Solid Project: 1970 Ford Torino GT

When it rolled off the production line in 1970, this Ford Torino GT must have been a pretty formidable weapon. With a 429ci Cobra Jet hiding under the hood, it would have had power to burn, and there is no reason why it couldn’t be returned to its muscular best. Located in Concord, California, you will find the Torino listed for sale here on eBay. This Torino represents one of those truly intriguing listings because while it is set to open at $8,000, there have been no bids thus far. However, there are currently 181 people watching the listing. This suggests that the Torino has generated a fair amount of interest.

Interestingly, while the photos paint a pretty positive picture of the Torino, the owner actually says that the Dark Blue paint is pretty rough. The car does have its fair share of marks, scratches, and ripples on close inspection, but there is no evidence of any rust beyond some surface corrosion. It just looks like this is a clean and solid base from which to begin the restoration process. The bumpers look like they will require a full restoration, and while the Torino does feature hide-away headlights, the doors currently aren’t fitted to the car. Those doors, along with rear window louvers, are included with the car.

The interior of the Torino is something of a mixed bag, and while it will require some work, it isn’t as bad as you might first think. The headliner appears to be damaged beyond repair, while both of the bucket seats will need new covers, and the dash pad is badly cracked. The carpet might also need to be replaced, but this can only be confirmed by close inspection. From there, the news actually begins to improve. The door trims look really good, and the dash itself actually isn’t bad. The car originally featured a 3-spoke rim-blow wheel, and while this currently isn’t fitted, it does come with the car. The same is true for the original AM/FM radio and the dress section for the center console where the original automatic shifter would have poked through. The Torino also rolled off the line fitted with factory air conditioning, but there are now a few pieces missing that will need to be located to have that up and running again.

When it was new, this is a Torino GT that would have been a fire-breather. Under the hood was a 429ci Cobra Jet V8, while the car also featured a C6 automatic transmission, a 9″ rear end, power steering, and power front disc brakes. That is certainly a tasty package, but a lot has changed over the past 49-years. The original Cobra Jet is gone, and in its place is a 429-4V, backed by a 4-speed Top Loader. The front discs are still present, but the power steering has made way for quick ratio manual steering. The owner says that the car runs and drives nicely, and doesn’t appear to have any bad vices. However, for those who would really love to return the Torino to its best, there are some crumbs of good news for you. While the original CJ engine block is gone, the original cylinder heads, intake and exhaust, shaker hood and shaker, and the original C6 transmission are all included with the car. Most of the power steering components are missing, but these parts at least provide a starting point from which to start.

By 1970, the writing was on the wall for cars like this Torino GT, and both the manufacturers and the buying public were well aware of it. Ever tightening safety and emission laws were set to ham-string cars like this, and by the mid-1970s, their successors would be pale imitations of these cars. Performance and horsepower would give way to economy and lower emissions in the eyes of manufacturers, and ground would only just begin to be clawed back as manufacturers began to experiment with technologies such as turbocharging, electronic fuel injection, and engine management systems. It is cars like this Torino GT that were left to bid the carefree ’60s goodbye. Mind you, it isn’t a bad way to mark the end of an era, and for this reason alone, I really hope that someone can restore the car to its former glory.


  1. grant

    Well then. I won’t sleep tonight. I want this car but I just can’t have it right now. I’ve told on these pages before of my dad trading one of these in on a Pinto Wagon in 1980. Dad’s was white. Yes, a Pinto. Apparently he had a choice, and chose to keep his marriage. Probably the right decision. Probably.

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  2. Bakyrdhero

    I like these cars more and more every time I see one. Is this car sitting low or is it me? I
    Like it

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  3. Troy s

    Good to see a fast Ford that isn’t named after a horse for a change. Killer super car looks on the outside, killer 429 street engine and 4 speed, probably the most boring interior of any muscle car I can think of, even the third pedal and 4speed shifter are working overtime to separate this muscle car from Dad’s station wagon. It’s all good, one good run through the gears and it’s smiles galore.

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    • JoeNYWF64

      Have you seen the interior of the modern challenger when it 1st came out(or even the latest)
      Or the modern Camaro – especially in grey?
      I just run from both of those.

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  4. Steve R

    If I was in the market for a car I’d definitely check this one out. I don’t care about the changes from stock, especially at this price point, the 4spd makes up for most of them. I’d guess bidding ends between $11,000 and $13,000.

    Steve R

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    • Steve R

      Closing bid, $11.150

      Steve R


    Forget the C6 slushbox and keep it the way it is. whoever made the change did the right thing.

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  6. whmracer99

    I learned to drive in a 70 Cobrajet Torino (I know, WHAT were my parents thinking) and almost everything since then has been a little disappointing. Unfortunately, most of the stuff that would make this valuable is gone (original drivetrain, power steering, a/c, etc.). Sure looks like someone wanted to make this a drag car so just not sure how much value is there. Probably a fun driver (although I’d think you’d have to add power steering back into the car) but as an investment grade car you’re 20k+ away from having it decent quality with the right parts.

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    • Steve R

      What modifications point towards drag racing?

      It has a stock passenger car 429, and 3.00 rear eng gears. That isn’t going to make for world beating performance.

      Steve R

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    • Troy s

      Some folks have all the luck…
      I learned to drive in a ’72 VW super beetle, a Manx beach buggy VW which I actually had my first crash in, and an ’80 Dodge half ton that had a choked to death 225 and a 4 speed overdrive stick. Yuck, yuck, and more yuck.
      Learning to drive in a ’70 Torino 429 CJ would have been better than a weekend at Six Flags Magic Mountain!! Probably more thrilling than a roller coaster too. You have no idea how envious I feel right now! Ha!

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      • grant

        I learned to drive on the damned Pinto, no joke!

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      • whmracer99

        True, but lots of times driving this felt like a 1970s drivetrain bolted to a 1930s suspension. It was heavy with smallish tires (F70-14s IIRC) and would lift the nose at anything close to terminal velocity (guess they hadn’t really thought much about the aerodynamics one of these would take on at close to 130 mph). But oh, the noise it made once pointed and the throttle was opened and the way it pushed you back into the seat made you forget all that. As the baseline against which I judged all my future street cars it set a high bar for the adrenaline rush you could get by simply climbing in and turning the key.

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  7. bobhess bobhess Member

    Honky cars then, honky cars now. This one has honky all over it.

    • Bakyrdhero

      The hell is a “honky car” Bob?

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    • Vern

      Mr bob must be of a different shade of color to be using the word Honky,and jealous his daddy didn’t have one to learn to drive in…poor bobby

  8. 86_Vette_Convertible

    It’s not original and never will be so the 4speed is the more desirable option here. Most of the work noted doesn’t seem that daunting to me so someone can get them taken care of while still having a driving project. If someone is into dragging, this one likely will satisfy their wants. If on the other hand you want something to drive, I expect this one will be very thirsty so take that into account when considering this one.
    I like the styling of this one and would just drive it if it was in my garage.

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  9. Rube Goldberg Member

    Without question, the most bad axx car for 1970!!!

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    • DonC

      The Torino is beautiful, there is no doubt as the era gave us many “starlets” as they were called. But the 1970 “Oscar” goes to the Dodge Challenger. Epic in design, desire, and acquisition.

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  10. RobM

    If only! I would give this thing a good mechanical once over and just drive it as is. My grandmother gave me a 73 Torino about 11 years ago. It was a clean car when she bought it in the 90’s. Sadly it was her daily until she gave it to me. It was Swiss cheese by then. With the 73 not being as desirable it was not worth the body work it needed to make it nice again. I let it go for $100 because at the time I was moving and had no place to keep it. I wanted all the mechanicals, because it ran and drove great. In fact I ran it from Northern Ohio to Indianapolis and back without an issue.

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  11. Troy s

    If she had been built to order with the 429 super cobra jet and deep geared drag pak option it really would have been one of the baddest new cars….no question about it. Some guys wonder why Ford didn’t use the 460, no need really as the short stroke very large bore 429 made all kinds of horsepower when provoked.

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  12. 433 jeff

    Is it me or does it sit too low to be functional? Myself i would lift if. After the torque of the motor lifts it while shifting, isnt she going to come down hard? Those meats gutta rub? I would go ballistic after every scrape, but thats just me. Aside from that 429 4 speed yee-haa

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  13. Lance Nord

    This car will never be original again, so it has endless possibilities IF the price is right. I tried for a decade to purchase a yellow version of this very same car (except all original and pristine). I stopped by to see the owners at least once every three months. Each time, I left my name and phone number. The last time I stopped by, the car was gone and a new Subaru in the driveway. The owner told me sorry, but it was a spur of the moment trade-in (a week prior) when he was looking for a new car. I immediately drove down to the Subaru dealership but the car had already been sold… :( The story of my life… a day late and a dollar short.

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  14. Woody

    Vin number says J-code,this car has original “shaker”hood and extra parts included from California which tells me it’s worth every asking penny! Im partial to these Torino’s because my brother owns one, and yes the 4-speed is a nice change to this one!

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  15. Del

    Lot of changes.

    Do not see car bringing even 10 gs

  16. dyno dan

    is investment grade a new category? that’s up there with time capsule and great
    market potential. a wise man told me once “nothing is worth anything unless someone is willing to pay what you want” I think it was Alfred E. Newman.

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  17. Vern

    My uncle had a 69.429cj in compition orange,black rear window louvers. .I was abought 8yrs old,man I loved that car


      A 1969 Torino would have had a 428. The 1970 Torino was the first year that a 429 was used in that body.

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  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yes….I like them….think it was a better body style than the 68/69…..

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  19. TimM

    What a beauty!! Wow well equipped and great body lines!! It doesn’t get any better than this!!!

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  20. bobhess bobhess Member

    Bakydhero.. Honky: Aggressive looks, lots of power, great noises out of the engine, looks going fast sitting still. Folks see me writing about “slight lowering, slight California rake, etc.”, well this is the epitome of a California car and I love the look. The nose bleed heights of muscle cars of the era did nothing for their looks and if you notice even the drag racers got rid of the raised noses and put them on the ground.

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    • Bakyrdhero

      Well I couldn’t agree more @Bob. This thing looks like a predator. I went to a large car show yesterday with hundreds of cars and didn’t see a single Torino. Hard to believe

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  21. AMCFAN

    Ford did zero to make these cars exciting on the inside. Certainly nothing to smile about except tape stripes on the door and Magnum 500 wheels. I do like the lowered look but I am out. A 429 sounds good in theory until you add it to over 4000 lbs.of vehicle weight. I had a 1968 FB Galaxie buckets console and the 428 C6 and standard gearing. It was a slug on power and only way to spin the tires was with your foot on the brake or stabbing it while turning a corner. But I could brag to everyone it had a 429. People imagine a Boss 9 when you say 429 because its a larger number then a 427.

    If I wanted a big body family car and go fast at the same time I would take a Rebel Machine with a 340HP 390 any day or a 1970 Buick GS 455 two of the most under rated cars when new.

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  22. bobhess bobhess Member

    Vern… “Honky” came out of Dr. John in New Orleans in one of his songs at a local club. Got to be used for describing everything including people. BTW, learned to drive on a race track but my get the license car was a ’57 Olds 98 four door hardtop with the biggest engine available. Car was only a few years old and fast! Resisted lighting up the tires during the test but left the DMV in a cloud of smoke with license in hand. Another BTW.. one reason I find watching Street Outlaws is that beautiful orange ’57 drag car.

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  23. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Great cloud of smoke story Bob! Ended: Jul 14, 2019 , 8:00PM
    Winning bid:US $11,150.00
    [ 14 bids ]

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  24. Del

    I was close guessing 10 g

    If the bidder follows through…..😉

  25. Dave S.

    But on a Pinto , Grant ??? ! Your Mom must be a fantastic woman. lol

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