Space Age Barn Find: 1958 Lincoln Continental MKIII

It is more than clear that the “Space Age” was in full affect from looking at the styling and features of this Continental MKIII convertible. A little worse for wear after a long time spent in a barn, this extremely cool and stylish convertible is relatively complete and could wind up being a cheap acquisition. Currently bid up to $1001.00, this convertible is worth a look. Check it out here on eBay out of Decatur, Indiana.

Expired for quite some time, the convertible top only has a few remaining remnants. The interior has taken a beating with what appears to be moisture exposure, and perhaps some rodent infestation. There is no word on the condition of the floors, or under body. I have seen worse condition interiors in convertibles before, but it would seem there are still a couple of useful parts in this interior.

The styling on this MK III harks to the space age, but isn’t over the top. Repainted at some point in time, this convertible was originally white, but somehow the metallic green is fitting on this car. Despite its charm, there is rust to be seen in this old convertible. The lower front edge of the hood is rotted, and there is rust around the headlights. Also the center section of the rockers on both sides of this car are rough with extensive rot. I am imagining that the floors and under body will be a bit of a let down once someone takes a look, but who knows. Would you take on this cool Lincoln?


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    Coin flip.

  2. Mattyou63

    Ridiculous I love it

  3. Mattyou63

    Add but A430 in it with a huge Cam headers straight pipes and then lope/drive around town real slow and loud

  4. Mattyou63

    Is that a 61 Sitting next to it I’d rather have that

  5. Alan Brase

    I think the 1958 is an acquired taste. Ya gotta admit, it would get you noticed. It would be the only one in some STATES, I would predict!
    I’m totally smitten with the 61-69 style.
    They were well built cars and expensive to restore correctly. That 430 engine was strong and reliable.
    If you like it, go for it, but it will be a LOT of work.

    • SAM61

      I like it. It is an acquired taste like a meal of Limberger cheese curd appetizers, main course of stuffed tripe washed down with a six pack of aged Zima.

  6. Ed P

    This Lincoln displays all the garish styling that was so typical of late 50’s cars.

    • Loco Mikado

      Maybe the garish styling was because of all the nuclear fallout from the above ground nuclear testing going on at the time. As good an explanation as other theories.

  7. Sal Monelli

    Restoring either of these makes absolutely no sense !!
    These cars were notoriously unreliable when new, let alone a half century sitting in a “barn”…. the electrical system and complicated top mechanisms were particularly difficult …. go buy a nice one for $40-50K and be a world ahead of all the headaches !!!

  8. XMA0891

    And Homer Simpson managed to bankrupt his brother’s automobile company with something that was less outrageously designed than this???
    Insanely grotesque! I love it!
    Hope I get there before Neil Young.
    (Heard he has a thing for these…)

    • mz mansfield

      Neil turns them into eco..or was that his dream? He’s on You Tube with one..maybe a few vids for ole’ suicide Linx.
      My 98TC has wheel-well design edge rust (under chrome dream strips) was not my rust anywhere else..but snotty Link-dealerships never told meabout the mistake..I had an extended 100k warranty too. jerks.

  9. John K

    Love the headlights and the front. Somehow the rest seems kinda’ bland.

  10. Mike

    Ick. That front bumper looks blob like and overpowering.

  11. russell spreeman

    From the side you can see the Batmobile influence.
    My family had a 1960, far better looking because boy that ’58 front bumper looks like a snowplow from Heck.

    This car, being a zillion pound unibody, is going to suffer mightily from rust to the structure. As a convertible the rigidity is even more challenged. I wouldn’t touch it.

    • Ed P

      The rigidity of these unit body cars was poor in 1958 even on sedans. The first test models flexed enough to bang their bumpers on the ground. The Ford Boys had to reinforce the body for production.

      • russell spreeman

        Wow, I would love to have been on hand to see that! I think it did take all the way to ’60 before FoMoCo found a way to stop the harmonics from the driveline from ringing through the whole body structure.

  12. Will Owen

    Even bigger than the monstrous ’57s, and I believe the biggest unit-construction car ever built. As Ford was pretty new to designing such structures the car was also about the heaviest-ever unibody as well. The much sleeker and prettier next-generation Lincolns, one of which is tucked in next to this in the garage photo, very much redeemed the marque in my opinion when they were introduced. From Baroque to sleek elegance in one stroke.

  13. Pat

    That’s one huge front end. A family of four could eat an eight course meal on that bumper….

  14. UK Paul

    Great looking thing.

  15. JGooglyn

    That’s a 55mph bumper! So that’s where Chrysler got the idea for their 61-62 models

  16. Steve H

    Wow, what a huge car. They looked pretty amazing when they were new. As some guys have stated, the bumper is MASSIVE. But this one on eBay, with all its rust issues, should be a parts car IMHO.

  17. jtnc

    The front bumper is pretty scary, but otherwise I think the ’58 Lincoln is far better looking than the ’58 Cadillac. Not sure why we ever wanted cars this huge.

  18. Pete in PA

    The white one appears to be a 62, not a 61.

  19. Bob D.

    Love these 50’s cars

  20. MikeH

    I was a teenager when these came out in ’58. We thought they were
    butt-ugly then. Of course, there wasn’t much in ’58 that wasn’t ugly. In our teenage conversations, it was a contest between the ’58 Lincoln, ’58 Cadillac and ’58 Buick as the ugliest car ever built.

  21. MRE2ME

    Wouldn’t have thought that they would have put the BreezeWay window on convertible. Never seen it before.

    • russell spreeman

      Look on YouTube, I they have video of the convertible top going up and down. And there is certainly a breezeway window on it.

  22. Puhnto

    One of the biggest, ugliest cars ever, and that’s exactly why it’s so awesome now!

  23. Kev

    Had a 58 mk3 convertible body fit was spot on for an ancient unibody doors were a dream.on a side note engine parts only took a day from my local auto parts,64 galaxy parts were way tougher to get

  24. MRE2ME

    Kev- How long ago was that? Would really like to know.

  25. Andy

    Amazing that they sandwiched this between two of the prettiest cars FoMoCo ever built, the Continental MKII and the ’61 Lincoln Continental. This isn’t quite 1960 Valiant ugly, but the huge makes up for it.

  26. Neil G.

    Love the rear of this car.

  27. Brad C

    In my case, I have to be in a totally different mindset to admire this MK3 after looking at the MK2. The latter is the pinnacle of understated elegance and refinement… while this beast is all about excess, size, whimsical bumpers, and Jetsons-esque futurism. I like both for totally different reasons… and depending on the day, one would certainly suit my personality better than the other.

    I’m realizing I may need one of each.

    • Alan Brase

      “…realizing I may need one of each.” I like that. But like wildlife, I am completely happy to look at them from a distance and do not need to see them in my garage. But I would very much like to see it restored. Good luck to the buyer. Start a build thread and I’d support you. Jetsons-esque futurism, indeed.

      • Brad C

        “like wildlife, I am happy to look at them from a distance and do not need to see them in my garage…”

        Truer words were never spoken. My ’54 Chrysler wagon, ’53 Pontiac Chieftain and ’57 Airstream trailer – all in an ALMOST finished state – attest to the wisdom of not biting off more than one can chew. Someone else will hopefully do a good job getting this back on the road; like you… it won’t be me, either.

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