Snowflake Creampuff: 1,900 Mile 1978 Pontiac Bonneville

This picture could easily have been taken on a Pontiac dealer’s lot in 1978, but actually, it is a current photo of this unbelievably low-mileage Bonneville. An otherwise largely unexciting vehicle, this two-door land yacht is as pristine as pristine gets. Are the seats really crushed velvet if nobody has ever sat in them? This car is being sold by a dealership in Orlando, FL and can be found here in a classified listing on eBay Motors.

Equipped with pillow-top power seats, power windows, and multi-speed windshield wipers, this Pontiac would’ve been one sweet ride in 1978. Two doors keep it classy, and the color-matched blue-gray interior is nothing short of a work of art. Whoever purchased this car either knew what they wanted when they saw it, or knew what they wanted before they saw it and ordered it that way. The Pontiac snowflake wheels give this sedan a sporty look that would otherwise simply not be there.

Although the aesthetics of this car give it a unique mix of classy and sporty, the power under the hood is the smaller Pontiac V8, the 301. Although V8s are awesome, the 301 is lacking at best. True to the theme, this car is equipped with air conditioning, which further adds to the luxuriousness of the car. As nice as this car is now, and was new, it is hard to believe someone would only drive it 2,000 miles!

Although a man of few words, the seller includes a large amount of detailed and flattering pictures of this beauty. This car appears to be in good running order, and the seller mentions that the car is a “true time capsule!” The seller also mentions that the car has its original tires, and if this car were to see any sort of use, it is likely the new owner would want to purchase new ones. Listed at $21,900, if you’ve ever wanted a brand new 1978 Pontiac Bonneville, here might be your only chance! Would you preserve it, or drive it every chance you got?


WANTED 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 2 dr HT I need both rear quarters Contact

WANTED 1972 Ford Ranchero GT Ready to go 4 speed, no restoration project, preferably white in Midwest Contact

WANTED 1966 Pontiac Grand Prix Rust free vehicle. Interior and motor/transmission not important. Need good sheetmetal Contact

WANTED 1970-1976 Pontiac Trans Am Must be 4 spd. Like big block. I can fix motor or tranny. Needs to be somewhat sound other than that Contact

WANTED 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Solid, complete rust free car, $45K budget. Contact

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  1. Lord Humungous

    A 2 door even. That interior is pimpin’!
    If it was not so nice it would be a great sleeper.

  2. Vegas Vic

    She is gorgeous, she is a land yacht, nifty color, different look amongst our current sea of SUVs, but 21k? Wow!
    And for 1978 the definitive land yacht is a Thunderbird…..🇺🇸

    • Rabbit

      Nah. New Yorker Brougham Coupe.

      • Sam

        Now that’s a land yacht! The Bonneville is nice but would a day cruiser since we are talking nautical. Our family had a new 1977 Delta 88 sedan, navy blue, 350, ac, am/fm, crank windows, rear window defog…out the door $7000 msrp at Dill Oldsmobile Chesterton, In.

      • King Al

        The NYB and its Imperial predecessor are absolute favorites of mine too. But this Pontiac is sweet also. I’d drive them all. No storage. Tomorrow never comes.

      • Rabbit

        A friend of mine actually has a red on white one just like this. He doesn’t drive it much tho, keeps getting pulled over….by the Coast Guard.

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  3. CCFisher

    A friend’s family had a similar car – black & silver, snowflake wheels, astroroof, red velour buckets and console with floor shift. The look was bold and flashy, but very well done, like a man in a brightly colored, impeccably tailored suit.

  4. Racingpro56

    $21,900? Not even if was gold plated.

  5. Superdessucke

    Had a sedan version of the Bonneville, same year, same engine. This was back around 1991 when I was still in college. It wasn’t the high zoot Brougham tho. It was a trim level below this. And it was considerably more beat up. Rusty, with higher mileage. I think I paid 500 bucks for it.

    It had a chronic overheating problem. I remember throwing a fit and physically beating on it when it let me down once. Seem to remember the GM corporate blue engine paint turning a much lighter color due to the overheating. But the thing still somehow kept running. I also got arrested by the campus police in it once because I had put license plates from my previous vehicle on it and neglected to register (50 bucks was a lot of money back then). But it helped me deliver some pizzas and it was okay to drive when it wasn’t overheating.

    I eventually traded it to a buddy in desperation for a junky 1980 Datsun 210 so I could keep my pizza delivery job. That car had a smashed front end and looked like utter crap, but it at least ran reliably. Soon though, some little bastards got into it and poured some motor oil all over the seats. Vividly remember putting cardboard over it and still having oil soak through to my pants.

    Ah, what great memories of a much less affluent time in my life. This one really made me reach back into the junkyard in my brain. Thank you BF.

  6. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member

    I work with some bros who would give that beauty a real transformation. I always thought the 70’s Buick Electra Deuce and a Quarter were sweet cruisers.

    • Superdessucke

      This thing will probably end up getting the hell DONK’d out of it. It’ll be riding high soon enough, literally. Is there any other market for it?

    • Oingo

      I had an 80 Park Avenue (225 name was dropped) with a dark blue velour interior, with all the options like this one except leather and mine had the wire wheels.

  7. Keith

    21K ??? No way!

  8. RoselandPete

    $21.9k PLUS the doc fee. What the..?

  9. Phillip Hopson

    21k? I bought this 91 z28 drop for 7k with 100k on it. A Bonneville 2 door is pretty cool to. Good luck on the sale.

  10. nessy

    Beautiful car in everyway except it’s way over priced at 22k. Also, you already featured this exact same car in October. Remember? Anyways, I think it would sell pretty fast around 10k.

  11. Jubjub

    Too bad it doesn’t have the crazy striped interior I’ve seen on these or a 400.

    • nessy

      You mean like this?

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  12. Ross

    I’d drive it like I stole it!

  13. Tom D

    The 301 barely moved my 78 Grand Prix, can’t imagine it does this car justice…please find me a triple black, astro roof 400 with snowflakes…cash waiting.

  14. duaney

    At least it doesn’t have the Buick V-6!

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    • David J David J

      Like the 231?

  15. Bill Owens BillO Staff

    Beautiful wheels, but I bet they’re a pain to clean.

  16. Chris

    Cream buff it maybe but 21k + fees way to steep a price for this Poncho. Heck with 0 miles in 78 sticker was at best 13500 to 14k on the high end. Good luck with it somebody would have to want it real bad for that kinda coin.

  17. Carl

    I’ve always considered this bodystyle coupe my favorite fullsize Pontiac. I think the look is kind of sporty. Not land yacht Just true fullsize unlike every car made in this rotten stinking SUV loving 21st century. The cars they call fullsize today are stretched midsize at best. I’m 34 and I realy miss fullsize cars.
    That said 21k is to much for me. Hopefully the price will keep the oversize wheels off. In my unlimited funds dreams I’d like to make this a sleeper LSX and 6 speed auto. Basically the car GM could build today but won’t. Nice find beautiful car.


    I want but the seller is on every drug known to man.

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