Snow Covered 1928 Chevrolet Roadster

1928 Chevrolet Roadster

As warm as it is here in Boise, it’s hard to imagine there being snow on the ground, but up in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada there is still lots of snow on the ground. This 1928 Chevy Roadster has been hiding in this barn in Brandon for the past 62 years, but the barn began to collapse so it has been pulled out. It is now covered in a light frosting of snow and needs to find a new home soon! The seller has it listed here on kijiji for $2,800. They want to find a good home for it soon and if they can’t they will part it out so it doesn’t completely go to waste. This could be used to make an awesome hot rod, or better yet a period race car! But what would you do with it?

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  1. Randy

    Ok you take a car out of the barn that’s been saved from the elements for years and immediately leave it (a roadster on top of that with upholstery) out in the elements. A tarp is cheap, atleast throw a tarp over it. ARGH!!!!!!

  2. MH

    I would restore it 100% original. I hate when people hot rod cars. This is a piece of history.

  3. Gary Fogg

    “$2800.will sell this week or part out after that as I have 2 ppl wanting major parts off it…… least it dosnt get crushed……by the barn !..”

    I hate these statements, “You better buy this quick or else !!!!”

    As if….

  4. Ric Parrish

    I have a 1926 and I thought mine was the last year with the wooden spokes?

    • Aussie Car Man

      Nah 1928’s the best, Last with wooden wheel and first with front Brakes.. Thats what i have :)

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