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Special Delivery: 1935 Chevrolet panel truck

Just about every vintage panel truck that has been built holds interest with most classic car enthusiasts. This cool Canadian market 1935 Chevrolet Panel truck is a great looking find that holds a lot of potential. Certainly a scarce but cool panel truck to come across, this Chevy remains relatively solid after many year at rest. For the buy it now price of $8,500 you can make this panel truck yours. Check it out here on eBay out of Pembina, North Dakota.

The overhead valve engine is still in place, but is missing a few items. From what can be seen in the photos, the carb and thermostat housing are missing. I would certainly bet that there are a few other pieces and parts missing as well. Unfortunately the seller did not offer specifics on the condition of the engine.

Fairly empty at this point, most if not all of the wooden planked floor has rotted away. The frame appears to be in fair shape, and the transmission is still in place even though someone did not reinstall the shifter assembly to protect the transmission internals from the elements. One thing about the interior that stands out to me is that it appears that someone welded an exhaust clamp to the dash to hold the steering column in place. The paint on the dash has survived well, but it is clear that some welding has occurred. So there may be something going on with the steering column. There is no interior door hardware, but the affixed door panels are still there. Also there are still gauges in the dash along with the ignition switch.

The interior sheet metal looks reasonable other than the interior sheet metal of the doors. Surprisingly the exterior sheet metal of the rear doors appears to be solid.

For a Canadian market truck, this Chevy has aged very well. The fenders and running boards are in good shape with no apparent damage. Same with the body really, there is a small area of rot along the lower panel on the passenger side, but overall the exterior appears very rot free. Also the fold out windshield frame looks to be in fair condition, but the windshield itself is cracked. Overall this a great start to a scarce and cool panel truck that certainly need to be put back on the road. What direction would you take with this Canadian Panel truck?


  1. Avatar photo Pete Member

    Rare as it is I’d love to see it restored.

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  2. Avatar photo stillrunners

    What Pete said….and it isn’t priced out of the world…..

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  3. Avatar photo Rube Goldberg Member

    Snowballs chance in Hades this will be redone original. The price excludes many that might do that, and are clearly going for the restomod crowd, who have little regard for originality and endless amounts of cash to throw at this. Can’t really argue too much, it’s pretty worthless in it’s original form for today, and some of these restomods are beautifully done. One thing I can never figure out, on these forgotten units, someone always seems to take it half apart, engine parts missing, transmission opened up, who does that?

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    • Avatar photo MFerrell

      Who does that? Someone 60 years ago, who has one that runs but needs a part, robs said part from one that isn’t running. I often wonder if some run-of-the-mill car on road today will be desirable 50 or 80 years from now.

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  4. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    I’d love to have something like this to restore and enjoy. Lots of work but at least there isn’t a lot of bodywork. Well, sometimes getting rid of the surface rust can be a challenge. That engine will hold up quite well but not quite as rigid as the one that replaced it a couple of years later. However I know some guys running those old 206s and they’re doing well. No powerhouse but any stretch of the imagination but they hold their own…

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  5. Avatar photo SquirrleyGig

    If it were to be mine I’d clean it up, replace the necessary, make it mechanically sound & preserve what’s left. I like original, but I’d probably drop it a few inches on each end.🤔🙃 Nothing that couldn’t be reversed though.

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  6. Avatar photo 50grit

    Clean it up, make it run and drive. It will attract more attention than a $50k restoration.

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  7. Avatar photo pwtiger

    Besides the obvious missing wood there could be structural wood that needs attention. I would find a “newer” 235 & 4speed for it, maybe upgrade the brakes but leave it looking just the way it is…

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  8. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    I would love to see it done original. My first car having been a 35 Chevy standard 4 door sedan. The thing is about this panel truck in this condition is you can now put sound deadening insulation in places that were not original but are hidden so it still appears original just quieter, because if you’ve ever ridden in one of these old panel trucks you know the noise level is so high you can’t have a conversation with the person sitting next to you without shouting. Make it beautiful.
    God bless America

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    • Avatar photo mike Carr

      Yes, I had a ’56 Willys panel on the west coast. I found heavy drapes with gold rope and that helped a lot. I loved it …something about a panel truck is cool. I didn’t know how good I had it in the SF area, CA. No rust. MI well, there is a lot. MC

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  9. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    Love it
    God bless America

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  10. Avatar photo Del

    Very unlikely to get a restoration.

    But man this would be a great Rat Rod or Resto Mod.

    Very rare

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  11. Avatar photo Jack Hammer

    Drop it onto a modern chassis and leave the body as it is.

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  12. Avatar photo TimM

    Great truck!! The fact it exists in this condition is a good thing!! This is an 80+ year old truck!! It’s worth its weight in gold!! If it could only tell its story!!

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  13. Avatar photo Little_Cars

    One like this was the featured cover story in Rod & Custom magazine in the 1970s. I recall it being painted a burnt orange color and given a correct street rod look for the period. I tore that magazine cover off and thumbtacked it to my dorm wall freshman year in college I so wanted a Chevy panel truck. These can be hot boxes unless you add vintage air. I hope someone takes this to a high degree of restoration, and then maybe some sweet upgrades to make it comfortable for todays roads. Alas, that won’t be me.

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  14. Avatar photo Ted

    This one flat out works, good bones, and a decent ask. And the first person that says put an LS in it be forewarned, I will hunt you down………. ;)

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