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Solid Roller: 1932 Chevrolet 5 Window Coupe


Missing a few items, this 1932 Chevrolet is a solid starter for your next project.  The seller claims that these ’32 Chevrolets aren’t that common and if you are a true Chevrolet fan you can’t be caught in a ’32 Ford. Brand rivalry aside, this project is currently bid up to $2,850. Find it here on ebay out of Estes Park, Colorado.


The interior of this old Chevy is nicer than we imagined it would be. The interior is rust free and very clean. It would appear that all off the major interior components are present with this Chevy. The glass looks nice and doesn’t look stained or delaminated. The exterior has some obvious surface rust, and old paint, but there is no visible rot present. It is claimed to have been stored indoors for a long time, which we can believe. There is no drivetrain with this Chevrolet, and there are no fenders either. But that may not be such a problem for the next owner, as this Chevrolet would likely make a great hot rod type of project and may wind up being a great deal for someone looking for a steel body.


This Chevrolet may also make a solid restoration project for someone who already has one in need of a solid starting point. Although we can see where you may have some creative ideas for this roller. What would you do with this ’32 Chevrolet?


  1. Dennis M

    Oh man, what great rod potential! Move the gas tank, drop the body down over the frame rails, source a nice small block chevy and away you go!

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  2. DrinkinGasoline

    What brings a 1932 Chevrolet to this point of disparity ? Then again, what brings any vehicle to this point of disparity ? Alcohol ?, Drugs ?,
    poor Friend Choices ? I am far from a Chevrolet person but, even Henry could appreciate a bone stock 1932 Chevrolet 5 window Coupe with it’s louvered hood and fender mounted spares. :)

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  3. Mark S

    To bad the fenders weren’t there, they may be hard to find. As for a fenderless hotrod “nothing uglier”

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  4. Terry


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  5. Dale

    Put a slant six Chrysler in it and name it payback.

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  6. Mike Williams

    I’d find a old stovebolt and go racing at TROG in Pismo Beach !

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  7. Mike Williams

    It would also look cool with a Flattie and a ’32 Ford grill !!

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  8. Bob Hess

    These cars weren’t that much different than the ’32 five window I use to have. Bet you could get some Ford glass fenders and running boards and make them fit. Have done that a few times and got good results. Just to turn the tables…. a 289 Ford with a T-5 tranny and a 9 inch rear would do just fine.


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    • Mike Williams

      that is what I said, and I might add a 32 Ford frame before channeling it.

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  9. Ck

    Fenders you don’t need no stinkin fenders .Get your self ,or Build your self a new frame with disc brakes and a nice suspension set up. Get it so it sits real low. Throw in the GM engine and trans combo of your choice.Paint everything BLACK with some old school color of your choice pin stripping. Don’t put any chrome on it except for the wheels. How aboot a set of chrome reverse rims, with baby moon hub caps .Or even better, a set of corvette rallies ,powder coated black with a set of those flat police caps.Yep thats the visual that just poped into my head ,and that’s what it would look like if it were mine.

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  10. Ck

    Whoops almost forgot ,ya gotta Chop a few inches off the top.RUT ROW just noticed THE THUMBS DOWN BUTTON IS BACK…..

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  11. Rolf Poncho

    Terry I stick with u a gasser it must be

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  12. Helen

    restore it stock!!!

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  13. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Arent the louvers of the hood supposed to be chrome on a 32 Chevy Deluxe? Imagine the rat rod flat black finish, apple green pinstripe, Corvette rally wheels and all of those flaps in CHROME!

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  14. chad

    Y hack? I’m w/Helen…
    8^ o

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  15. John

    Small block, 4 speed & run it like it is!

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