Special Survivor: 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood

Have you ever seen such a stylish and luxurious station wagon as this ’71 Cadillac Fleetwood Special 60 Wagon? With all of the style, big space, and air conditioning your friends and family could ask for, this wagon could be the ultimate utilitarian classic. With just 99,819 original miles, this Cadillac is offered for $15,995. Check it out here Black Label Autos out of Ocala, Florida.

With low mileage for its age, and an incredibly tidy appearance, this Caddy is a real beauty inside and out.  There are many photos of the interior, but unfortunately there isn’t one photo to capture the “whole picture” of the interior. Some of the chrome plating on the plastic trim on the dash has faded, but this is an easily looked over concern. One very exceptional feature about this wagon is the automatic climate control. Imagine, cruising in style with a wagon load of family or friends all soaking in that lovely air conditioning on those hot summer days.

The elevated rear roof makes for extra headroom for the rear passengers in this wagon, while also making it easier to transport big and unusual items of your choosing. Don’t worry about the lack of power with the air conditioning on as this big block wagon packs a punch from a 472 cubic inch V8. There are no images of the engine compartment, but I would be willing to guess that it has an acceptable appearance.

The styling of this wagon is quite pleasing to the eye, almost sharing a vista cruiser like raised roof. The micro fins are way cool, but certainly seem a bit out of place for 1971. If I recall correctly, the vented tailgate was a 1971 only option that is correct for this Special 60 wagon. The body shows like new with no evidence of damage or rust. The only issues would be with the letter trim that has twisted, and fallen off in a couple of places. Beyond that, it would seem this Caddy is an excellent condition survivor that needs nothing more than a new home, and a few trim letters. Is this the climate controlled wagon you’ve been looking for?


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  1. Fred W.

    One rare vehicle. Outside of funeral cars, try finding another Caddy wagon!

  2. MRE2ME

    So many lovely exterior photos but no engine pics,why not?

    • L.M.K. Member

      It looks very nice….

    • redwagon

      because the engine is for your mechanic. you, my good man are the owner.

      Like 1
  3. Al

    Kind of reminds me of a Cadillac pickup I once saw. It came with a Cadillac script tailgate and was owned by a Jesusphysicist from the oil patch..

  4. Mountainwoodie

    For many years in the mid Seventies one of these sat near my house in New Orleans at the corner of Claiborne and Broadway. As I recall it was a dark yellow.

    • Twilcox

      I remember being in the superdome concourse before a Saints game and seeing three of these arrive with VIPs.

    • Stephen

      I was at Tulane in the early 80’s and it was still there.

  5. jdjonesdr

    I never knew they existed. Rarer than hens teeth I’d say.

    • Chebby

      Even if they were common, they would be rare today as sadly most would have gone to the demo derbies, like the other GM clamshell wagons.

  6. MathieuB

    Theses Confortron automatic climate control are PITA if don’t works correctly. But surely a clean special wagon!

    • JamestownMike

      EVERY Cadillac automatic climate control I had back in the day didn’t work right!

      • Rabbit

        You had to take the selector apart, & work silicone spray into the gasket, then reassemble. Every two years or so.

  7. GearHead Engineering

    Were these made by GM? I thought this was a custom build.

    – John

    • Dovi65

      Not certain of the builder, but the Cadillac Castillian [I believe they were marketed under other names as well] wagons were coach-built, and not from the GM catalog

    • Tommy D.

      All caddy wagons are coach built.

  8. JamestownMike

    I’ve never seen one and didn’t know they existed! Seller states 1 of 12 made. So I’m assuming GM didn’t make them?? Hopefully someone else can chime in on who made these rare wagons.

  9. RichC

    Nice Kingswood… with vestigial fins!

  10. Trent

    From what information I have, these wagons were built by the Custom Craft Division of the Automobile Specialty Corporation of Southgate Michigan .

    • gbvette62

      I agree that this Caddy wagon was likely built by Custom Craft, but their parent company was American Sunroof Corporation, not American Specialty Corp.

      ASC did wagon conversions of Fleetwoods and Sedan De Villes, using the roofs, clam shell tailgates, and interiors from LeSalle and Olds 88 wagons. Which is why they look so much like other GM wagons of that era. They also did some wagon conversions of two door Edorado’s.

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      • Simon

        Yes,first glance at the side view photos one gets a real olds vibe,,well informed commentary,,

    • George Soffa

      John Wayne had several of these custom built to his order that allowed his 6’4” stature with his trademark Cowboy hat to comfortably enter and exit the drivers seat !! He had one when he passed in 1979 !

    • Tommy D.

      Not all were built by ASC

  11. Kent

    Yep the vents in the tailgate are a 71 only feature. Found this out when I bought a 71 Lesabre Convertible ten years ago.

    • Jim titgemeyer

      I owned a 1969 Caddy wagon for many rears. Great regatta vehicle. It was converted by Hess and Eisenstein in Cincinnati. Great car.

      • Scott

        It’s Hess & Eisenhardt and I’m totally jealous as this combines two of my favorite things, Cadillacs and station wagons.

    • carsofchaos

      GM had a rear vents thing going on in 1971….the ’71 Riviera boattail also had vents one-year only on the rear deck lid.

      • russell spreeman

        Probably had something to do with their new ‘Astro Ventilation’, which replaced the old style vent panes. (and not very well)

  12. angliagt angliagt Member

    Gold seems to be the preferred color for these.
    A local car dealer (Harper Ford) had one of these in the
    same color,in his private collection.It ended up going to
    Monterey,to be sold at one of the auctions there IIRC.

  13. whippeteer

    You would think that at $16K they would have fixed the minor cosmetic issues with the lettering.

  14. Nova Scotian

    Not to be too down on the big Caddie….”Imagine, cruising in style with a wagon load of family or friends all soaking in that lovely air conditioning on those hot summer days.”
    ….all the while searching for the next fuel station.

    • Van

      It couldn’t use more gas than my Avalanche.

  15. Mike

    Big enough to take The Walton’s or Eight is Enough (shows from back in the day) to the beach in!

  16. RoselandPete

    I’m glad that it has “original” miles instead of “unoriginal” miles.

  17. Peter R

    very few survivors and they bring this kind of money or more. Too rich for me but I’d like to own one. There is a 1976 version that was originally owned by Dean Martin with a sales invoice made out to him for $30K going at auction later this month. It looks immaculate in the pictures. I’m sure it will sell at 2 or 3 times this asking price.

  18. Pat A

    At 99,000 miles, any American car of the period was pretty well done, unless it had some pretty extraordinary maintenance. Also, I think Elvis owned a coupe of these,

  19. Adam

    Yes true had 2 1969 caddy’s. With 99’000 miles on it. It’s best days are Far behind it.

    • Adam

      Stick with Oldsmobiles you will never be disappointed. I currently am driving a 87 custom Cruiser. With 262,000 miles. What a great car

      • russell spreeman

        Obviously not an Oldsmobile Diesel then.
        I bet cars would have lasted far longer back then if people had full synthetic motor oil to run in them.

  20. Tommy D.

    This is an ASC 71 Fleetwood Wagon. ASC only built 3 in 1971

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