, and two days left. I’ve never seen a real market for these older luxury vehicles, guess all t he Jag sedan lovers went out and bought new.

  8. Ronnie Lewis

    I just found one thats been in a garage for the last 5 years. It was running when parked. rusty but i think all complete. I can make a good deal for someone. Thanks Ron Lewis

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