Someone Learned The Meaning Of Snap Oversteer!

Wrecked 911 Turbo

With its engine out back, the Porsche 911 is known for its unique handling characteristics. Strap a turbo onto that flat-six and things can get downright frightening! Looks like someone may have lifted in a corner? Hopefully the driver of this 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo made it out okay. The same can’t be said for the car though. It’s twisted and mangled, but when Olaf E sent this one in, we knew we had to feature it. Beverly Hills Car Club has it listed here on eBay with an eye-watering $39,500 price tag. When new these bad boys could outrun just about anything on the road and nice ones sell for well into six figures today! Do you think this one is beyond saving though?


  1. Rick

    “Great Investment”! “Will require full restoration!” And yet, some sucker will likely plug up that $40K just for the VIN tag and possibly the engine/transmission (and anything else salvageable).

  2. Charles

    I see a Vin tag swap in the making.

  3. van

    930 turbos are awesome
    It would be worth braking even to have one
    Below 3000 rpm a beetle is faster
    When the turbo kicks in, you will look in the rear view to see who hit you, it pulls that hard!
    I might sacrifice a good 911 for the body

  4. Bgyglfr

    Looks more like it was T-boned at an intersection than a backward off the road excursion to me.

  5. Chris

    Another Porsche owner that can’t drive.

    • Mike H. Mike H.

      Which seems to be a common theme. . .

    • Bgyglfr

      There are many people who can’t drive. Unfortunately some of them get behind the wheel in cars they don’t deserve to.

    • Woodie Man

      As a former P-car owner, I resemble that remark! If I were to speculate someone’s shortcomings in other areas were not made up for by driving this P-car…..

  6. TRP

    Bilstein coil overs. Gotti wheels. Track tires. Smells a little like a track day gone bad. Although I do agree. It could be a weekend warrior vs. Mini-van. Im sure I will catch hell for this, but damn that is one ugly 930. Pull the running gear and send the rest to the crusher.

    • Tim

      Just what I was thinking

  7. racer99

    Was worth it just to go through their inventory listing. Should have kept my old El Camino! I also wondered where this thing ended up:

    • Olaf E

      It’s still/again for sale at Hemmings and at Ebay, still asking $ 3,950.00.

  8. Mike H. Mike H.

    Seller seems to have an interesting variety of cars to offer, from clean drivers to steaming turds.

    • Luki

      That particular seller is THE WORST. Period end of story.
      Their business model is to buy for next to nothing, sell absolute garbage to unsuspecting fools and laugh all the way to the bank.
      I wish they would dry up and blow away so I can read the classifieds, Samba, Hemmings , ect, without having to sort through their endless clutter.

      • Mike H. Mike H.

        Sorry, I wasn’t complimenting them at all. They look like their name should be “Central High-Dollar Flippers”. I was admiring a rusted out and bondo-ed up Rolls-Royce for $4k; scrap is paying approximately nothing, meaning that car is priced at 400% of its actual worth.

      • Woodie Man

        Among car folks they do have that reputation. The knowing car folks.

      • Nessy

        Oh Luki, you are being too kind to this seller. No kidding, you are right. This place is the pits. Stay away. Beverly Hills, not really in Beverly Hills or the East Coast version, Gullwing the bragger, they will waste your time with so called high offers until it’s time to pay, then the price drops several thousand and if you are smart, you tell them to take a walk.

    • Horse Radish

      You must not know the history of “BHCC”.
      The ultimate car sales enterprise, where the only thing that counts is that the used car sales man makes a profit.
      On this particular 912 he should just scrape that off the pavement with a gigantic credit card and deliver it to the Peterson Automotive museum just down the street about 20 miles, since this outfit is NOT REALLY in Beverly Hills.
      It should be displayed as is, NO OTHER USE FOR IT AT ALL.

  9. van

    If you don’t mind a “little” cough cough rust Beverly Hills and gullwing can set you up
    I admit gullwing is on my bucket list

  10. steven

    Lots of money is no mark of how well a man can drive talent cant be bought Porsche,s on the other hand can be but 40k for a bent 70’s 911 ??? Not worth 40k straight you can buy a 79 911 in lhd in the UK in exceptional condition for 10k sterling around 18 us

  11. e55

    The front end looks to be 964 Turbo built from 1991-1994.

    • RayT Member

      Now that you mention it…. Bumpers are wrong for an early 930. A lot of the other “tell-tales” are gone, replaced with aftermarket pieces.

      Not that this changes the value. It’s still too much money for a parts car, even if the “original” paint is shiny. You can’t transfer that to a replacement tub/body anyway.

      I love early 930s — spun the first one I drove, on (of all places) a narrow mountain road — and agree they could be vicious. But that’s part of the joy: no electronic skill-enhancers, just a need to pay attention and use your head.

      It’s just my opinion, but I’d be happier if BF stopped featuring cars from outfits like “Beverly Hills Car Club.” Mega-flippers get on my nerves, faster than a spinning Porsche!

      • Horse Radish

        Thank You Ray !
        You just spoke my mind.

        I agree 100% with your last paragraph.
        When it comes to these “Mega-Flippers” is nothing more aggravating to me than to see them double or triple their money just for dragging them out somewhere and selling them to complete nitwits who have the wool pulled over their eyes.

  12. DRV

    Yes, a VIN and swap story in the making. Does the Porsche club keep track of something like this? It would help them as a whole.

    • Duncan

      Yes they do.

  13. Peter

    That’s patina… change the oil and drive it like you stole it.

  14. Bobsmyuncle

    To reiterate what has already been said this dealer is known, infamous in fact, for selling high priced wrecks.

    That said, someone is buying their cars. Some inventory sits for LONG periods but they move product.

    I always wonder if their business plan is to list high (just in case they get a bite) but settle low more often than not.

  15. Bobsmyuncle

    As a side note, I imagine we’ll be seeing more and more of these sorts of wrecks in the next few years.

    Most of these cars have been with the owners for a few years and they aren’t insured enough to reflect the sudden upsurge in value, leaving them as write offs.

    I suppose we’ll see a few wrecks from the new generation of owners that have even less experience driving without electronic nannnies.

  16. That Guy

    Yeah, that’ll buff out.

  17. Steve

    “Will require full restoration”…

    Dont worry. We can fix it. My dad has an awesome set of tools. Hes a TV repair man.

  18. Nessy

    I agree with all the low comments about this uncool flipper dealer. Many of his cars do not belong to him and many cars in his junkyard, excuse me, I mean his car lot are rough around all edges with alot of polish and touchup paint. Oh, about the car in question? It’s twisted overpriced metal. He makes himself sould like he is a true car guy but he still has alot to learn to think he can run with the big time classic dealers.

  19. doug6423

    Not sure why you would do a VIN swap on this. It is very repairable. Most of the damage is to the right A Pillar. To properly repair it, mount it to a Celette bench system (which is required for most/all euro vehicles), put on the required jigs and the pulls needed, then proceed replacing the necessary parts. Have a nice car again and ready for the track.

    • DRV

      Not a single straight thing on it though…

      • doug6423

        ?? Quite a bit is. Only the windshield and passenger door glass is broken. Car still has a lot structural integrity. It looks ugly, but under the outer panels I doubt it is.

  20. Luki

    Drive it as is. Rolling resto.

    Bet the folks @ Beverly Hills wish they had thought of that.

  21. James

    “Very Repairable”? I guess it depends what you mean by “repaired”. This 911 body hard cowl hits like that are VERY hard to get right even with a Celette and with less damage than that car has. The door gaps, windshield openeing and rear fender corners will never be the same again. We used to call them a “whistler” for the noise it would make coming through the door sills after it was supposedly repaired.

    • doug6423

      Seen 911 worse than this. Repaired properly and put back on the track. The shop I worked in made a name for it’s self re-repairing cars that were repaired at other shops. Guaranteed you couldn’t tell our repairs from original. Celette makes upper fixtures which very few shops use, much less even use all of the lower. If all the upper and lower jigs line up there no reason the car should whistle going down the street. Hopefully your not a shop owner that blames the insurance company for poor repairs. :)

  22. Dave Wright

    I don’t understand all the hate for this guy. He is a dealer, seems to be making a living on what he does. Many times his prices look high but how can you argue with success? He finds more interesting stuff in a month than most of will in a lifetime, and few of us can make a living with exotic cars…….most guys here are Google experts with all the answers to things they have never seen. This guy seems to lay his hands on the projects he sells. Anything made by man can be repaired or remanufactured. It just depends on time, skill and the money you want to invest. I have seen worse looking cars rebuilt in Germany by Freisinger……..I have no idea if it is worth it. Turbos went through a time when they were pretty inexpensive at one point. So many of them were abused badly and are really poor if you look byond a shiney paint job. It is difficult to find craftsmen capeable of doing great repair or restoration work, most are simply parts changers, when that fails they are lost.

    • Dave Wright

      The first place…..l.lthe European market is driving the price of these cars and what part of OBO do people not understand.

    • Horse Radish

      … with the key words:

      This guy SEEMS to….

      Perception goes a lot farther than actual skill and integrity, doesn’t it these days ?.

  23. Dave Wright

    So…….how do you make a living. Welfare recipients have never been able to afford these cars……….

    • Mike H. Mike H.

      I don’t really know that I agree with you on that one, Dave. In my neighbourhood I see welfare recipients using their EBT cards to buy steaks and junk food while their man waits in the fire lane in the M-B, BMW, or P-Car. Seems that “Yoo-Row-Peein” cars are the flavour of the year with them; seems like not so long ago they were in love with the Cadillac Escalade (with mandatory 24″ wheels, of course!) and GMC Yukon, but lately their tastes have crossed the pond.

      And to you Luki: I peed myself a little bit with your line “I almost broke the land speed record for selling a junk car but Fiat beat me to it before I got into the biz.” That was funny.

      • van

        Who is this, Megan Kelly
        You read all that of the Fox teleprompter
        You might want to check your source
        I’ve been to the projects, no new cars, no nice mercedes-benz.
        You can only collect welfare for two years you goof.
        Around 1970, 60 minutes did a story about this. Turned out it was a fake.
        But hay if that’s what you’re candidate wants to to belive today is super Tuesday.
        And just so you know the average welfare person is a white woman who’s husband divorced her, left her with kids and no child support and she uses it for an average of 6 months which is just Long enough to get her feet on the ground. This happens a lot because 50 percent of men don’t pay their court ordered child support. Check your facts.

    • Luki

      What do I do for a living? Me? I don’t.

      Truth be told I can’t actually afford one of those fancy classics. Kinda have my eye on and sure do love the drop dead gorgeous lines on those ’80s Volares though. Factory paint drips and all. Sigh……

      Yeah, you caught me, poser that I am. Still driving my original interior Levi’s Gremlin. Can you believe some fool set out on the curb on trash night a few years ago? At least I think it was free for the taking.
      Hoping to get the Yugo up and running for the summer. Before I snagged that gem my mom took me downtown on the Metro to the Welfare office.

      • James

        Hey Luki! I’ve been looking for an original “Levi” edition Gremlin for a long time. So if you ever want to come off of it, let me know! ;)

  24. Dolphin Member

    Mr. Manos:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with selling used cars, even crashed/rusted/neglected ones. We see cars like that for sale all the time on Barn Finds. Nobody is forced to buy anything they don’t want or like. I have actually drawn attention to BHCC on here once or twice in the past because I sometimes see what look like OK cars on your website that I would like to own.

    But I have said on this site before that one of the things that bothers me is when sellers use a hard sell approach in their ads. Maybe your 1979 Porsche Turbo is a great investment and has lots of potential in today’s 930 market. But the car has been hit big, and the body is completely distorted. It will require a lot of work by people with special experience and tools to even bring it back to the point where it will be able to be driven safely on public roads. It might be better with a car like this to hold the hard sell and just let the car speak for itself. If someone thinks he can fix it then maybe he will step up.

    Also, I think it might be better to tone down the attitude displayed in your comment. I think any serious car guy, which Barn Finds readers all are, would prefer to deal with sellers who have respect for a buyer’s right to come up with his own opinion and decision on what he thinks of a car. And with a car like your Turbo it’s just a fact that a lot of serious car guys are going to look at it and think it cannot/should not be brought back. Maybe they would be wrong, maybe not, but they are entitled so speak their opinion. And so are you. But speaking for myself, hard sell in a listing for a seriously crashed car is not a good thing.


    • Bobsmyuncle

      Ummm so that was a joke… Right?

  25. DRV

    Mike H., where do you live.? I have heard this same story before. I don’t believe it and if it’s true then it is happening in the 1 percent area. Corporations are the huge welfare queens in the past 30 years dwarfing what is spent on the poor…

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota. Come on by. . . Lots of cars in the hood with Illinois and Michigan license plates; they hear about the generousity of the local welfare system (Hennepin County especially!) and come take a seat at the table. I recently moved from the north side of Minneapolis – which is a SERIOUS ghetto, by the way – and I can assure you that EVERY trip to the grocery brought me a view of welfare recipients eating far better than I do (the EBT card is not hard to spot in this town, friends!).

      And to you, sir van, oh he of the exceptionally bad grammar and punctuation: most of them ARE white. The accompanying children usually aren’t, but this is a site dedicated to Barn Finds and not social discussion. My “facts” are simply observations, and have been from every word I’ve spoken. You quote a 50% statistic (men who don’t pay their child support) and as you posed that as a fact I’d ask that you check yours, friend.

    • Mike H. Mike H

      Oh also: many of the recipients are dealing on the side. Helps to make the car payments, I suppose.

  26. James

    Both BHCC and GWM are in about the same business. Both have “buyers” that do nothing but scan craigslist and all other published car ads and buy up everything they can get their hands on. Manos’ people tried to buy a car out from under me on the phone while I was in the driveway paying for it telling the seller they would pay more. I sold one car to each of them over the years and watched them double or triple the internet price and leave some crucial information about both cars to the unsuspecting buyers that I had disclosed to them. They count on having the photos look good and selling to people online that aren’t going to come look in person. It is basically the unscrupulous preying on the unschooled.

    • van

      All cars get the same photos, same angle. That way they have the legality covered. The angle or the light will most likely be wrong for the area in question. Copart goes as far as providing no information at all. Can’t su if you don’t check the car yourself.

  27. Luki

    Just so I’m transparent about the Gremlin.


    Little bit of an unresolved title discrepancy anyway. It’s still in my Mom’s name.

  28. jim s

    seller 220 vehicles for sale on Ebay. i too think this was a track day car, no speedo but maybe it was removed after car was damaged. this car took a very hard hit. i think it is now a parts car. interesting find.

    • bgyglfr

      Stock interior and seat belts I would say likely not a track car. I wouldn’t put it past this seller to pull the speedo to hide the mileage on the motor. A very significant part of the cars value.

  29. Brad

    Reminds me of the one they dropped a concrete barrier on, for a hipster jeans ad.
    I just don’t get these prices.

  30. bcavileer

    Having driven several of these evil machines and losing a friend to one of these, I cannot, nor will not ever understand the facination with this marque. They are quick, but they will not forgive the novice or the driver who loses concentration for a moment. A well balanced machine assists the driver, responds to the driver’s inputs and can be brought into line with the proper skills. These will behave to the point of breaking loose, then nothing will stop the pendulum action. Good luck to all you Porschefiles, make sure your life insurance is paid up so your kin can at least lay you and that rusty killer to rest. Horrid design. Horrid. That picture is burned in my memory, the car that killed my friend looked Exactly like that when I seen it the next day. Sorry, not a fan.

    • Joe Howell

      My experience with a Turbo Corvair decades ago is the reason I went for the 944 and not a 911. I have heard the 911 described as bad idea brilliantly executed.

  31. Joe

    Same seller also seems to have what looks like a decent looking 1979 930 turbo for sale at 67K. Hmmm, at 27K more I would opt for the one in which the glove box closes.

    • BMW/Tundra Guy

      That one has been driven hard and driven hard and driven hard and and and that’s it from looks of it!!! Maintenance was probably completed on an “Only as Needed” basis! Certainly appearance maintenance was done in the “Not at All” category! Thank goodness for a buffer and Photo Shop!!

  32. monsieur le baton

    I’ve bought a couple of cars from bhcc over the years, and they’ve been as expected. Yes it was a European transaction, and it was mostly done without inspection, but the price was fair and they look after the whole sale, shipping etc.

    There aren’t many places in the US that provide this service, especially shipping. Alex is a car dealer, but you call him a flipper….. Thats his job. Also you say he doesn’t tell the whole truth, but for me that’s just the difference between a trade ad and a private ad. I’ve never seen a trade ad come near 50% clean on the actual issues. Its a come and inspect market, no warranty is implied or given. I say keep showing them, as internationally the prices are not inflated at all.

  33. Paul R.

    If you drive them hard enough, the capabilities of the car and the driver will exceed the laws of Physics. The best drivers in the world crash the best cars in the world on a racetrack somewhere.. Every weekend.

  34. Mark L


    I don’t usually comment on web sites, but I feel I should on this. I own a 1988 Bentley Mulsanne S that was bought from Beverly Hills Car Club 3 1/2 years ago.

    It was bought with a salvage title due to grill damage. The car was bought for
    $ 5,500 and about 30 hours of labor was taken to repair the grill and replace a wheel hub on the right rear.

    It goes well with my 05 Lincoln LS V8,89 Lotus Esprit SE, 92 XJS 6 liter V12. (Yes, it has a 6 liter from a 95 XJ12).

    There were no hidden surprises with the Bentley and with nearly 170,000 miles on it, it is driven regularly and my wife and I both enjoy it.

    I also insure the Bentley, Lotus and Jag with JC Taylor for agreed value on each and full coverage with $0 deductibles for $ 386 a year.

    I have never had any issue with BHCC and would not have a problem buying another car from them.

    Besides, we are car enthusiasts, and if you can’t/won’t inspect a car prior to buying it, that is your fault, as it is your money until you give it up.

    I find it appalling that people would publicly disparage a business with such vitriol without ever having actually done business with them or even visited the shop.

    My advice is spend less time belittling others and more time in the garage working on fun stuff.

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Well said Mark.

      • Bobsmyuncle

        I disagree full heartedly. The whole point of this site is as a resource to potential buyers.

        This dealer is INFAMOUS. That is important information that I would certainly expect a friend or ANY decent person to share with me.

        Yes the final decision is left with the potential buyer but at least, armed with this information they can proceed with extra caution, perhaps ask some pointed questions, or ask for some references etc.

        The idea of being tight lipped about so concerning an issue is absolutely irresponsible.

        It’s no different than pointing out potential scams, or that legendary Porsche rebuilder with the red fans.

  35. Mark L

    Oh yes, I thought you might enjoy a photo of me with my Bentley.

  36. Luki

    You drive the Bentley regularly?

    Here are some of the terms of JC Taylor insurance.

    “Be used primarily as hobby vehicles: used in exhibitions, club activities, parades, or other functions of public interest. An occasional nice day drive to keep the vehicle in running order is perfectly acceptable”

    Your credibility just went to zero.

  37. van

    Now let’s all remain civil
    The Mulsanne turbo is cool
    No cheep suit here

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