Solid Project: 1966 Volvo 1800S

Recently here at Barn Finds, we featured this 1972 Volvo 1800E, and the reception for it was luke-warm. This was mainly due to the extent of rust in that car. This 1966 example appears to be a far more solid proposition and has all the makings of a good project car. You will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Olympia, Washington, it is being offered for sale with a clear title. At the time of writing there has only been a single bid on this Volvo, which leaves the car sitting at $950.

As you can see from this shot of one of the more crucial rust-prone spots on this Volvo, things look really promising. The frame, floors, and rockers on the driver’s side look to be solid, with only minor rust issues to address.

The same spot on the passenger side looks just as healthy as the driver’s side. The panels on the car also appear to be solid, with only some very tiny spots of rust in the quarter panels to repair. What isn’t made clear from the description is the matter of the glass, bumpers, and other exterior trim items. These are not attached to the car, and the seller gives no indication as to whether these items are present, or if replacement parts will need to be sourced.

The interior of the Volvo is a bit of an unknown quantity. What is present looks to be in reasonable condition, and could be used in a restoration. The seller states that the previous owner dismantled it to this stage when he commenced restoration of the vehicle, but the project then stalled. With large items such as the dash missing from any shots, we can only hope that they are present, and just not shown.

The engine bay is crammed full of Volvo goodness, but I’m not sure whether this is the original engine. The seller states that it is a stock B18 engine, but it isn’t clear whether it is stock to the car, or a regular production B18, as there are some differences between the two. He also doesn’t indicate whether it runs or even turns freely, but if outward appearances count for anything, then the signs at least look promising. The engine is backed by an M41 transmission with overdrive.

Compared to the previous example that I mentioned, this 1800S looks like a solid contender for a restoration project. The only question mark that hangs over it seems to revolve around the missing glass, dash, and other trim items. If those are present then this car has a heap of potential. If they are missing, then it still has that potential, but it will cost a bit more to restore. I still think that it could be worth the effort.

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  1. glen

    Actually, he states it comes with “it’s stock 4 cylinder B18 engine….”, so it sounds like it’s the engine it came with, but, no harm in finding out for certain.

  2. Ralph

    It would take the patience of a Saint to put this back together………

    • half cab

      First thing I thought of👍

  3. Mike Mazoway

    Make a vintage racer out of it.

  4. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’m not sure what you mean about the engine. The B-18 with dual SU carbs would have been the engine this car came with when new. I can’t see any obvious reason that the engine wouldn’t be the original one.

  5. Herbee

    I think it would make an awesome street toy. However I would like to see a late model v6 installed.

  6. Tiberius1701
  7. Kenneth Nace

    Wow looks like a solid find if everything comes with it. RIP Irv Gordon hopefully your P1800 will continue even without you

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