“As Is” Special: 1967 Ford Galaxie XL Convertible

Though at least one sale removed from reliable first-hand history, this 1967 Ford Galaxie XL Convertible appears to be in fairly solid shape. Offered here on eBay with a price of $8,000 or best offer, this black beauty never received the restoration envisioned by the seller, and may not have been driven since 1995, the year on its Missouri inspection sticker. The seller relocated it from Nebraska to its current location in Paterson, New Jersey, and it may have spent some good years in the dry climate of Arizona. It may have also been used by Elvis for his covert visits to Area 51. Actually, I fabricated that last part but, if you’re going to guess on a car’s history, why not jazz it up?

Ford’s Galaxie appealed to a broad range of buyers in 1967, and the same goes today. This car may attract a Family Man or Woman seeking a classy older car for Saturday shows and drive-in burgers and custard. Still, with beefier wheels and tires and some attention to its 390 cid “Thunderbird” V8, this Galaxie could take on an entirely different persona, in case the new owner favors the aroma of fresh-roasted pavement over carnauba and butter burgers.

Ford’s brochure for the 1967 Galaxie bragged that “You’re ahead in a Ford.” This snappy red interior compliments the black paint as well today as it did during the Summer of Love. With air conditioning, power windows, automatic transmission, bucket seats, console, and a power convertible top, this drop-top rolled out in style and comfort.

With 270 HP and 405 lb-ft of torque (gross) on hand, this full-size Ford would have no problem moving into traffic, even with the extra weight of the convertible (thanks to automobile-catalog.com for some details).  Whether the 51,191 miles shown has appeared on the odometer before or not may be irrelevant as this car will sell based on its condition, or at least what can be verified by inspection. Considering the unknown history and “as is” condition, how do you value this 390-powered full-size convertible?


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  1. ccrvtt

    Not sure about the frame rust just behind the front wheels, but otherwise it looks pretty darn solid. Kudos to the seller for including so many revealing photos of critical areas.

    The engine is a big concern with the cut plug wires & the a/c compressor is likely seized, but it looks just oily enough that it may turn.

    Most of the original parts look to be there and in adequate condition. Paint the driver’s door, clean it up, enjoy. Nice find.

  2. JW

    My sister had a 67 Galaxie but a hard top with a 302, maroon with maroon interior. It was a super nice cruising car but a 390 would have been nice. I’m not a vert fan but I like this one.

  3. Dan

    Are cords like AMCs, in that the vin is on the drivers door, and things get complicated when they do not match with elsewhere on the car?

    • Gearheadengineering

      No. There is a trim tag on the door that includes the VIN, but it isn’t the official VIN location. That will be stamped elsewhere.

      – John

      • DrinkinGasoline

        Buck Tag on the firewall driver side upper corner. Door jamb sticker reflecting the same information. Stamped VIN on the top of the passenger side frame near the exhaust manifold/firewall. ’68 and later Ford models would employ the VIN tag in the lower corner of the driver’s side windshield riveted to the dash.

      • CATHOUSE

        To Dan, the plate on the door clearly states that it is NOT FOR REGISTRATION so it does not cause any real problems from a legal point. As stated above the official VIN will be stamped in a different location which will vary by the car line.

        Ford did not start to use the sticker type of data plate until the 1970 model year. Prior to that the tag was made of metal and held in place by rivets. Starting in 1968 Ford did place a VIN tag that was visible through the windshield however it was located on the passenger side, it was not until the 1969 model year that the tag was moved to the drivers side.

  4. Joe Haska

    I think this is a cool car and has lots of potential. Having said that, you would have to like it allot, and be prepared to spend a significant amount of time, and money, just for a nice cosmetic restoration. Might try to find one that has already been restored or in better condition.

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    • On and On On and On Member

      I think you are right, Joe. These may not have an individual strong following and for a couple thousand more you can get a “done” one at least as a driver to enjoy and work on as you go. I liked the style of ’67 Fords, It was clean and pleasing. I would be proud to own one and re-live high school if thats possible at my age………..Where’s the closest drive-in?????????

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  5. Chebby Staff

    Eh, just get it running and drive it. Big ‘verts are a ton of fun. You will be a local character with that red door. People will offer to buy it from you all the time, some day one of them will actually have money, and you’re on to the next one.

  6. Maestro1

    Good possibilities at $5000.00. This car has upside potential as well as having
    a fun driver. I would try to buy it but I have no room.

  7. Had Two

    Had a ’67 Ford with the Thunderbird 390 V-8. 1967: The Federal Government was trying to lower emissions. Ford’s idea was to inject air into the exhaust manifold next to the exhaust valves. This “better idea” result was premature burnt exhaust valves. There was no fix except to replace the heads, and start over, only to have it happen again. Soon the warranty time ran out as did Ford Motor Company’s interest. Ford Motor Company dropped that better idea soon after. If this car has the original 390, it’s due for a change out.

  8. Gaspumpchas

    Here in the rust belt of NY the frames rotted out right quick,you never see 65-71’s here for that reason.Very cool convertible…..

  9. Warren

    Currently working to bring back a 67 Country Squire 428. Black with red interior. This would look good as a companion car, but the rule for me time wise and financially is one at a time :) It is interesting how many of the mechanical parts can be found through Rock Auto, including the power window motors! Correct regarding those frames, get a clean one.

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    • Bruce Berry

      Lovely Warren. Southern car?

  10. Classix Steel

    Big boat fords are nice !

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  11. Alberta , Canada

    Great project !! I own a ’67 Ford XL fastback with the 7 Litre (428 cid) sports package ,, I bought it in May 1982 ,, car shows and Sunday driver now, Nightmist blue with black int, no a/c

  12. Keruth

    I have a ’67 500 vert. Red on red, 390 4v auto. Bench and less trim.
    Pop bought it about ’84, been a driving resto ever since.
    Just finishing a motor rebuild, 5k folks!
    But, when the grandkids go to the ice cream store in her, the smiles-per-mile are worth it!
    Done ones trade at 15k or so, most things look good on this one save the motor.
    And ditto on Rock Auto!

  13. Derek

    Nice car with lots of potential but not worth 8 grand in it’s present condition.

  14. Keith

    Very popular automobile back in the mid to late 60’s and this car looks like it has a great deal of potential for 100% restore. I’d buy it

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  15. Sean

    Wow! Such potential… hope it’s stopover in the crappiest / most dilapidated town in NJ is brief!

  16. bog

    Interesting. Strong family resemblance to my long gone ’67 Fairlane GTA. Especially the interior. I was never a “full size” car guy, have only owned 2, both Mercs..a fancy ’57 and a plain jane ’60. Both while in high school. Nicest full-sized Ford convert I’ve seen here is a guy that has a metallic gun metal grey one (a ’64) that has a lighter grey leather interior. Lowered just a bit, bigger wheels/tires and a souped up 428 CJ backed by a 4 speed. Wish I had a picture to share…

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